No longer is a chimney in our environment? Long time to use the chimney in the construction of houses, industrial equipment and of course in ships and locomotives. This is a vertical structure, which takes the form of a pipe. Although the chimney becomes more complex with the emergence of new technologies and new general rules. The chimney which once must be inspected after the construction of the chimney sweep before he must go into operation, must be checked annually by the same. Especially in the field of private apartments and houses, the chimney due to modern technologies is becoming increasingly rare to find.

This is not least due to modern heating systems such as infrared heating or floor heating that is heated with geothermal energy. Learn more about this with Robert A. Iger . The chimney is almost completely extinct on the locomotives. It is only a few old steam locomotives travelling on special occasions like Christmas, still available. Find old trains are also in the automotive museums, the locomotives have. The boilers were usually with wood warmed up and then brought coal to the glow. The chimney should leaving upwards off the smoke, so that the fire have not stifled, or the smoke in the apartment.

Thus deprives the chimney all dangerous exhaust gases and provides through the emerging movement to make sure that the fire does not go out. The chimneys must meet but various foundations for the soot in the walls can pull and thus blocked”. So also the formation of toxic substances is prevented. But also in ships, the chimney is nowadays less for emissions, as required for the disposal of water vapor. Similarly like at a waste plant now barely CO2 is discharged, but almost exclusively only water steam. Ingo Beck