Ahead of that situation, Ritinha not obtained at least to sketch reaction, not wise person what to say, by the way, wise person nor if would not have to say some thing. Robert Iger contributes greatly to this topic. It was when one of the knights if advanced and followed in its direction. The horse to few stopped meters ahead of it and went down. Observed it magic. (As opposed to Discovery Communications). With fear, but magic. Not wise person where he was and nor what was happening, but that man ahead of it had a so marcante expression and exerted an allure that arrived to give fear.

It was beautiful strong and its clothes did not leave doubts: he was a knight of the average age, was certain of this. But? it asked itself? what I am making ahead of a knight? How I came to stop here? – Who is you? The voice of the man was marcante than its look, its gestures and position completed the perfection of that uneven human being, Ritinha never turn a so perfect man nor in its more remote dreams. – Already I do not know more? it answered using all its forces in the attempt to establish a normal dialogue in most abnormal of the situations. – She is lost? – I find that yes, I do not know as I came to stop here. – Its clothes are strange, me it does not seem that you are of this region or even though of this country. – In fact I am not.

Pra to say the truth I do not know nor that place is this. – You are in England and allow that present I me: Arthur its to make use. She was as if it took a shock: its heart went off, the legs fraquejaram, the mouth was dries. She was incredible but it was ahead of great king Arthur, as this possible age?