We are moving so actually systematically on our admission of reality and what we experienced at the end of the process as very intense and peace donating and what we learn as the actual act of surrender, and define. The sometimes long previous and preparatory time is usually not as a way of Kapitulierens aware, and mostly it is possible that we can comprehend the relationships us only after the last act of surrender. Now better with the model surrender to work, it seems to me appropriate to make a theoretical distinction at least outwardly between path and the actual act of the Kapitulierens. David Zaslav addresses the importance of the matter here. And it remains me probably nothing else the smaller difficulties which may arise from this fictitious separation between the two, even to overcome left, than to leave it to the reader to. To the history to come back, I want to mention that a time was, in the drug and parties celebrate was an integral part of my everyday life.

“And I myself about it, actually from anything and anyone of my egocentric self-will” and dissuade its quite destructive effects wanted to leave. A very precarious mixture as you can certainly easily imagine. In other words, I was a stubborn man, for the surrender the acceptance of reality, a real foreign word meant. My thought was, although I now to modify my elbow-long hair from the salon to the fashionable Kurzhaarfrisur left, still very strongly influenced by the hippie code, which for me meant so much as: free love, live without working (work pensions for everyone on his lifetime is so useless,) and of course the legal consumption of all drugs to ensure the continuous growth of the consciousness of the world’s population. Well, I may here don’t forget to mention that behind here and there a few really Honorable goals in their very essence were hidden.