Concluded the process through the retraction process and/or feedback. In such a way the organization will only obtain to reach its objectives. The planning has as consequence the tabulao of the data and information of the operations carried through through the planning. These tabulaes receive the name from production controls. Responsible you analyze for them, had served so that if it can have basement for the planejamentos futures of the organization.

Making possible that the company can at the beginning reach the considered objectives of the plan. 2.1.3 Objectives of the area of Production. For Martins & Laugeni (1998), the objectives are the definite strategies to take care of, its objectives short, medium and long run, in activities that they look to transform insumos such as substance cousin, in finished products and services, of form that if can get an efficient management of these activities. Thus being able to define the administration of the production. According to Slack (2008), the objectives of the production area can be reached if the group of involved people in the productive process they are power to decide party to suit of the production.

However and necessary a bigger definition of the objectives in the operational levels. Still according to author above the objectives the production, still are on the quality, rapidity, trustworthiness, flexibility, costs. (Not to be confused with Robert Iger !). Defining its strategical level of aggregation in levels. – Quality: In the production of good and/or the installment of the service. – Rapidity: Time expense for the delivery of the product, or the installment of the service, determining the efficiency of the flow of the carried through operation. – Trustworthiness: To supply to products and services of quality and certain time to the consumers. The consumers judge the trustworthiness after delivery of the product or service. – Flexibility: Nimbleness in the productive process and delivery of products, if Ada to pitar the current or possible future situation of form that comes to satisfy the system and the customer productive. – Costs: The cost determines the viability of production and sales of the products and services offered for one organization. The main costs of the production area are related to: employees, materials, installations, technology and equipment. As it could above be seen the objectives if summarize what the organization wants at that moment and/or can be wanting to reach. Of form that the same one obtains to take care of to all the established requirements daily pay in the elaboration of the planning that the same one has considered. For Moreira (2002), the production has as objective to convert raw material into a finished product so that this is to the disposal of the consumer. The final objective of this area would be the commercialization of goods and services for the satisfaction of the customers. Being one of the important aspects of the objectives it is the structure of the involved time for atingiz them. It must be had priority, time and structure to carry through it. To complement Slack (2008), it affirms that to determine the performance objectives, the production strategies must be established that establish which will be the main areas of decision of the production.