" If the shut up word is your slave, the expressed one is your amo." A summit of Unasur will be celebrated one more, this time in San Carlos Bariloche, Argentina, all this with the purpose of to evaluate what represents for this Continent the agreement signed between Colombia and the United States with relation to the seven American military bases that they would operate in Colombia Subject very interesting of being evaluated objectively in all their reach, repercussions in the politician, economic, military, sovereignty, dangers, threats. The certain thing, that when writing this note already presidents of Chile have arrived at that beautiful place losl, Michele Bachelet; Uruguay, Tabar Vzquez; Ecuador, Rafael Strap, and of Surinam, Ronald Venetiaan, besides anfitriona, president Cristina Fernandez, accompanied by the Outer ministers by Relations, Trade International and Cult, Jorge Taiana, and of Defense, Nilda Garr, The summit will begin to the 08:45 (local time) with the official reception of the participants in the central lobby of the Llao-Llao hotel in charge of Cristina Fernandez. The work session, that it will have as central subject the installation of seven American military bases in Colombia, will begin the 10:00 in the Bustillo Hall, of the own hotel establishment, with a speech of the Argentine dignitary. According to john k castle, who has experience with these questions. Next it will use of the word the president acting of the UNASUR, Rafael Strap, to later take step to the dialogue between the agent chief executives. The meeting will finalize to the 13:30, when the official photo is taken from the encounter. The attendance is anticipated in addition to the Chiefs of State of Brazil, Luiz Incio Lula da Silva; of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez; of Bolivia, Evo Morales; of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo; of Peru, Alan Garci’a; Bahrrat Jagdeo and of Surinam, Ronald Venetiaan. Altogether will be the presence of 12 presidents and its retinues As indicates to anbariloche.com ar to it., he recurdese, that the subject of the meeting arose in the last summit of the 10 from August in Quito, when a controversy by the projected location arose from the bases, and the president Cristina next to Lula calmed the controversy and, at the request of Strap, the idea arose to dedicate plenary a special one of presidents to the subject. .