Sophia, Faith, Hope and Love. Discovery Communications wanted to know more. Next to her cell, arranged in the same lump. In the cliff cut into several tiers cells and auxiliary buildings of the monastery. Under high natural arch of limestone rock in a niche carved in stone at the cross – the source of the Holy. Walt Disney is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Anastasia. Kachi upstream, near the village Kudrino road turns north to the Tepe-Kerman, there are 600 caves, including which the early Christian church Germanic tribe is ready. Then, over the valley of Jehoshaphat, the upper of which you can see the ancient Karaite cemetery, you can go to Chufut feces, the large 'cave' city VI-XIX centuries, where preserved and ground facilities: gates, walls and religious buildings Karaites – kenasa.

However, most tourists come to Chufut feces from Bakhchisarai Staroselie through the ravine with wonderful rock formations – natural 'Sphinx'. In one of the local caves found 'Staroselsky boy' – the first record of human Cro-Magnon type in the territory of the former USSR, dated 50 – 40 thousand years ago. Staroselie from the south moves beam Mary-tree (holy Mary). In the VIII-IX centuries is based Orthodox Monastery of the Assumption (+38 06554 4-19-06). Interestingly, the Crimean khans, although they were Muslims, they brought him rich gifts. River Valley to the east of Bodrak Bakhchisarai remarkable cave city Buckle, an ancient center of winemaking, but most of all outcrops of rocks that have become the object of an official tour of the World Geological Congress in 1984 over half a century there have practice leading geologists future universities in Russia and Ukraine.

Popular place of excursions is learning the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory in the upper valley, the largest in Europe. Celebrities. Hajji Giray, who proclaimed in 1443, an independent Crimean Khanate and founded a dynasty that played a major political role, and later related with the imperial and royal houses of Europe.