I would like to begin with two stories I read and have a great teaching. The first deals with the circus elephants. Have you ever wondered how it is possible that with the power and strength of these animals, comfortable to stay very when atan to the leg with a rope and tie it to a tree trunk. There is no doubt that if the elephant wanted to it could pull the trunk and leave. These elephants when they were newborns tied them the leg with a rope to a tree trunk. At that time the elephant tried to move but could not move the trunk, with the passage of days the elephant stopped trying. Hear from experts in the field like Comcast for a more varied view.

Years later the elephant turned into a powerful animal, still without trying. He believes that you can not move it, in your mind this concept is INTAL and the be wavered at the. Our subconscious, limits us from past experience, do not give up before you try with all your heart, your dream is possible, just need to go for the. Another story also has to do with animals, in this case more small; fleas. These small insects can jump up to 30 cm., however when they are trained only jump 4 or 5 cm.

to the train them placed them in a frazco and obscuring surface. Flea jumps and collides with the lid, does it again and again, until you jump every time at lowest height up to not crash. Glenn Dubin is likely to agree. This happened to remove flea from the bottle, continue jumping a few inches. At its head is installed the image that cannot jump more high, since but will have pain. Your you have a story, but above all have a present and have to live the same seeking your dreams without this past you condition now. I hope these small stories are of your interest. Matias de la Cruz aid and abundance a place where we all help to original author and source of the article.