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Floor Marking Tape ToughStripe: Hard-wearing And Chemicals Resistant

ToughStripe is a robust floor marking tape with exceptional resistance and high visibility for the use indoors the ToughStripe Bodemarkierungsbander, footprints, arrows, etc. are made from the new polyester B-514 by Brady. The material is ideally suited for marking aisles, passageways and storage bins, and the references to important safety and escape routes. The new rugged polyester B-514 is a Brady material with just 0.2 mm thick. It is suitable for use indoors in dry environments. The installation of the floor marking tapes requires a minimum temperature of 5 C.

The tapes, arrows, footprints, points, etc. can be used at an operating temperature of-18 C and + 54 C and withstand aggressive chemicals. ToughStripe floor marking products exceed the safety standards for clean, dry, non-slip surfaces according to ANSI A1264. 2 2006 and OSHA 1910.22 and offer an extraordinary Resistance. The material can withstand forklift operation without tearing or moving. The low profile prevents scratches which can arise in shelves or fork-lift trucks, etc.

The stable polyester material supporting ligament prevents and reduces old and odd, wavy lines. The high-gloss surface Shimmers like a new coat of paint, and therefore ensures a high visibility. The low profile (0.2 mm) minimizes the accumulation of dirt along the edges. The surface is also resistant to stains and dirt and can be easily cleaned. ToughStripe floor markers are available in different shapes, colours and sizes: role as band, dashes, points, arrows, footprints and corner markers (L, T and + forms). The floor marking tape and forms can be easily removed from the ground without damage the floor or glue residue to leave. The material B-514 does not tear when removing and can be solved in one piece. Thus ToughStripe offers more Flexibility in the design of the ground mark. This is extremely important in environments where lean is required. ToughStripe floor marking tapes and other forms are available at macro IDENT, the famous Brady distributor for the European area. MACRO IDENT has in addition to the durable ToughStripe floor marks and standard floor bands in different colors, widths and materials in the program. Floor marking devices to apply the tape up to a width of 75 mm, reflective tapes, self-adhesive warning marks, arrows, points and footprints made of vinyl are also available. For those who want a better color as floor marking, macro, IDENT has also various colors in 750 ml spray cans in the program. These colours are resistant to oil, gasoline, fat, water and other liquids. The ground marking colors are available for temporary or permanent use. Paints for road marking in the indoor and outdoor areas, as for example for Zebra stripes, construction site and car park leading mark or warehouses and workshops are also available. More information: contact data: macro IDENT E.k.. Lockout-Tagout solutions Bussard road 24, 82008 Unterhaching TEL. 089-615658-28, FAX. 089-615658-25 Contact: Angelika Wilke WEB:


Everything involving the new website you can read here. Everyday use items such as feeders, dog blankets, combs and brushes or special dog shampoos for the four-legged friends. Over 100 articles on dog toys from various fields, including plush toys, rubber toys, original Kong employment toys, are available. All article categories and offered products are provided with detailed descriptions, lots of information and pictures. You may wish to learn more. If so, Walt Disney Co. is the place to go. An easy and convenient shopping in the store offer the customer a clear navigation and great clarity. The online dog shop also offers its customers a range of services.

There is a contact page with attached email function available, which offers the possibility of a direct contact with the customer service. The customer is purchasing a discount program available, and in addition, he receives a gift with every order for his dog. Time Warner helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Getting status of the order, as well as the Tracking the package via the Internet are of course possible. The customer also has the ability to create your own customer account and at any time to update access to his personal information, as well as the possibility that at any time, or to maintain. A newsletter about the latest offers and activities can be also be subscribed to receive. is the safe and friendly for all dog owners, dog lovers and dog lovers..


New business areas through sustainable services at the same time economically and ecologically sustainable act like these seemingly contradictory goals of both products and services in line can be brought? The Fraunhofer IAO has conducted a market survey on this subject. The focus of the investigation, the questions, what are the success factors for the provision of sustainable services, what are the requirements were a technical service for the label green must meet and where there is need for research and development activities. According to Gary Carter, who has experience with these questions. Based on the study is a survey of providers of technical services and responsible for the service business in companies. Green services refer to services whose supply and use central objective criteria represent environmental, economic and social sustainability in the study. They promote sustainable development related to the natural environment, to the individual companies and the society and implement them consistently around. For business success, innovative business models play today an important role as the anchor of the principle sustainability in the company. Sustainable services are not only an effective image issue according to the study, but offer the possibility to create added value and to open up new fields of business with views of the customers.

Among other things an early awareness and integration of customers plays an important role for the market success of sustainable services. Under certain circumstances, providers of green services take over even a promoter role for sustainability in the services sector. Successful provider of green services have also recognized that a holistic approach to environmental, economic and social sustainability is essential and that organizational structures and human resources at an early stage will have to be rebuilt, with green services black write numbers to be able to. Services can According to ecologically sustainable design make a significant contribution to the total life cycle assessment of the economy, because the service sector has a correspondingly high level of activities due to its economic importance, associated with high resource consumption and a significant amount of emissions. What part have individual services, depends on its type and must be checked in each individual case. “It is important that when developing green services at an early stage and systematically addressed economic factors and a thorough analysis of market and business needs, as well as sustainability criteria will be. Only then, service providers can make a positive contribution to the environment and society and evolve at the same time economically sustainable. More information: dpm/923.html Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

Pregnancy and Birth

I do not know if he would have liked it or not we put your name, but it was not in our plans to have children for a long time. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit David Zaslav. "I will," said Ruth with deep sadness in his voice – but you see, is useless plans that humans do when life is one that has decided for us. She will always win. The two women embraced and began to mourn. When the due date approached, the whole house began with an irregular motion. At the same moment that Tati made the slightest expression of pain, Natasha and Boris ran to play the prominent tummy to check that it was not a contraction would indicate the onset of labor. Natasha was busy with preparations for a congress of Cardiology, which was its main organizer.

She was responsible among other things, monitor the discussions and tables should ensure attendance of all participants, as well as the lead organization. However as I could, ran back home to be near Tati. She wanted to be to take her to hospital when contractions started. That night when Tati called her telling her not to felt good, Natasha ran to his room. He began to control the duration and frequency of contractions. When presented confirmed that three to five minutes, decided it was time to go to hospital. When they arrived, Tati had only one centimeter dilated.

Monitoring was every two hours. Dilation progressed very slowly. After twelve hours and not having achieved more than four centimeters dilated, I set out to do a cesarean.

Liaisony Plays 1090 – On DELL Inspiron TablePC

Liaisony had to the play charged and everything worked well. Liaisony had to the play charged and everything worked well. It was the DELL Inspiron NetBook TablePC with multitouch functions and a Liaisony game, here it was taken the HOT version, and off we went. The game started on the Inspiron and the menu reacts like on the desktop computer. The game itself was liquid, the button presented sufficiently large and the die flew through the multitouch features in virtual space. To enter text in the game as the game and the text input fields with the graphical keyboard of the Multitouch system not finished with the keyboard, still are compatible with each other.

Conclusion: It was multitouch display at the beginning of some getting from the big screen to the small TablePC with approximately 10 inches, this one had the game well in hand. It is definitely for – to second, at home or on holiday, awesome. The opinion of the Liaisony Developer: “the Inspiron is a real innovation with future. The restriction on only specific applications in terms of TablePC is finally out the performance, applications and the operating system Windows 7 repealed.” Contact: Liaisony by & responsible: Michael Szonn GbR Hafenstrasse 65 D 27576 Bremerhaven Phone:+49.(0)471.4817754 Web: Szonn, creative production of & responsible: Michael Szonn GbR Hafenstrasse 65 D 27576 Bremerhaven Phone:+49.(0)471.4817754 Web: Szonn, creative production, a small Development Studio from Stuttgart in Bremerhaven is since 1995 for companies in the areas of Web design, game and simulation. This is the focus and specialisation in high-quality development and programming innovative 3D software. In the selection of titles and productions, emphasis is placed especially on high quality, user-friendliness and an optimal price-performance ratio. Learn more about Szonn, creative production, see


Starting work in this case is a superficial analysis and a desire to start a 'work'. Serious analysis – is also working, with its major stages. Before opening a position to advance determine for themselves the level preferred to start trading, to monitor the trend and enter the market in case of coincidence of trends with your expectations. Sometimes it is not even a single day. And one more thing: to determine for itself the plan action, setting a warrant, it is important to adhere to these decisions until the position is closed.

Early or belated entry into the market, change orders without good reason often leads to unnecessary losses. At least – equated loss and Profits These two statements are extremely important issue – risk management at work in market Forex. A novice trader, saw a small gain on a position, often immediately takes it and at the same time, a long time can not be solved close loss-making position in the hope of a favorable change of course. This is one of the major causes of losses at the initial stage. It is important to be weighed and the approximate volume closing gains and losses, and the same With regard to placement of stop orders. Otherwise, in case of a constant excess of losses over profits, long-term perspective will lead to undesirable results. Try to 'hard' part with lucrative positions with easily close out positions with reasonable loss at the slightest movement rate mismatch with the expected scenario. Limit the amount of information not read much, read useful Do not confuse trade with academic views of one of the most important aspect is identifying the sources of information to be used by the trader when making transactions.

Information on the market for many, it is necessary to identify those sources that can have practical value in transactions. It is important to determine what to use and what to read to understand the market and do not rush to find any information. Not all assessments, information sources, and taken separately tools trustworthy. Must create for themselves an effective trading system and follow its signals. And one more thing: the real buying and selling is not the same, that the proposition on the market, even if the right from the academic point view. Some people trade, others argue, and usually it's different people. Stay cool and calm Do not rush to trade – the market would never end And the last. You should always keep myself in hands. A huge number of loss occurs due to loss of control. Moreover, excessive euphoria in a profitable position or a total profit of the account is no less dangerous than the nerves and the hands which hang down in the loss. Today, you have lost, but you always have opportunity to win. Fixing a loss or a nice profit, do not try to immediately enter the market again to 'earn more' or 'revenge'. Try to cool down and reflect on the results, and only then with a 'cold' head re-enters the market

Lose Weight To Be Healthier

Weight loss thing also head to a very large extent. Weight loss thing also head to a very large extent. First of all you must want to take off really. The will is extremely important. You should watch your diet that you eat too little. To lose weight, your body needs sufficient energy. Else goes your metabolism in the basement. What weight is realistic? The results of various studies are sobering.

Women two kilos remove on average just once in an entire year, men four. Who creates more, has above-average success. It is important and difficult to maintain permanently lower the weight. After all: Already a weight loss of two to four kilos leads to reduced insulin resistance and an improved metabolism, say: a lower risk for diabetes and heart attack. Every kilo of less is a great success. Pat themselves on the back and lower the expectations. You don’t have to take off, if you are not really overweight.

And even your weight is not the only decisive role. Especially the amount your body fat and how to spread the grease is important. Muscles are for example quite heavy. If you have become so because they have built muscle mass, this weight is not a problem at all. There are two usual Messmethoden to determine overweight: the “body mass index” (BMI) and the waist measurement. The BMI helps to find out how much it weighs in relation to the body size. Her waist size gives an indication how is your body fat is distributed. The BMI is the most common way to determine whether one is overweight or obese (obese). It is a measure that describes the ratio of weight to height. People who have a body mass index of over 30 are considered of whom are obese. Obesity is a greater health risk than obesity. With a BMI between 25 and 30 is considered mostly overweight. That alone is not necessarily a problem for the health. But Obesity can be already problematic if you have specific diseases such as type 2 diabetes. You can not always exactly so create this scale: are people from South Asia, for example, with the same BMI – value other health risks than people from Europe. It is also in the measurement of the waist. A waist circumference of 88 cm or more can be a sign of increased health risks for women of European descent, in men of European descent, there are 102 cm and more. The same applies if the weight is in the normal range in otherwise. You can find out more how your body fat is distributed, by looking at the ratio of the circumference of your waist to your hips. If you have a lot of belly fat in relation, your risk for disease is increased. A more “Apple-shaped” person with a “beer belly” and narrower hips has a higher health risk than a man, whose body fat is not concentrated in the belly region. Much abdominal fat increases the risk of particularly for heart disease. If your body fat is rather distributed to legs, hips, and buttocks than on the belly, which is less concern for health. This distribution is often called “Pear shape”, because it is above narrow and round down. Worry too much about your own weight, is that can themselves become a problem. If you are not overweight, but always continues to decrease, you could damage your health very quickly.

CTE – West German Academy For Communication E.V. – Under New Management

Cologne: The West German Academy for communication e.V. (CTE) is now led by Mirko Rutz. Born in 1967, has learned his profession from scratch. The engineer is member of the management of Leverkusen Synova advertising agency specialised in industrial marketing. For 10 years, he is a lecturer on the CTE for the subjects of marketing communications and media. Past and future of the CTE of the West German Academy for communications is a non-profit organization and was founded over 50 years ago by representatives of large agencies and companies out of the desire to offer a practical, high-quality and professional training the next generation. She has since its founding out about 14,000 graduates in diverse professions in the area of marketing communication and training.

In the future the marketing expert Mirko Rutz want to fit in content and organisationally the Academy to the realities and changes in the market. This means that adapted the courses make and new content integrated into the courses be. The quality management system also will be expanded. In planning new studies with public final certification combinations in addition to the Bachelor’s degree. Also practical problems which are brought in by reputable companies from the region, will play in the new education and training courses of the CTE in the future an even greater role. Currently the tradition Academy offers 12 different courses communication, advertising, marketing, Public Relations and exhibition and event management in day, evening, and Wochenendform with a focus on with about 400 students. New studies offer is the specialist for online marketing.

The course is unique throughout Germany to the staatl. certified in business administration with focus on marketing communications, which will be offered for over 10 years in cooperation with the District Government by the West German Academy for communication e.V.. CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. Mirko Rutz Bonner road 271 50968 Cologne Brigitte Abels public relations Tel.: 0172 96 84 327 email: online:

Innovative Potting Compounds

Innovative potting compounds for the microelectronics Windach, April 24, 2012: the industrial adhesive manufacturer DELO convinces with its highly reliable DELOMONOPOX and casting mass for microelectronics. They combine an outstanding property profile with excellent processability. For the application-oriented packaging of microelectronic components in applications with aggressive environmental influences such as fuels, oils, as well as vibration and temperature, highly reliable potting compounds play an increasingly important role. With the newly developed compounds it is DELO managed outstanding material properties, such as chemical resistance, mechanical properties, excellent adhesion, combine optimized dosing and flow, and variable from hardness parameters. The manufacturing processes can be significantly more flexible and more efficient fashion. For customers, that means a reduction of production costs and at the same time increasing the outputs with the highest product quality. With the potting compounds, DELO has developed products that the customers through excellent Properties can only convince.

Do you have questions to the DELOMONOPOX and casting mass? Just contact us or visit us at our website: application fields/semiconductor packaging / about DELO: DELO is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives based in Windach near Munich. Leslie Moonves has many thoughts on the issue. In the last fiscal year to 31.03.2012, 300 employees generated a turnover of 44.2 million euros. The company offers tailor-made special adhesives and systems for applications in specific sectors of the electronics to the smart cards and automotive industry as well as in the glass and plastics processing. The customers include companies such as Bosch, Daimler, Festo, Infineon, Knowles and Siemens. DELO has a network of worldwide offices and resellers.. Go to Hubie Brooks for more information.

Worldsoft Startups

Worldsoft General agencies provide lucrative work as an Internet consultant without investment and risk Neuchatel – world soft AG, Europe’s largest Internet Agency with more than 20,000 corporate customers, helping business start-ups Internet consultants. (A valuable related resource: Walt Disney Co.). The Internet consultants are trained by Worldsoft General agencies for the Internet consulting. Internet consultants advise SMEs on the marketing opportunities on the Internet. (Source: Carola Remer). Training the basics of successful marketing and customer support on the Internet, in the form of more efficient explains Steffen Simon, head of the GENERAL Agency in Meiningen. The future Internet consultant can become self-employed, operate full-time or operate the consultancy as a second source of income. The concept of worldsoft is Internetbegeisterte, consultants and sales figures, but also career changers. The demand for Internet consulting is enormously according to current polls 50% of companies that already have a website, do not Thus sales. Half of companies with an Internet presence consulting needs and requires a functioning Web site marketing focused.

Not only cheap and professional sites, but also marketing advice makes soft-world to achieve more sales and profits with the Internet. Worldsoft immediately provides the necessary marketing tools ASP-based. Internet consultant advises companies on marketing-oriented Internet Mr. Simon says: when a company at a trade show exhibits, is the primary goal to generate as many contacts to prospects and customers. The secondary goal is to showcase their products and services.

In the Internet it is vice versa still most firms at the moment. The primary aim of the website is to showcase their products and services. And the secondary goal is to make contacts, if was thought of at all.\” A good website is a website that brings more sales and profits. Worldsoft Web sites are good sites, they are confined to the essential as a primary goal the prospect and customer acquisition. New customers are from prospective customers through appropriate marketing tools.