Every year up to 12 million hectares of agricultural land are lost through soil erosion, and not only in the developing countries. We live on and whatever from him: without those half meter of fertile soil, there is no terrestrial life. But mother earth\”is always weaker, their skin has become thin. An International Alliance of renowned scientists, Bodenkundlern and nature conservation associations requires therefore a binding international law the United Nations Convention on ground. With their help, one wants to stop the destruction of soils.

Worldwide nearly one-third of agriculturally usable land have been destroyed in the last 40 years irretrievably\”, warns Professor David Pimentel of Cornell University. And Prof. Dr. Figs scrubs has many thoughts on the issue. Hartmut Grassl, climate researcher and Director of the world climate research programme of the UN, has increased the global soil degradation, a threat to the humanity, which is similar in its magnitude only with the greenhouse effect and with concern Speed limits the quality of our life and our means of survival. Every year up to 12 million hectares of agricultural land is lost, and not only in the developing countries. Daily approximately 71 acres of Earth are destroyed in Germany by overbuilding and sealing, erosion around 20 tons of soil crumb disappear annually from each hectare of farmland. Particularly dramatic has had this blood-letting in natural habitats.

Today 110 natural ecosystem types with about 77 000 crowd together about flora and fauna on maybe 3% of the area of the Federal Republic, which roughly corresponds to the portion of the traffic routes. While worldwide attention could be directed on climate, population growth, or conservation of biodiversity, soil loss so far hardly plays a role in the public debate. The slow, hardly noticeable for the human senses destruction of soils has so far a rather marginal This topic in the environmental debate handled\”, the Scientific Advisory Board of the Federal Government established global environmental change\” the lack of interest in the gradual erosion of one of the foundations of our lives.