These expeditions lasted several months by mule over the Andes and months in the ocean, so that only very few of the orchids survived. For some rare species were paid large sums, there is an orchid records listed on 3000 pounds, which meant purchasing power today would equate to 65 000 dollars. With these prices, some entrepreneurs have become millionaires in a few years. BACKGROUND In the early decades of the twentieth century English physician Edgar Bach announced his therapeutic method with the flowers of the valley in Wales, based on a thorough study of the human soul. Each of the 37 flowers that used comprising a number of vibrations related to each emotional distress and disease. Bach in his memoirs stated that “healing herbs were those to which they have been given the power to help us preserve our personality …” It has been nearly one hundred years of satisfactory results floral therapy, which led to its recognition by the World Health Organization (WHO). In 1963 a sensational discovery was in the public arena the issue of basic vegetation: Cleve Backster, when applying for entertainment lie detector electrodes of the Department to an ornamental plant in the office, threatening to burn with a cigarette, led to identical reaction surprised as if it were a person. From such unusual fact encouraged several scientists to further research, some considering that plants have a primary perception, capable of storing, intuit emotional reactions, and even identify with the grower. For their part, some Russian scientists entered the fascinating study, among Pushkin Russian them teachers, and Fetisov, Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Novosibirsk, researchers at the University of Alma Ata, who came to guess the likely predictive use of plants for the detection and geological prospecting.