These relations define the participation of the population in the public administration making possible the implementation of the public politics contributing in the overcoming of the problems and formularization of new politics partners for the viabilizao of a democratic and participativo model of administration for the collectives. A leading source for info: Coen brothers. The governabilidade perpassa for the joint of the instances democratic politics and in the State. The Reformation of the State is a reality politics and economic, it makes possible a new administrative structure in the direction to plan the politics and to become the public Brazilian State for the great mass that is edge of the decisions of being able. It is through the Reformation of the State that if can establish the democracy in the daily one of the men. According to Diniz, Brazil is entering a new perspective. One expects on the part of the new actors politicians, in new functions politics, the opposition that however arrives at the power, a different vision of what it means reform of the State. ' ' Technician is not enough and to more concentration of the power more. She is necessary to take in account the dimension politics of the reform of the Estado' ' (Idem: 12).

She is necessary in the new relation politics, to have governabilidade and governana as necessary criteria in the direction of if taking the good term the public interest on the part of the State, syntonizing itself thus with the new democratic spirit (Diniz, 2001). More than what to argue the paper of the State in its relation with the market, the important one now, under the new impact politician, is to place this State the service of the public interest, in the attempt firmly to satisfy public conveniences, guided for decisions politics and not for a supposed bureaucratic rationality. The true and legitimate reform of the State, in the Brazilian case, is to become it an institucional instrument politician capable to incorporate the rules of the democracy in its structure, being made with that the administrative machine takes care of what was determined in the plan politician, instance adjusted for the quarrels and great decisions of collective interests (Diniz, 1996).