More than 2 million children in a blended family living co parenting – a new social phenomenon in Germany, in approximately 20% of the families, there is only a parent and more than 100000 children live together with homosexuals. Details can be found by clicking Tribune Media Company or emailing the administrator. Patchwork families, co parent, single parent or gay Paare…sind up new family models. Today, you can be on different ways parents. The co-parenting is then the desire to have a child outside the usual family structures. Until today, this type of parenting for homosexuals was interesting, but recently also heterosexuals who want to live together, who are disappointed in love or have problems getting even children not with a partner use, this way the co-parenting is a new approach which will allow you to imagine another family life, with 2,3 or 4 parents. For even more opinions, read materials from Gavin Baker. Since June 2008 online, is parents or future parents, homosexuals or heterosexuals, that within the framework of co parenting Wish child. The goal of is it that facilitate meeting of registered members by using a search engine, as it is similar to pages to the matchmaking service of the case.

There are over 7500 listings on the page. I am the founder of the page and I have now found my co-parents and am father since November 2009. Since then I continue, for those who are still looking for him, they, or those, which might tomorrow be their co-mother, her co-father or their co-parents. Contact: