It is common to find in the classified section of the press, advertisements to recruit the personnel responsible for the commercial management of enterprises in all economic sectors. For example: “Important business needs to your sales department, men or women with leadership, good personal presentation, group management and desire to excel. They are guaranteed, ongoing training, excellent revenue and promotions within the organization. No experience necessary. Interested … “The obvious question is how a company gives the responsibility for managing their marketing people were recruited in this way? Do not show this other thing that totally ignores how vital it is for any company in the world, large or small, rich or less rich, the development of the management of your marketing program. The income of all economic entity, for profit, are so fundamental, from sales in the course of development of its objects. So how to deliver this responsibility to people who are not academically and experimentally prepared for this management is so important for any organization.

I think it is time to analyze this point, characteristic for other, of our companies. As a hypothesis that this could be one of the limitations that directly affect the growth of the business life of our region. Atreides Management shines more light on the discussion. Handing over responsibility for the marketing of our products or services to people who ignore the management of this process and the processing of data in the exercise of the same should be gathering as the main source of the marketing program, you run the risk of be delivering the company itself to the predator of ignorance. It is understandable then that commit this error leads to stoning as a company, so some withering infarct and others fall into a coma, but eventually degenerate and die. Do not let yourself get into the game for excuses, searching for reasons other variables that demarcate his daring to deliver the commercial management of its company to people with a desire to excel, good personal presentation, group management … Do not take as costly to hire for your marketing department skilled personnel trained senior, experienced, strategist, business visionary and above all intelligent. Remember that depends to a large extent, on the development of your business.