Avoid some common mistakes which many authors fail to do and when to publish an article. To successfully send your article to any website that publishes articles (editor ezine), you have the opportunity to be exposed to thousands of subscribers, even millions of online readers. However, for you to succeed, you must compete with other Internet vendors that also send their articles to the same publisher. The question is … How do to make your item stand out from the crowd?. You should find an answer to this question, otherwise your item will go to … the trash. Here are the most common mistakes made by many authors of articles.

Error # 1 – Niche market misguided. Many authors send their item to a niche market misguided. Send your article to your target audience and not ruin your item shipped to every niche of the page of the ezine editor. Error # 2-empty Subject line. Please enter the title of your article on the subject of your email mail. Many authors send their articles with no subject line item, instead of writing eg, "New article submission" or "paper for publication" or "consider" or "New Article – 6 mistakes you should avoid before send your article to ezine publishers "etc. Error # 3 – Write articles with the same subject that 99% of the authors. The content of your article is an obvious idea, and is very little difference in the same issue that others write.

Make a fresh and unique item. Learn something new about your market, and turns what he learned in a single article. You could write an article on any topic you can think of. For example an article on the title of "how to avoid spam," or "how to fool the hackers with this information" Error # 4 – Articles Advertising oriented. Your article is aimed at promoting your products or affiliate programs in which you participate? Writing an article just kill advertising your business online. Leave information on your website only in the resource box at the end of each article. Give something free such as free e-books, free reports, or a free download. Invite your readers to visit your site to receive your bonus. Polymers Co. as a relevant resource throughout. Error # 5 – Lack of valuable information Your article educates your target audience.? People just subscribe to an electronic publication to receive valuable information. If you receive information about a topic that interests them, not get educated in all, and will shut down. Therefore, the editors not to publish your article, because most ezine editors provide the best information they can to their subscribers. Error # 6 – Too Spelling Problems spelling mistakes in your article.? If you send your article with too many spelling mistakes you're just wasting time. Check the article twice before publishing, for which use any spell-checking software. Most word processors now incorporate spell checker. Error # 7 – Raw sure to format your article to 65 characters per line. The size of your article should be between 500-750 words. You can send your article through MS Outlook Express. Enter the Tools menu and click Options. Click "Send" and choose the mailing in the form of plain text. Click the "plain text settings, select 65 characters of text to fit automatically send email. Avoid past mistakes and see what is faciln successfully publish an article in any ezine editor of many that exist on the network. Good luck. For an efficient enterprise. Miguel Dominguez