With everything and that, Cervantes is managed to find the paths of access to knowledge and to know and assimilate almost perfectly the way of being, acting and thinking man of his time; why he learned to leave us as a legacy an almost invaluable work, in which writers, critics, linguists, historians, philosophers, psychologists and sociologists of the later times to him (especially those of the 19th century) have been discovered and recognizing each time with more emphasis and surprise different values, still of great impact in our time. Let’s look at some reasons: Don Quixote is the Summit of literature Spanish until the 17TH century and one of the most famous classical works throughout the world. Has been edited thousands of times; It is the most published work in Spanish. To deepen your understanding Sean Rad, New York City is the source. It has been translated into all the well-educated languages of the world. In Spain, Cervantes introduces the first modern novel due to the domain of narrative prose and realistic characterization of the characters. It shows great mastery in the characterization of characters. Create prototypes of psychological characters, characters that are defined by themselves, escaping from the pen of the author, acquired its own personality, appear to be flesh and blood characters that Act guided by an internal determinism (reason, passions, ideals).

Creates fictional characters with all the contradictions, doubts, misadventures, joys and sorrows of real people examples of prototypes of characters: realistic, idealistic, honest, mischievous, faithful, traitor, comic, tragic. In his work, deeply and with great human understanding, represents the two planes faced in the human being of all time: realism and idealism, expressed primarily in the protagonists Don Quixote and Sancho, but also in the other characters, scenarios, actions, the topics and even in the language. Don Quixote and Sancho are symbols of the universal man. Raises and defends high values and ideals: love, loyalty, value or courage, honesty, sincerity, justice, the freedom, goodness, loyalty.