The culinary landscape of Greece is its numerous islands, sandy beaches and ancient cities as attractive as the beauty. The culinary landscape of Greece is its numerous islands, sandy beaches and ancient cities as attractive as the beauty. Rooted in 3000-year-old tradition, it combines different flavors and ingredients in simple but deliciously prepared specialities thanks to the geographic position between Europe and the Orient. To slow the hospitable locals, and the lively atmosphere in the atmospheric taverns where you can enjoy a romantic dinner overlooking the sea. Actually, what makes the Greek cuisine is its simplicity. A freshly caught fish, with lemon and a colorful, aromatic salad or the traditional lamb grilled over wood coals is usually much yummier than complex dishes of 5 star hotels. The moussaka, a mob of several layers of minced meat, potatoes with Aubergingen is also a well-known Greek speciality, as well as to get the traditional souvlaki – skewers, gyro and salad, also in Greeks at home.

As appetizers, dips are as favored tzatziki (yoghurt with cucumber and garlic) and Taramasalta (a cream made from cod roe) or Mezhedes (a mixture of different appetizers). In Griechenlad, the range of food is already wide: by chic restaurants and dining outlets along formal lines (most of them in the tourist centres) on the simple traditional Tavern up to grill food. Finally, the tourists have a choice. But for the locals a cheerful table community, the so-called parea very important, probably just as important as the food on the table itself. In a parea, several different meals provided it ordered (much more than you can actually eat) in the Middle, and everyone takes what and how much he likes. Pretty much the quality of the wines improved in recent years and some varieties even international awards win today from Greece.

One speciality is Retsina, a white wine verhetzter with Hartz. In the Ouzeries you drink of course the national drink, the aromatic ouzo and the local cafes, known as Kafeneia or Kafenion, is not just about coffee to drink (which is among other things a Holy moment in Greece), but also for a little old fashioned gossip, or politics and business to discuss. Greek coffee in small cups, like Turkish coffee served and is quite strong. It is possible very sweet (gliko), only sweet (the medrio) or without sugar (sketo) order. A sailing holiday in Greece with security would not be complete, without trying the culinary experiences and surprises this country and enjoy! Anna Ionita