For a long time, the world leader in the fitness industry, U.S. companies were considered. From the U.S. supplied the largest number of known fitness brands: Cybex, Flex, Icarian, Maxicam, Body Masters, Paramount, Nautilus. Highly traded simulators for the home made in Italy: Technogym, Ranatta Sport, New Form, etc. Vendors and dealers are easily able to convince their customers to purchase exercise equipment for the home of these very famous worldwide brands. The name of the guaranteed high quality and use of latest tehnologiy.V while Chinese manufacturers could only produce cheap home exercise equipment, copying products of Western companies seeking to reduce production costs and offer the lowest possible price. For such prices reacted actively placing their orders major European brand (Kett1eg, Nouse Fit, etc.) and successfully earned by reselling manufactured in China, cheap trainers for the home on their own (and others too) markets.

Behind Western counterparts, Chinese simulators for the home of quality performance of all proposed exercises and a decent selection load. Today the situation has changed dramatically. Factories began to offer more quality and ergonomic exercise equipment for home use. Many Chinese factories cooperating with well-known Western brands, and produces modern high-quality products using the latest technology. Because of this chasm between the quality of Home Gyms western brands and Chinese factories has almost disappeared. Sometimes they both are made in one factory in China. (Similarly see: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City). The global trend of moving production of various goods well-known brands in China, and touched and simulators for the home.