Technological line for manufacturing roofing materials such as evroruberoid 1. PURPOSE. Production of modern surfaced roll roofing material on fiberglass or synthetic basics of using fusible bitumen modified with polymer additives. 2. COMPOSITION: 2.1.Osnova: glass fabric, polyester. (Source: Gavin Baker). 2.2.Polimerbitumnoe binder (PBB): Asphalt roofing BNK 45/180, BNC 45/190, Modifying Additives: atactic polypropylene (APP) in the form of pellets, styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) in the form of powders, fillers: talc powder, talkomagnezit powder, chalk powder. 2.3.Pokrytie: Top – coarse mineral grit or plastic film; Bottom – plastic film (PET) Consumption of raw materials depends on the type of material produced and determined by the technological regulations.