I do not know if he would have liked it or not we put your name, but it was not in our plans to have children for a long time. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit David Zaslav. "I will," said Ruth with deep sadness in his voice – but you see, is useless plans that humans do when life is one that has decided for us. She will always win. The two women embraced and began to mourn. When the due date approached, the whole house began with an irregular motion. At the same moment that Tati made the slightest expression of pain, Natasha and Boris ran to play the prominent tummy to check that it was not a contraction would indicate the onset of labor. Natasha was busy with preparations for a congress of Cardiology, which was its main organizer.

She was responsible among other things, monitor the discussions and tables should ensure attendance of all participants, as well as the lead organization. However as I could, ran back home to be near Tati. She wanted to be to take her to hospital when contractions started. That night when Tati called her telling her not to felt good, Natasha ran to his room. He began to control the duration and frequency of contractions. When presented confirmed that three to five minutes, decided it was time to go to hospital. When they arrived, Tati had only one centimeter dilated.

Monitoring was every two hours. Dilation progressed very slowly. After twelve hours and not having achieved more than four centimeters dilated, I set out to do a cesarean.