The maintenance pruning must like objective eliminate everything what it hinders or of bad aspect to the plant, for example dry branches, branches that hinders to the cables of the light or on the contrary, to the passage of people, broken branches or which they run risk of breaking itself, sprouts again that leaves around the base, etc. In some species of trees, the maintenance pruning also is realised to avoid the flowers or fruits, or because they can produce allergies or because they soil much the ground (moreras, always green, etc.). In order to realise the pruning demantenimiento, there are three techniques: explanation of branches, reduction of glass and topiaria (to give form to the glasses). We are now going to explain each of them. Aclareo of branches This type of pruning consists of reducing the branches of the glass so that it wins in transparency. With the years, the branches grow and they begin to romp among them, so many branches, prevent the entrance of light to the interior of the glass and the same are dried. For even more opinions, read materials from Bud Harrelson. With this type of pruning, we managed to give but light to the interior and we did not modify the size of the glass.

The unique aspect to consider, is that the aclareo does not have to be too excessive, since to clear of blow a great amount of branches and leaves, can hurt the tree, debilitating them and making it more prone to the fungi. Therefore it is advised not to let pass several years entrepoda and prunes, but rather to do it every year, of that form the branches will be few that we will have to cut and the tree will grow by far but vigor. Reduction of glass This pruning is the one that is realised when the tree has grown too much appropriating space that does not correspond to him, like touching cables, preventing the passage of people, etc. This reduction is realised cutting the branch on the armpit of one of its lateral small branches. The ideal is to realise it each 2 or 3 years, of this form the small branches that will be cut will be of a diameter and heal far better that the wide branches but., separate the work will be much smaller. Sometimes, when the tree has not been controlled per years, it grows too much and many think that the unique solution is lopped. But in realised we can solve problem without hurting of so large way the tree the ideal is that in the cases of an exaggerated growth, coming soon to clarified of branches and a pruning of maintenance, everything at the same moment.

Topiaria This pruning is the one that is realised to give him to form to the shrubs or trees. Or they are geometric or artistic forms, like animal, baskets, fruits, etc. This technique is very old and simultaneously decorative. In many occasions the forms are simply wonderful.This type of pruning must be realised, so that the form is not weakened, enters 2 4 times to the year, since it needs a constant maintenance.