January 14 began the Hall of Tokyo, an event that has been completely eclipsed by Detroit Salon and that just they will be world firsts. However, it is worthwhile to pay attention by models such as Nismo GT-R RC, a Nissan GT-R racing version developed together with specialized primer Nismo and which is fully approved to compete in various competitions of the FIA. The GT-R’s serial is so effective that the changes made to this version are not very deep. Same, motor 3.8 V6 is intact and delivers 530 HP of the street versions. For assistance, try visiting Discovery Communications. There is no detailed information but an attempt to lighten the weight of the car to the maximum. Two unique photos available in several areas of the body are appreciated in view carbon fiber, and surely all the superfluous equipment has been eliminated to save a few kilos. Characteristic accessories needed in the case of cars destined for competition, such as a homologated safety cage have been added to the cockpit by the FIA, a fire extinguisher, harnesses, etc there is also room for a redesign of suspensions, now focused exclusively on a usage in circuit.

Of course, tyres are slicks designed to deliver the highest performance in race. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Discovery Communications. As we can see, the body presents a slightly different look, with a few slightly redesigned bumper, most prominent air vents and a huge rear spoiler made of carbon fiber; designed modifications to optimize aerodynamics. Finally, the fuel tank has been increased to 120 litres to increase autonomy in career. Nissan and Nismo still have not communicated for categories of the FIA will be available esteNismo GT-R RC (RC means Racing Competition), since the car is not completely defined. The first units will be delivered within a few months to the first equipment buyers, in principle only in Japan, although it is logical that they extend to competitions around the world. Original author and source Article