After several months the sponsor, says: “Gee! It’s just a bunch of losers! Nobody in my group are not doing anything. Just look at all these lazy people. ” You feel a strong desire ask a sponsor: “Lazy people? Okay, but do not you invite them on your ad? Would not you compose an announcement to draw people who do not want to go to meetings, do not want to buy a product, do not want work? ‘You see, the sponsor got what he sought. Lazy, unmotivated people (and this type of candidates is very easy to find – in bulk). If you are going to choose when you decide to get married and if you are going to choose when you decide to sponsor distributors make sure that you are looking for what you want before you go looking.

Yes, this is the secret. Decide who you want to have a distributor, before you go out on reconnaissance. Here are some questions you should ask before you choose your strategy for exploration. If I’m looking for distributors in this area or a group, these candidates will want what I offer? My suggestion would be networking important part of their lives or just something parallel to what fills their time? How can I find this group of candidates? Where the group is looking for information, and where better to place my offer? I’m not going to ever get stuck on these three issues. Some readers will read them, smile, and continue to read further.