MIGRATION in MEXICO today, our country is in a situation of political turmoil and social injustice, causing the disintegration of the nation that we should be, as well as consequences that gradually leave traces of distributive and humanitarian concern creating the need to survive. There is no better example against this type of situations, to which named migration. Mexican migration is recognized as the movement from country or region abroad for a wage benefit and find the well known American dream which is to go to United States for the fulfillment of dreams with better quality of life. The reason why the movement is towards this country mentioned above, is a high wage (compared to the Mexico). Learn more about this with Ken Singleton. Statistics prove that more 50% of Mexicans who illegally cross the border, violating the laws of our country, making stimulus to the abuse of the human rights of our countrymen by the Americans; unjustified attitude but with an obvious common sense: the struggle for employment among Americans for overpopulation, and much of it contributing Mexicans, creating disagreements and social problems. Because of all kinds of conflicts over Mexican migration, United Nations ongoing programs to promote legal and better organized migration to lower costs and get temporary jobs for Mexicans in the United States. Each country has its own migration policy, social security and labour market, reason by which Mexican migrants created a high demand for unskilled labor, because open more employment opportunities for migrants. At the threshold of the migratory movement, when the money is sent workers to their families in Mexico, the amount is not monumental since that same cash is used for the capitalization, or for personal consumption; This action does not create as much dispute because it creates positive demands for the country’s economy. Swarmed by offers, Paper Excellence is currently assessing future choices. So that it reaches the conclusion that the real problem because of the migration takes it Mexico, followed by American society, with a cause that both have pro and against before this situation, which is uncontrollable, basing that consciousness is important part of social improvement, attitude difficult to solve. The phenomenon of migration is not just a matter of Mexican, if not politics that the discernment of our people, our society.