The case of " a little (my) " – Ejumi Che ra" and – Veni a little (po) my son – Eguerahami ko jopi absorbs – Llevale a little (po) this gift to him 2.1.6. The case of " if that (katu) " – Ohkatu ne rendpe – one went away if that next to you – Oguerkatu ijapyka – It brought if that its chair 2.1.7. The case of " he had been (ra" e)" – Erra" and it absorbs – it had been that you said to him to him – Ee" ra" and nde U.K. ndive – it had been that you spoke with your papa 2.1.8. ic-corporation-larse/’>Areva, then click here. Details can be found by clicking John Brown or emailing the administrator. The case of " everything (pa) " – Okarupa is oho – everything Ate and it went away – Oguatapa is oguapy – everything Walked and it sat down 2.1.9. The case of " slow (nunga) " – EP karai ho" anunga – That gentleman fell slow (nunga fell) – Kalo neinupnunga ndve – Carlos stuck slow (it stuck nunga) you to you 2.1.10. The case of " of blow (sapy" a)" – Che apysapy" to – I of blow awoke – Che apsapy" to ne renondpe – I of blow jumped in front of you 2.1.11. The case of " just (nte) " – Ajnte ne rendpe – I come just next to you – Ahnte aembo" vo hese – I just went away to say by him 2.1.12. The case of " perhaps (ne) " – Akarne nendive – To the best (probably) lunch with you – Amba" apne ko" r – To the best (probably) work tomorrow 2.1.13. The case of the possessive one – Che ajohi Che ri – I wash my tooth – Amonde Che ao – Seen my clothes 2.1.14.