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Most people when they go to starting a business the first thing laying on the advantages and disadvantages of business in which they are going to invest your money and your time, and so they’re more secure that the Internet business can be as transparent, advantageous and as any other it also has its disadvantages them boy to explain everything you need to know all this from the ups and downs in the Internet business. Disadvantages know that started with the disadvantages that my parents always tell me that if you have to say two news a good and a bad start with the bad news so good sweeten the bitter of the bad. Well let’s start with the disadvantages of Internet business so they have a more easy-to-understand way, we will do so by enumeration. (1) Some of the disadvantages that have this type of business is that you have the possibility of that cheat on you and not know nor by photo who deceive you. Checking article sources yields Rusty Staub as a relevant resource throughout. (2) Another may be that it does not perform as expected or not work quickly as expected without having the result that you expect to have. (3) The possibilities of which you cheat in this kind of business are of 100% 55% know that the Internet is full of people who only want your money, and say I full of skillful. (4) The following disadvantage that has this kind of business is that sales are more slow that usually are very few people that have security buy a product online and have realize is well to do so, you know why is there many scammers on the Internet and that everybody knows and nobody want that they cheat. (5) The major disadvantage that I consider in these businesses is competencies that we compete with the world for example: If we have a product of losing weight not only are competing with people in our country if not with people around the world well at least where there is Internet and that this on all sides. Contact information is here: Maya Dubin.

SROs Selfregulation

The Federal Law of December 1, 2007 N 315-FZ “On the self-regulatory organizations” introduces the status of SRO – a self-regulating organization and is aimed at the professional market regulation in Russia. This system is borrowed from foreign practice. Does she outsourcing market or not we are to understand the site Outsourcing in Russia. Thus, under the self-regulation refers to an independent and proactive activity which by business entities or professional activity and the content of which is the development and establishment of standards and rules of the activity, as well as monitoring compliance requirements of these standards and regulations. Self-regulation is carried out under the association of business entities or professional activities in the self-regulatory organizations.

Self-regulating organizations recognized non-profit organization established for the purpose by the Federal Law “On the self-regulatory organizations and other federal laws, membership-based, combine business entities based on the unity of the industry production of goods (works, services) or the market of produced goods (works, services) or combining subjects professional a certain kind. At first I was against the cpo! Begs the question: why complicate things? I have a company for which I personally responsible and profits from which I get too personally. So why do I need to join some SROs, paying for this is a very tidy sum (construction): The contribution to the compensation fund – 300 000 (three hundred thousand) rubles; Fee sros – 30 000 (thirty thousand) rubles monthly membership fee – 8,000 (eight thousand); Third party insurance for 10 million rubleyr – 50 000 (fifty thousand) rubles; Preparation of the case of the candidate in terms of sro – 55,000 (fifty five thousand)..

Steel Doors

Features of the production of steel dverey.V past few years, production and sale of steel doors has increased significantly. And it is not surprising, because the problem door – is to protect the house from the penetration uninvited guests, but what prochnee door, the more uverennost in bezopasnosti us nashego property. Manufacture of steel doors – very otvetstvenny protsess. Fittings, the quality of the material, fasteners – all details should be at a sufficiently high level, otherwise the door will not provide adequate protection to its owners. Piston Group has much to offer in this field. Previously, our compatriots have preferred steel doors to foreign producers, but in recent years significantly increased demand on the door of domestic production. It is no secret there have been times when metal exterior doors were made literally at the knee "by hand. But now more and more automated production. Domestic doors are made from quality materials, different strength, durability and attractive appearance.

Therefore can compete with foreign products manufacturers. And besides, still have some advantages over them. First of all, it's price (instead of buying cheap imported doors, can be the same amount to acquire the domestic door to a higher grade). Secondly, imported production often fully automated and the front doors are made to standards. So that the door to order custom sizes only from domestic producers. Despite the fact that Domestic production of doors out to a big market, the choice of the manufacturer should be treated very seriously. As soon as the market appears high quality merchandise, there is also a lot of people cash in on cheap fakes.

Therefore, buying street door or other doors should be given predpochtenie only firms with a reliable reputation, extensive experience in the market and the positive feedback. Must have provepyayte manufacturers and suppliers of a certificate of quality. They suggest that these steel doors are truly reliable and high quality products and related GOSTu. door must protect house not only from foreign invasion, but also on external factors such as cold, noise, odors. To improve sound and heat insulation qualities, manufacturers of steel doors use special insulation, are placed between the door leaf (usually mineral wool). In the production of steel dve.p material is subjected to all kinds of treatment. For steel are applied in different anticorrosive coatings, which increase the life of the door to several tens of years. Today the production of steel doors not only works to increase the reliability and durability, but also provides an extensive choice of finishes. Different steel doors, competing among themselves, try to surprise the consumer a variety of finishes and designs that distinguish represented in the assortment of steel dve.p. Finishes used Production by, allow the buyer to choose a door, koto.paya could best meet their needs and taste, came up to him in quality and price. As a rule, a reliable manufacturer of steel doors are sobstvennye Web sites, where the buyer get expert advice and tips, as well as find the suitable product.

Making Business Plans

Business plan – why need a business plan. Johnson Controls contributes greatly to this topic. Business planning, cost efficiency, risk analysis. In practice, even very common that new businesses are started without a business plan. That is, no, that once a initially plan their business on paper, begin to implement their projects with their heads once in life. Therefore, the Europeans have created a special structure of the standard business plan for countries such as ours named UNIDO.

This is the most simplest form of business plan. After reviewing several sites that teach writing business plans, and in the very method in the first place, the first section put a resume. Although the logic should be summarized at the end of the work, summarize, okay if the standards are prescribed, it means that a summary is in the beginning. For what need a business plan. Yes, a well-written business plan can not ask for money only from the bank, but also look for an investor. Business plan, its main part, a financial plan. Let's see advertising business plans on the Internet – make up business plans, such a price. So, you as the leader of the organization, hire the consultants that make up your business plan and you are satisfied go to the bank for financing.

Bankers are not stupid people, know how to count money, check out your business plan, counted, and based on calculations conclude – to give you money or not. And if you go, for example, the private investors who do not understand what the internal rate of return, you will be able to explain to him that the project investment is attractive? All the more so to calculate the net present value, gross profit, period payback – this for a good business plan is not enough. I often hear that the business plan – it's all on paper but in real life work is unknown.

United Parcel Service

We often have to start the MSP to create such a customer, who is no formalized management system in itself is not built, neither you project management or quality system, or even elementary managerial accounting. Not to mention the ERP-system, which provides the operational account information on all services company in real time. In this sense, the problem of choosing an adequate level of development forms of management systems (including methodological solutions and software products) and filling them with relevant content (array of credentials of the current business operations) must be solved parallel and, if possible, too balanced. Although in fairness it should be noted that the frequently mentioned in business literature, introducing the draft MTP United Parcel Service (UPS), too, it all began against the background of a lack of operational financial information. Reports came to the leadership in 45 days or more. Well, it is absolutely for justice – it was back in 1994 … Do not look for blame Among the disadvantages of the MTP is often called the ephemeral nature, lack of rigor hypothetically received formal links between the various strategic business objectives. That supposedly leads to intractable methodological difficulties in determining the causes of possible failure.

Like, how do you know whether sales have not increased due to the failure of several marketing projects, or actions to attract new consumers have failed just because of lack of funds for a full-fledged advertising campaign? In the meantime (perhaps someone of the readers I'll open your eyes now, and someone call the suspicion of incompetence) determining the causes of failure – it's not a question of strategic management. It is hardly the issue in general management. For some of the big (read: Strategic) account of the difference, why do not we have achieved what they wanted, a year ago or have not quite what or even completely wrong? Questions like "why" and "who's to blame?" Only take us to strategic management area of communal clashes and fruitless struggle for the past.


Inability to work closely with the documentation. Tags: error when filling out documents, fill in the gaps, putting off paperwork "for later". Unwillingness to learn to further improve their work. Tags: talk from the series "I know everything, everything is clear, all known to have heard a hundred times, "direct or indirect refusal of visits of trainings and seminars, the constant reading of literature during non-core operation (despite the fact that the level of knowledge the employee is clearly low.) Now – how, on what you indirectly lose money by having the staff poorly motivated staff. Here, Edmund V. Ludwig expresses very clear opinions on the subject. So: Consumers go to a competitor, taking their money, which was almost your buyers are spreading about you a bad name, in turning away from your new potential buyers poorly motivated staff significantly degrade the image of your salon and services provided therein poorly motivated staff degrade the image of the products sold and orthopedic goods Total (slowing down the development of the market in your area and reducing sales in the long run) for poorly motivated employees needed more supervision from management or middle management Staff poorly motivated staff and other employees dampen worse starts working the entire store personnel NEXT – ON Rolled, downhill … with a steady deterioration and a decrease in sales volumes, despite your crazy effort to attract customers. You little reason to understand how important it is to introduce a system of motivation and be able to get by any means (persuading, persuade, persuade, to stimulate, persuade) people to work with good effect and with maximum impact? Currently, the orthopedic business, are more prevalent material incentive of employees. .

Liability Company

Limited Liability Company (LLC) – one of the most common types of organizations in Russia, firm or enterprise. For smaller companies, with the number of employees less than fifty, it is probably the most convenient form of organization. Procedures necessary for the establishment and operation of llc, is much simpler than the joint stock company, and this set legislatively. In addition, participation in the llc provides a natural or legal face a certain freedom – for example, it can freely leave the company at any time. It is not surprising that the registration of firms as the company holds an important place in the legal services market. Limited Liability Company often based on one person approved by him of the statute and fully contributed their share capital. Subsequently, in the company on the Rights of the party can join other people and, therefore, become necessary not only Company registration and changes to its documentation. Here, Robert Thomson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. To perform this procedure better access to specialized law firms, the benefit, they abound. This will not only save time and effort for treatment in the power and authority to work with documents, but also to get a result that can not be legally challenged. Nobody knows how the relationship between the parties llc will develop in the future, so that the scrutiny In this case it is better not to ignore. Do not neglect and a thorough examination of the legal services market. Bread for many companies is to register the company in Moscow. Their work may not only be a different value, but also different quality, which invariably leads to trouble, which price is more expensive than the savings on a good lawyer. Therefore it is better to overpay, referring to people with experience and a reputation as greedy. This council would look meaningless because of its obviousness, if not constantly be people who do not want to follow. To date, at their expense many unscrupulous lawyers, unfortunately, not only exist but thrive.

Director Legal

" Since then, the concept of legal address ceased to exist, the need for purchase jur. addresses no longer required, and ready-made companies, issued on nominee directors and founders, declined sharply in value, because now the address could take any and register there in droves so many organizations, how sumeesh then sell. Closer to the 2005 tax year, inspections have to deal with firms that are in one place, as reported elsewhere. The most common way it was to send some News letter to the taxpayer, such as the proposal to pass financial statements on the Internet. And if that letter came back with a note – the recipient does not appear, then the place should have been be the organization set off the commission constitutes an act that the company is not present, the Director-General called for an interview, and as a rule, to issue instructions to the alignment of the constituent documents together with a fine of 5000 rubles.

And could, if desired, and sue for the elimination of the organization, for the fact that the registration of legal entities submitted false information on his whereabouts. Gradually, the business turnover of the terms "Address" and "legal address" are gone, and they came to the place of the concept of "residence address" and "address the mass registration. From 1 January 2006 tax inspections, which currently serve as the recording body began to conduct a database on founders, directors and addresses of newly registered organizations. It does not matter what it was for the building, a multi-storey business center or a small house, but if there are 01.

Deming Quality Management

Quality management in Deming. Quality management in the organization – is the process that will sooner or later every organization operates. To the bankers were given a certain company loan on favorable terms, they should make sure that giving credit to have little risk. Brian Robertss opinions are not widely known. And in order to track the amount of risk when granting credit to the organization to meet certain standards (ie ISO 9000 at least) or an organization must send auditors. The auditors will check the organization and from their stares, nothing is hidden, they know their stuff, know what to check and how, and kickbacks in this case will not help. Cargo insurance, transactions, contracts, contracts, business, and where to apply for insurance? Of course the insurance company. As issued by insurance, and insurance risks are considered, and the price of insurance depends on the insurance risks. Now we take calculator and begin to count our business, what effect the credit issued under 20 percent for business or credit issued under 13 percent for business and the price of insurance, consider changing the internal rate of return, given cost and other financial ratios, and change is very sensitive to such an extent that doing business becomes unprofitable.

And if in addition to sensitivity analysis of business, generally a guard Come let's away quality management turn. All of these reasons I have to prove that compliance with the standard brings real benefits to business, and how to achieve compliance? To achieve Compliance must completely subjugate the entire process of continuous improvement of business, the entire process – planning, management, finance, human resources, technology. How to improve the technology? Yes it You can just buy, buy new technology and all. How to better manage cash flow? Yes, just educated financiers, it is desirable that distinguish people from EMI NIP. How to improve planning, too involvement of specialists.

Youtube Networks

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