So they think the narcos, criminals, who are dedicated to living from the Vice of people, stealing, cheating. It is easier for them to get comfort, auto smart selling drugs to children, adolescents, prostitute girls, young girls, rather than working. When you you get used to deceive your heads, company, presenting Diplomas purchased on the street, fool yourself and you’re getting to be a fraud. It is very suspicious that a person who works 6, 8, 12 years in the State as the master, which has in its curriculum vite Diplomas and certificates of 120 institutions educational, when the State undergoes an evaluation, exit disapproved. Is one question: How can it be that, if this person each year has presented at the offices of the personnel department 10 diplomas, in the last twelve years?It has been in permanent training, studying, but do not pass the assessments. The explanation is very simple. This person who has numerous Diplomas and certificates, will buy them. I pay so they sell it, but I study absolutely nothing.

There this the reason of because we have so many public servants throughout the Administration publishes that you despite their numerous diplomas, leaving disapproved in the assessments, which must be held before different instances. For sample a case: ALEJANDRO LEON mail electronic writes so on February 23, 2010: good morning I am interested in a diploma, please send prices and relationship that you have and if there is a problem because I am in Moyabamba interested thanks: alejandro leon this message has been sent through the contact form on your ad published in evisos. Your email address has been kept confidential. Immediately send you the information, detailed, costs, prices, duration, mode, form of payment, is told that you can study no matter in which part of the world is located, etc.