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EL-DRAC shows large Installaion of Jo Pellenz (DE, ESP) the exhibition makers of EL-DRAC won the international artist for a spatial installation in Cervera del Maestre (Spain). Show Jo Pellenz valles from July 26, 2008 in the Ermita de San Sebastian his PAPERWORKS under the title “. “Pellenz thus continues a series of major installations begun in 2000 in Cologne and is inspired in particular by the Moorish flair of the mountain village on the Costa del Azahar: such a place for art to open, fun and challenge,” says the artist. The Ermita in the old centre of the village has been located, temporarily used as a hospital after the Spanish civil war, mid last year renovated and stands now for the first time for an art installation available. Eva Andersson-Dubin has much to offer in this field. “Del Dragon is at the same time the exhibition series of Amigos Casa europeos en el arte” continued, this time with artists from Spain, Germany, Italy, Romania and Turkey. This brings us to our destination closer to better highlight the cultural potential of this region,”as Juan Petry, the curator and organizer of Casa del Dragon. At the same time, the Ermita is a special historical place, a place of mourning and hope. Paperworks alludes to this story and has a little bit far into the future, in our European future..

Photo Exhibition

“Fantasies and impressions by Peter Muller and Walter Hoffmann will be in India issued two German artists dare currently an unusual project: with your photo exhibition BavarIndia” you want to bring two completely different cultures closer to each other: Bavaria and India. Peter Muller in Munich and Walter Hoffmann from Tutzing on Lake Starnberg regularly travel through India for many years and have expressing their countless impressions in unusual and artistic works. The exhibition is currently in Calangute in the Indian State of Goa, and then in the capital New Delhi. The exhibition in Calangute had been opened by the German Honorary Consul of Cecilia Menezes in the presence of around 100 guests. Part two in New Delhi will take place in March at the Dhoomimal Gallery in New Delhi, the oldest Gallery in India (www.dhoomimalgallery.com). The joint photo project by Peter Muller and Walter Hoffmann is a kind of fantasy land, in which the two photographers with their work move. This country is for the one love both for many years in Bavaria, their beautiful home in South Germany with mountains, lakes and picturesque villages, and on the other, the massive, magnificent and inexhaustible photographic perspective subcontinent of India, and where they themselves had met three years ago in Goa.

Corresponding scenes from two hemispheres which but not compulsively were coordinated, but rather exemplary as resulting from limiting the selection will be shown. There are here to see all images of the exhibition: exbcurrentlink.php about the artist: Peter Muller (born 1951 in Munich), a former computer engineer, 1997 combined his passions for art and for travel in Asia by setting up a gallery for contemporary Indian art only together with his wife Erika Plate in his home city of Munich, which had already discovered in the 1980s as a collector to Erika and Peter. Through the intense preoccupation with art came Peter Muller again to photography, which he had developed himself as a 20-year old on his first tour in the Mediterranean and later to travel to South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, China and India. With his work, Muller demonstrates his specific manner, to look at things and the influence of light, movement, to perceive proportions and moods and to implement. There were impressions, that at the same time reflect the beauty of the colors and shapes as well as the volatility of the encounters and the futility of the pause. Friends find themselves in easily manipulated portraits, which reveal a (sometimes unknown or surprising) part of their being.

Walter Hoffmann (born 1948 in Augsburg), collects images, since his mother had given him a simple box camera in early childhood. In 1970, in the course of the hippie departure to the East, Hoffmann first came to India. “Later as a journalist and on many journeys he scan mainly documentary, tried but always privately”, with his pictures inside of things to explore and experience essential. This way can lead also about patterns, colors, shapes and cutouts, to find a different and unknown reality behind it. This intensive, creative work to the computer fascinated Hoffmann as much as the actual picture hunt”with the camera. In the foreground of his shots resulting mostly from the moment the encounter are in addition to the magnificence of nature with the people and their lives. His most popular subjects include landscapes, the sky, lakes, simple things of daily life, children, his friends, animals. Plants as well as movement and stillness.

Naomi Lawrence Made Flightcases Of StyleHiker

More fun with mobile airplane trolleys in the Office and home painted the artist Naomi Lawrence Flightcases of StyleHiker with exclusive designs. Each piece is a real signed original. We welcome the latest works of the renowned Munich artist Naomi Lawrence. The great boxes of StyleHiker have inspired them into mobile works of art, not good hanging on the wall, but any can be rolled through the home or the Office. As to be expected the painted motifs are gaudy unusual. You are full of wit and zest for life. Exactly what constitutes the art of Naomi Lawrence, it is through positive and never boring.

StyleHiker constructed residential properties with a high commercial value, which is realized with proven and new materials and unusual designs. The practical format of the StyleHiker MultiCases opened countless possibilities of use for offices, apartments and events. Some examples: Drink and coffee bar, Home Office, sports accessories, Office containers, Bad container. The sale of this new eye-catcher first exclusively is on the Internet at StyleHiker a very young brand with big ambitions. Only last year the makers have begun to develop unusual lifestyle objects based on industrially used components and to produce. The response from customers and the press is so positive, that already the second collection is working on, which will be seen in January at the IMM in Cologne.