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William Shakespeare

Brevity – the soul of the mind. William Shakespeare is probably the main obstacle to full disclosure of the wealth of the soul of the mind of Shakespeare was the lack of precision, flexibility, agility, imagery, emotionality of English compared to Russian language. So, with all the richness of his vocabulary, he could not find the words, which would, as in diamond, magically played all facets of his talent as a poet, playwright and scholar. Express the same word should have been the main content qualities of Shakespeare's monument without hands which is presented in his Sonnet 85: I think good thoughts … I think a good (right) thought …

in the line, followed immediately by the key of the sonnet, Shakespeare said that these thoughts preceded by his words of love to man. So in this sonnet Shakespeare shows that he actually follows the rule on which he drew the attention of readers of "Hamlet" with the words of Polonius, converted to sailing for France Laertes: Keep away from the idea of language, a hastily thought from action. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Eva Andersson-Dubin has to say. (Translated by M. Lozinski) In general, the sonnets – is in some way, Digest of Shakespeare. They have a line that represent direct quotes from some of the works, and the "dark lady" in general, directly carried over to them from the play "Fruitless efforts of love", or vice versa. Therefore, short-line sonnet 85 have their own more detailed colleagues. This is most clearly seen in the words of Shakespeare in the second part of the chronicle, "Henry IV: Having decided to build, we will investigate the first stage, then draw a plan, when are ready to figure at home – should calculate how much construction will cost us, but since our estimates will exceed means that we will do? Draw a plan of homes smaller than venture il cast.


Colors making their own bridesmaids dresses easily allows you to use different colors, courtesy. Do if you stay within your wedding color scheme, you can still choose different shades of color to complement skin tone, hair and eye color of each ni? a. Each bridesmaid wear a different shade that could be great all together and give the general appearance of the wedding a little more visual depth. Fabric and style when you have more than one bridesmaid, is likely that you will have girls with different shapes and tama? I. Does the fabric and style of a dress should compliment the figure of the wearer rather than be? wing imperfections or make her feel uncomfortable and out of place. Does making your bridesmaid dresses will make it easier to find a pattern that adapts to each or? to. Eva Andersson-Dubin understood the implications.

Do do for example, a woman of more tama? or may be uncomfortable wearing a tight dress, a woman’s breasts peque? to don’t want to wear a style dress halter and a height woman may not want to wear a short dress that highlights her long legs. Get in touch with your bridesmaids to see what you are comfortable wearing and have them to try different styles to see it flatters them more and they styles as the best. Stitch depending on the creativity and skills of sewing you, making a party assemble dresses could be fun for all of your bridesmaids. If you, or any of the girls, highly qualified and creative, you could even tell you? ar their own dresses. Make the dresses of some weeks in advance where they aren’t as planned. You can make dresses as simple or extravagant as you please, depending on experience and talent. Above all, have fun and enjoy the wedding. Bridesmaid dresses can make or break a wedding.

Which means that if they are happy with the dresses of bridesmaids and the bride is happy, will be displayed through the day of the wedding. Do without however, if dresses are too costly, not halague? or or not style the bridesmaid, she can pretend to be happy for the sake of the bride, but it will be more likely to show through. For that everyone happy, join us and make your own bridesmaid dresses. Some bridesmaids two-piece suits choose costumes of two pieces that match in color and are made of a formal fabric. Some two-piece dresses have a bolero jacket with a strapless dress. Others have a tee with a long skirt. The bridesmaids have the option of removing the top of matching pants & clothing jeans for a night on the town. It can also take the bolero jacket for a Halloween party? or new or for a job interview. Length of tea length dresses are ideal for beach and summer weddings. Bridesmaids should be comfortable in their clothes to prevent sweating and looking bright for photos. If you fear that tea length dresses does not match your formal bridal gown, don’t worry. Refers to bridesmaids dresses to match bridal gown is an old tradition. For example, a tea length dress can be formal because of its texture and fabric match with the dress of the bride. Here is a large collection of those related to wedding dresses guides to view, special occasion dresses, bridesmaid, wedding fashion, dresses

List Of Billionaires 2010

List of billionaires in 2010 by the influential Forbes in 2009, employs 1,011. The general condition of more than $ 340 billion. The seventh part of this money belongs to the richest man in the world. For the second year in a row ranking of billionaires, a new leader. Growing telecom assets carried in the first place the Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim Helou, his condition has reached $ 53.5 billion in the second place Microsoft founder Bill Gates – $ 53 billion on third in the American investor Warren Buffett – $ 47 billion this year at the disposal of the average participant rating stands at $ 3.5 billion to $ 500 million more than in the past. Today, the world's billionaires in 1011, slightly less than the record 2008 m (1125). Only 12% of them have become poorer over the past year.

A large part of the list (40%) and total capital (38%) still account for U.S. citizens, but the newcomers rating only 16% have a U.S. passport and 28% – Chinese. Russia in third place. What For women, they are now 89, against 72 a year ago.

It is true that Russia is only one – businessman and mayor of the capital's wife Elena Baturin. The number of billionaires in Russia has nearly doubled last year's 62 against 32. Richest Russian – Vladimir Lisin, owner and chairman of the board, "Novolipetsk Steel" – holds 32nd place, his condition is estimated at $ 15.8 billion, of notable Russians ceased to be billionaires, the most famous – Boris Berezovsky. In the present representatives of the former Soviet Union. Jeff Bewkes is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Four of Ukraine. This is Rinat Akhmetov – 148th place, more than 5 billion-in-law of Leonid Kuchma businessman Viktor Pinchuk, who lives in Switzerland Igor Kolomoisky, a businessman and deputy Konstantin Zhevago, as well as businessman Gennady Bogolyubov. Five billionaires – from Kazakhstan. This entrepreneur Kulibayev and his wife, Dinara – the daughter of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, an aluminum magnate Alijan Ibragimov, a banker Nurzhan Subkhanberdin, as well as CEO of mining and processing of ferrous metals, Vladimir Kim. Financial management

Bolivia Hugo

The text, according to experts, is of minimum range after the failure of 12 days of negotiations to happen in 2012 to the Protocol of Kioto, the unique treaty that forces 37 industrialized nations to trim its carbon dioxide emissions. The president of Brazil, Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, declared itself disappointed and said that the happened thing remembered its times to him of unionist, when it opposite had great enterprise heads. The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, said on the other hand that he was an agreement ” antidemocrtico” , behind the back of the majority, while its pair of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, expressed that the text was made by ” imperio” American. On the footer, the text clarifies that Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Sudan rejected the document, when considering it as an agreement of minimum reach.

The countries of the Bolivariana Alliance for the Towns of Our America (WHITE) declared the failure of the Summit on Cambio Climtico (COP15) and demanded to the industrialized nations transparent commitments with the preservation of the planet and the human species. The presidents of Venezuela and Bolivia, Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales, respectively, next to the Cuban vice-president, Esteban Bow and leaders of other nations of the block, aimed that for the DAWN and other countries, there is no document in Copenhagen by the lack of political will of the North. Lamentably, the Summit is a failure. We will continue fighting to reach the objectives to save the planet, pointed President Hugo Chavez Certain, that 15a Conference of the United Nations on Cambio Climtico (COP15), says in its final conclusions that the international community would have to avoid that the temperatures increase mentioned the two degrees, but envelope is not pronounced how to do it and who they must take the weight. The UN has calculated that would be necessary that the developed countries less emitted between a 25% and a 40% than in 1990, but the announced supplies, all volunteers, are limited a 17%. It is not arrived. Original author and source of the article.