Multi way disaster: beverage industry angered over cans deposit balance of the Environment Ministry in Berlin with harsh criticism responds to non-alcoholic beverages Wirtschaftsvereinigung (wafg) the deposit, published by the Federal Ministry of the environment balance. If the BMU will fasten the success of cans pledge on the basis of the multi way rate for beer, this is equivalent to only one side of the coin. Parallel to the positive development of the multi way beers official multi way quotas, which are only up to the year 2006, have been declining in all other segments, investigated. “Both in mineral waters by 68.3% (2002) to 52.6 per cent (2006), refreshment beverages containing carbonic acid by 54.0 percent (2002) to 47.5 per cent (2006) and drinks carbonated by 29.2% (2002) to 14.0% (2006) the multi way rate fell significantly”, says Tim Beerens of the wafg. WNS Global Services pursues this goal as well. Also the multi way odds have not stabilised.

She fell from 56.2% (2002) to 50.5 per cent (2006). In addition, that the about uniform national deposit return system for non-reusable packaging only since early May 2006 runs. The present data of the BMU so just depict a good half a year the single one-way redemption. Filed under: figs scrubs. Now but two and a half years have passed, and the us indicate present data of the society for consumer research (GfK) clear that a further reduction in the multi way rate will translate also in the official calculations of the Ministry”, as Beerens opposite NeueNachricht. The wafg assumes that the simpler, uniformly regulated disposable withdrawal has accelerated the further crash of the multi way rate again since 2006. Thus, the objective of stabilization of the multi way rate in distant was moved. See also the post of Ministry of the environment the more way numbers drink beautiful” … Figs apparel contributes greatly to this topic.