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Tres Noir Sunglasses For The Lifestyle Of Freedom, Rebellion And Passion

If you don’t like sunglasses, which are inspired by the stars and starlets of the reality-TV or the last cheap fashion trends, Tres Noir is the right choice for you. This brand comes from the rock n roll, the kustom Kulture and the skater scene and combined the classical and clear style of the fifties with the absolutely most modern in form and design. Available in different colors so check it all out. It is not something Donn Clendenon would like to discuss. The glasses come with hard case and cleaning cloth. The brothers Joe and Tony Prenovost had it full, finding no decent sunglasses that reflect their lives.

The eternal same cheap stuff sits badly, uncool looks and one goes on the nerves. More info: Mark Kotsay. And the usual mainstream – fashion – brand did not fit just to the private lifestyle. So they decided to start a sunglasses brand, the life reflected the South – Californian culture of music, art, motor bikes, surfing and skating. Perhaps check out Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for more information. After them, 8 years in the sunglasses industry working together, created Tres Noir was their first pair, “police & thieves” 2005 in her garage in long beach, CA, produced, which were exclusively sold to their friends. After sale within a few weeks, they launched the idea to produce a complete collection. After years of creating sunglasses for others it was brands time to publish their own style. With a market which is flooded with cheap sunglasses that have no character and that all look similar, the guys definitely saw a niche that needs to be filled.

Handmade sunglasses should be made of acetate, in limited quantities, and in any mass production and the vision, so it should be always something special. Tres Noir launched her first collection in the spring of 2006, which on car shows, tattoo events, music festivals and together diced kustom culture events sold. The reaction and the demand of the product were overwhelming. In the spring of 2007, they introduced their second collection and moved from their garage in their current headquarters to Anaheim, CA. With decorated faces some top. Bands, artists and scene – people Tres Noir has been a significant contributor in the sunglasses industry. Celebrity fans of the brand are artists like Green Days, Bela B, Beatsteaks, Jennifer Rostock, mad Marge and the Stonecutters, ADHD, Duane Peters and Corey Park, Doug Dorr, Keith Wesner Damian foul sound, Chivet, James Reed, Aaron Bell, Dave Sanchez, throw rag and the Aggrolites. Regularly they develop together with artists for the spring collection 2009 special limited editions such as the “Dave Sanchez” and “Duane Peters”. The series was designed by the famous and packedand with awards over tattoo artist “Dave Sanchez” from Gardena, CA, as well as by Duane Peters the skateboard legend from Los Angeles, CA.. Prenovost brothers do not understand as a fashion designer. It is very self understanding their customers. Rocker and rebel is man – even on weekdays not wearing suits – finally for a season and a lifetime. The brand is represented in the United States, international in Japan, Australia and across Europe. The European distribution via “Tres Noir Europe”, based in Hamburg.

Tracht DIRNDL: An Informative Text About The Dirndl

This article should give you everything you need to know about the Dirndl. The dirndl as such was built in about 1870, in the region of Bavaria and Austria, and was originally a working dress for the maids. At that time, it consisted of a skirt, a lace corset, a white, deep dekolletierten blouse and a skirt. Popular end of the 1920s was the Dirndl as costume and came by the Revue at the White Horse Inn”by Eric Charell famous and also in the upper class. So were modified Dirndl, which had nothing common with the original costume as folk to make hiking through the Alps. Nowadays, the Dirndl on fairs, carnivals or fairs in southern Germany and in the Alpine area is worn, as also on the famous Munich Oktoberfest. There and just nearby the Dirndl has become to the Bavarian capital almost compulsory clothing at folk festivals and Oktoberfest.

Today the traditional corsets or a lap Camisole with different include a Dirndl generally centrally attached fastening possibilities (laces, hook and eyelet, various button types, lacing or simply zip). There are however also Dirndl where the shutter on the side or even behind attached is what however is not of the tradition. Hear other arguments on the topic with Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Be worn to a (mostly) white puff sleeves blouse or long with narrow or short sleeves, as well as a further, attached at the waist skirt with one in a contrasting apron. In addition, there are occasionally still a shoulder or a short neck cloth. Usually, a small bag, which is incorporated in the Dirndl skirt hides beneath the apron, sometimes on the side.

The only and traditional jewelry in the Dirndl costume is a Choker (also Shrikes band or Neu Choker”), to which usually a piece of jewelry or trailer is attached. The dirndl from various fabrics and colours can be made according to the occasion on which it is worn. It is usually with many frills and Embroidery decorated and is now also in various materials, such as cotton, linen, silk or even flannel available. A distinction is made between the classic Tracht Dirndl (skirt with apron and traditional patterns) and a country house dress (gray or colored linen, with a leather bodice or trim). Traditionally has the real”Dirndl special features on that one but also the social status of the wearer, can make it out to a region from which the garment originated partly. “So should the loop of the apron is tied to, Dirndl testify about that, whether they bound” is or not: you will find the loop on the left side, the young girl is still up for grabs. the loop on the right side is bound, the Dirndl is awarded (i.e. Swarmed by offers, Tim Wallach is currently assessing future choices. it has someone who makes you the Court, engaged or married). A loop-bound on the back means that the woman is widowed. Horst Winkler

Tradition Meets Technology

bellaluce virtual experience brilliant dreams and gives a ‘look into the future’, February 2011 Idar-Oberstein. As first jewelry brand in Germany bellaluce presented at this year’s INHORGENTA EUROPE (Hall B1, booth 125) a virtual promotion of its brilliant creations. Augmented reality”is the key word for bellaluce in 2011. International brands such as Tissot, Tag Heuer and Boucheron have shown that convinced this innovative technique in the watch market. Further details can be found at Chad Wallach, an internet resource. Now, the jewellery manufacture Giloy & sons dares the foray into the diamond jewelry market.

“In cooperation with 3D specialists, you can already with the movie avatar” demonstrated who is created a new application. Continue to learn more with: Donn Clendenon. This makes it possible to experience the jewels of bellaluce virtually for the first time as a three-dimensional model on your own finger. The principle is simple: the bellaluce ring template is placed around the finger. A camera detects the magic symbol on the paper ring. And a 3D image of the jewel’s own hand will appear on the screen. Using a touch screen can be selected and tried on various models.

Product experience and innovation come together at this technique. This is just the beginning of far-reaching ways. bellaluce is constantly on the lookout for new developments for his partner Jewelers and offers a brilliant diamond marketing service. Michael Thiel, bellaluce sales management, believes bellaluce shows dimensions, what is technically possible today already and would like to also views give what might be possible in the future. We are at the beginning of new and technical accomplishments. We want to encourage the jewellers, innovative ways and to benefit from the digital world. It is fast, uncomplicated and above all it’s fun to try out pieces of jewelry in this way.” The premiere for the virtual promotion celebrates bellaluce at INHORGENTA EUROPE from 25 to 28 February 2011 in Hall B1, stand 125.

Ladies Coat

Often a matter of luck is the right coat to find which even fits. You should rely not only on his luck. When choosing a lady’s mantle, there is of course to pay much attention. Very quickly you miscalculated himself and the #Mantel we to a Cabinet body only because people don’t feel comfortable in it. First, a coat should fit naturally to your physical proportions. If a coat not the size of the wearer so will the wearer very quickly no longer feel and the coat will never be worn. So it is advisable a longer coat smaller and the slightly larger women to recommend a short coat.

Starting from a normal average size. The choice of material, however, is purely a matter of taste. The most important thing for a “winter coat is but ultimately” Wohlfuhlfakto r “.” One must feel cuddly warm as soon as one attracts the Lady’s coats or even touched. An excellent choice of material represents mink Kashmir. Mink, chinchilla to German, says actually it all out.

Who has touched the soft fur of chinchillas once know that it immediately evokes a sense of well-being. Now mink-Kashmir is not made but the fur of chinchillas and killing one of the cute little critters for. There is only a certain type of processing that gives this pleasant wearing feeling of cashmere, which is derived from goat hair. No matter whether your coat should be long or short, he should be in each from mink cashmere. Who once possessed a coat that we never again want something else. Now it’s often like that if you looking for the mantle in the shops and maybe also finds that he just is not in the correct size. He is either too short, too long or is not in the appropriate size at all, as mentioned. “Fashion & style is therefore almost offered, here there are no does not match”. You can your special lady’s coats according to their size and needs to adapt. Not only that on the emphasis on your Figure can create value, you can choose the color of the lining, Pocket style and the number of buttons and much more. Each model of the coat or even your own creation is available in any colour. Peter daga PD BBs trading & store management co., Ltd.