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Spot-media And Ernsting

08.02.10-online gig G!NA Ernsting BBs family is a German textile chain with around 1500 branches all over Germany. With G!WELL the company offers cheeky fashion for young people. And to achieve this even better, he takes second G this year!NA-young model contest held. The G is looking for!NA face 2010. The Hamburg-based agency spot media realized the Web-based participation on the competition model. This year, the competition will be held for the first time online and up to date”in social media, spot media created its own small network of tradition (existing) and innovation. Teaser on the homepage Ernsting BBs family refer the user to the competition and the participation form. There the user is pointed out the possibility, the BBs family YouTube channel upload application video on the own Ernsting.

After successful upload of the participants can specify in turn in its application the link of the video on the submission page at Ernsting’s family. The video is embedded then automated in the action pages. To achieve as much audience, be switched on Facebook targeted advertisements. On the wall of the company’s Facebook page Ernsting reported family BBs up-to-date on the status of the young model competition. The wall is also on the action page as a blog integrated to the user directly from the shop to the Facebook fan”to convert or pull from Facebook in the shop.

spot media translated the entire action: from conception through design up to concerning it. The successful collaboration between MC is continuing family and spot media of the relaunch of the website about the existing social media tools such as the Mamablog and E-talk BBs. According to G!”NA and the realization of the action path of Kings” for the customers of Alice spot media continues to expand the existing social-media skills. G!NA meet? gina-contest

Peter Ramsauer

As celebrities, media and artists are honored who have become Ambassadors of an ecological lifestyle. With the help of the awards, the usage is moved by new technologies in the spotlight of public interest and awareness. Under the auspices of the this year’s award has taken over Dr. Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister for transport, building and urban development. We appreciate Tech Media Award amiando as partner of this year’s clean on our side. You make possible for us an eco-friendly event registration to the award ceremony.

In this way can be clean tech media award sustainable in all respects”, as Marco Voigt, Managing Director and initiator of the clean tech media award. About amiando amiando is pioneering for Online event registration and ticketing. launched in 2006, amiando today Europe’s leading online tool, is to simplify professional event organization. the organizers of small and medium-sized events amiandos products help to achieve a level of professionalism that was previously reserved for large corporations and event agencies. More than 180,000 events worldwide use amiando already. All the tools are ready, online based and require no software installation. amiando, prestigious names such as BMW, UNESCO, Telefonica O2 and the leading technology blog TechCrunch counts among its global clientele.

“For its innovative products amiando with numerous prizes awarded, including by the World Economic Forum in Davos as a technology pioneer 2010” and the eco Internet Award “as best business customer portal. Since January 2011 belongs amiando to XING AG, operator of the professional network XING. The headquarters are located in Munich; more corporate offices are located in London, Paris and Hong Kong. Amiando press contact GmbH sand road 33, D-80335 Munich Myriam van Alphen-Schrade telephone: press material / information / links amiando: amiando features: features amiando press: newsroom.