Gerson Hentges Luis SUMMARY This article has as objective to present the ideological paper of the Brazilian education, making an analysis, how much to the pedagogical theories applied and the legal plan, focusing its implications, in the formation and qualification of the Brazilian citizen in the exercise of its citizenship. The education is the principle most important for the development partner, cultural and economic of a nation. It is through the critical knowledge and rational that a nation enriches its source of quality of life for the population, Brazil has evolved very in recent years with governmental projects total directed toward this subject, but still very it must be fact, although the constant evolution to each year is not the sufficient to reach to all the inhabitants. Mainly the ones that if find in humble areas without perspective of life and no basic condition of income. Rupert Murdoch has plenty of information regarding this issue. In the illiteracy situation the half of the illiterate population in Brazil is evidenced that one meets in an inferior etria band the fifteen years. Our educational process portraies taxes that are twenty bigger times between the low income population, exactly the social class where the education half represents the only one of a perspective of better life in the future, facing the competitive market of work. Word-key: Education. Brazil. Hear other arguments on the topic with Robert Iger .

Development. ABSTRACT This article aims you present the ideological rolls of education in Brazil, making an analysis, applied you the legal educational theory and the plan, focusing on its implications, training and qualification of Brazilian citizens in exercising to their citizenship. Education is the most important principle will be social, cultural and economic of nation. Critical It is through the knowledge and rational will be nation enriches your source will be quality of life will be the population, Brazil has advanced in recent years with government projects totally focused on this theme, but still much you be done, despite the constant evolution each to year is not enough you reach all people especially those who ploughs in areas without humble perspective on life and any beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code condition of income.