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Benjamin Oesterling West

Global financial invest AG (GFI AG): ‘Attractive reference object’ GFI AG sold high-quality condo in Limburg a. d. Lahn, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in September 2010: Central and situated in the countryside just a few minutes from city centre, motorway junction and intercity express this is by global financial invest AG (GFI AG) three bedroom condo in Limburg sold a. d. Many writers such as Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City offer more in-depth analysis. Lahn.

The high-quality reference object has been disposed for 149.000 euro. The GFI AG preferred since always layers that have a large potential for development or long-term value have proven to be for real estate investments. This attractive condo was built in 1994 and has a floor space of 100 square meters. The three-room apartment is divided into apartment, corridor, kitchen, bath, living and dining room, bedroom, nursery and storage room. In addition, a garage belongs to the apartment according to the global financial invest AG. This reference object stands as an example for the substantially high quality Real estate offer of GFI AG and is recently for 149.000 euro have been sold on the apartment itself 141,000 euros accounted for and on the garage of 8,000 euros.

This reference object of the GFI AG sold the owner achieve rental income by 600 euros a month. Infrastructure and location are also beneficial for the sold object: just a few minutes away are the historic old town of Limburg, as well as a large commercial area with various shopping facilities. In addition, that a training centre as well as several doctor’s offices are nearby. The global financial invest AG (GFI AG) sold 3-bedroom condo is also conveniently located: among others are the Federal motorway A 3, as well as the Intercity train station Limburg (a journey to the Frankfurt Airport: 19 minutes) within a very short time to achieve and ensure optimum integration especially in the Rhine-main area. In each of their high-quality real estate objects respects the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) on certain criteria, to purchase. value-enhancing optimization and sale of real estate to achieve continuous profit growth. The cheap acquisition of complete packages of real estate, which were sold by banks or local governments in the global financial invest AG, as well as the subsequent resale of individual objects to investors are in the focus of GFI AG. Similar to the reference object in Limburg prefers the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) real estate locations, which have a great potential or revealed themselves to in the past as very robust and stable value. About global financial invest AG (GFI AG), GFI invest the global financial invest AG (GFI) is active in the field of real estate focus. In cooperation with renowned partners, including international real estate funds, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) operates throughout Europe. With the product LIFEDIREKT, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) households are the chance to participate in the success of the company.

A New Highlight In The Warehouse District Now Completed

More Office – and Showroomflachen in the historical quarter of Hamburg with the arrival of the first tenant in April 2011 in the exemplarily renovated block of memory Q turns one of the most beautiful buildings of the ensemble of the Hamburg Speicherstadt from the bearing block to the new reference object for a successful, modern mix of uses with fashion, showrooms and offices. The restructuring plan was developed in close consultation with the monument and in particular of use claims of the lessee. The object is already almost completely rented out only a few areas are free. One of the most attractive blocks of memory city is ready for reference. The historic warehouse floors, serving traditional carpet trading so far, attractive showroom and high-quality office space were made with the completion of the beginning of April now. For the first time in a direct combination, allowing for the tenants also a combination of Office and showroom.

A mix of uses, which is highly in demand on the real estate market”, is Thomas Kuhlmann, head of the real estate segment of HHLA, sure. Q we have created with block another reference object and the building can develop sustainably for the unique ensemble of the memory. The block of memory is almost fully rented with completion already.” Modern offices and high-quality presentation areas with the historic Speicherstadt HHLA is responsible for real estate today not only to the largest contiguous warehouse complex in the world, but also one of the most attractive real estate of the city of Hamburg. After the fall of the Customs fence, the warehouse district has evolved a prime cut of the city of Hamburg and the natural link between the city centre and growing HafenCity. In addition to the traditional storage business, HHLA has established new uses of existing real estate and initiated as a gradual opening of the quarter. .

Off To New Shores – Let Dreams Come True

It – Turo a Finca on Mallorca expected dreams come true a new owner to allow for new horizons also in the new year remain up-to-date House raffles. Meanwhile, some good objects were drawn across Europe successfully, some are nearing their raffle. This increases the optimism of the Los buyer and the advancing after raffling. Is the dream of own real estate re-emerged but so suddenly the best course under a Southern Sun within reach. Simply get away from the everyday gray. Who has now secured a ticket or two, takes only a little bit of luck and he can be soon the proud owner of a Finca on Mallorca and not only dream.

Let us together ensure that House Raffles are fun. The anticipation of the raffle increase actually a great thing? The raffle date are looking forward to, alone or with the whole family, which memorize therefore can say lot numbers and themselves press the thumb. Finally an own Finca on Mallorca…mit sauna, pool,. Guest apartment, citrus trees, u.v.m. Not always, there are only satisfied buyers of Los.

Some were unfortunately also been disappointed as “their” raffle, for whatever reasons, was canceled. This is to avoid it! Together with you, we make it! The market requires professionalism and economies. Nothing happens without a serious management and public relations concept and tremendous will. You need a vision and know-how. Additionally the decisive initiative Los buyer and it nothing can stop the draw. You wait until shortly before closing”with their ransom. This is immensely important, because to block a draw with safety! Nobody wants that! Help with active and tell your family, your friends and acquaintances and then maybe all celebrate next Christmas together on your own farm! Be ahead of it – Turo the other a step with a lot of the raffle contact: Klaus Peter liedtke WolfMan limited 1A Pope Street London SE1 3PR, United Kingdom


The Internet platform the baudenkmal.de sets new quality standards for the online marketing of monument real estate Cologne in October 2009 the SBK Wirtschaftsberatung GmbH, headquartered in Cologne, Germany has established itself in its almost 20-year success story to the leader in the nationwide placement of listed real estate. With a newly designed home page with unique features and exclusive monument real estate on behalf alone benchmarks the company committed not only on the real estate market for monument real estate, but stands out positively from the rumblings\”of various brokers deals and consultants in this segment from. The exclusivity of the offers, the holistic consulting and mentoring by an experienced team of expertise with financial and tax experts, real estate and construction professionals, as well as the professional online marketing over the Internet have a significant role in the success of the SBK. SBK sets new standards in online marketing for quality-tested monument real estate our homepage is the baudenkmal.de in recent years been consistently developed. If you are not convinced, visit David Zaslav. Our goal was and is to give interested parties a maximum of information on each site, the facilities and the respective object\”Joachim Bongard, says who is responsible for sales and marketing at the company.

Through the continuous development of the website using latest Web and presentation technologies, the customer receives detailed information and can be so already before the visit to object a detailed picture of the offer. The tax calculator that was developed in-house for online visitors is unique in the virtual real estate market. So every interested party can already won an overview of the tax benefits in advance of a purchase decision, waiting for him when purchasing a monument real estate. The user-friendliness of the Internet platform is complemented by a virtual Notepad. Here, the customer to him can save interesting monument real estate and recalled at any time.

German Federal States

This places the capital ahead of cities such as Paris and London. Over time, the acquisition of real estate property in Berlin will also but more costly are: to pay the double budget 2014/2015 Berlin’s Senate has now decided to raise the tax to six per cent. Berlin moves as a result at the top of the German Federal States. Only Schleswig-Holstein demands an even higher tax at 6.5 percent. Investors can offset the additional costs on rents. Thus, especially private buyer of an apartment in the capital would remain affected by the price increase.

The tax once levied on the acquisition of a plot of land, will act vigorously to the 1.1 2014. Currently lucrative conditions for the dream house does not allow to do so comes the interest values for loans in the real estate sector, which long had been at historic lows, slowly tighten. Thus, in the future also loans for the construction of houses and real estate in Berlin would be more expensive. Who thinks now of real estate property in the metropolis, let his big dream for this reason don’t wait. One Exclusively offers inspiring insight and much worth knowing about ambitious real estate projects in the capital city of the July issue of the magazine? Real estate in Berlin from the House of the regional real estate Verlagsgesellschaft mbH. In addition to the latest highlights of living in the capital the editorial presented also as upscale projects, Prime locations and also ideas for an individual and stylish interior.

Special construction projects in the capital are comprehensively presented and illustrated by photo spreads. A real estate of the month is from the large amount of demanding Berlin residential real estate to each issue of the magazine”selected. But not only current properties in the metropolis, but also many accompanying issues surrounding upscale residential property in the metropolis will be presented to an exclusive circle of readers.

United Arab Emirates

The Lakeside location and the Avus in four minutes or the s-Bahnhof Wannsee from the climb from 30 minutes to the central station or the Friedrichstrasse, are just clear locational advantages. Also towards Potsdam, which has the Berlin company, by the Publisher up to media prominence, are also in focus. In deciding for the buyer, we will meet in the spring, we are obliged to ensure a balanced mix of owner by the owner. Internationality, architecture and style consciousness decide also, as the final bid and the creditworthiness of the purchaser”, so Christian Gerome, who manages the object personally. “It closes the list end April 2012 it is quite amazing how much general interest in real estate Berlin demand after the Sweden Pavilion explode and that no expensive brochures or movies”, as Gerome, which never register a such run on a Berlin real estate according to own statements in its 20-year history could. It is also a unique phenomenon that a high number of potential high net-worth clients spontaneously fly in from London, Madrid or Moscow with their private jets, to visit the Wannsee Castle. A member of a ruling family in the United Arab Emirates wanted to buy just complete it for branchy family. However he wanted to make a high-security wing with a high wall and militarized security technology. Because we cancelled it, because not only that because of the Zehlendorf-Steglitz district would not make with, also the seller does not wish such use.” Who gets the nod for this dream real estate and soon more than a suitcase in the dynamic German capital, remains so exciting. Further informations under Jaroslaw Plewinski consultant _ T + 49 (0) 30-814 64 60-28 T + 49 (0) 30-814 64 60-44 business network marketing – und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Fasanenstrasse 47, 10719 Berlin, Germany