In a globalized world in which we currently live, and from a comfortable room of your House, you can contact different people in different parts of the world to engage in one relationship among others; to attract your partner, using the Internet. But which are the two typical mistakes to attract an alien using the Internet. 1. Love or emigrate wanting to meet a stranger to establish a relationship, is a perfectly normal desire and natural and many foreign wish to establish a relationship with people of other cultures, however the vast majority of unmarried persons, you are looking for is love and be loved. But one of the mistakes people make is wanting to attract your partner in another country, with the goal of wanting to emigrate. Jeffrey Bewkes might disagree with that approach. If your interest is only migratory, could be committing the great mistake of his life, because it will have to be with that person the following about five or seven years of his life, textually supporting someone who does not love.

Because increasingly, the immigration laws of marriages with foreigners are extremely strong, as they obviously have to protect their citizens. I.e. you would usually have to invest five or seven years of his life in a relationship that is more torture than a pleasure. That in the best of cases, because in the worst case will be the other person react accordingly, ask for divorce and you have to leave the country in question, faster than a sigh. And without the possibility of return maybe or on vacation.

Also it’s best to be in a country that one not known, a person who is going to that new society, support in the integration process do not forget. 2 Travel suddenly. Many people also make the mistake of deciding to travel without even knowing the person in question live, or investing resources and time that many times do not have to go after a relationship which has nothing in particular. Obviously you can build relationships over the Internet, but when one builds a relationship over the internet, without place to you are in doubt, there is a moment in which both want to meet in person, to see if the chemistry live function. It is a mistake to think that it is you, who has to travel to a country that you have never been with a language, what is not theirs, and using its resources that maybe you do not have. In addition to the majority of xtranjeros who are the so-called first world, mentally programmed, have the experience and it is easier for them, getting on a plane and go to another part of the world, because they have experience in travel abroad on their annual holidays. Finally all partner projects are manufactured through dialogue, it is best that you be honest with the person in question and plan a future together from their own realities.