About two years ago we met with Andrew. The same fine evening he walked me home. The next day we went to the cinema every other day – in the theater, and a couple of months decided that we would live together. Prior to that, always slept with me. For even more opinions, read materials from Robert A. Iger . So I crossed the threshold of their new home! What impressed me most bathroom – a small pool with lots of cabinets and bookshelves! Body and soul are my happy at the sight of this little paradise on earth. But it turned out, I soon happy.

It turned out to Andrew, water treatments are a water ritual. I managed to miss on him, get angry and go to sleep until my dear, take baths with oils and salts. At first I thought: you have to get used to. All – nevertheless well-groomed man can not not like it. But when another four months later he came out of the bath with steamed mask on his face, my patience came to an end. The same day I went back to her home to his lovely apartment with a small bath. And Andrew now regularly calls in to visit me. That there are such stories!