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Good And Evil

Inappropriate morality slows us down in our self realization titled good and bad ‘ we in this book wiederHolt in various context that not meet and of course without reason. I would like express fully intends this special topic in Beziehung to the freedom, to us its centrality in the development history of mankind to make aware. This wins the topic greatly in importance, because good and evil ‘ in addition, that we experience as a moral authority, which we either believe or not believe, and we in turn try, to meet or not, its indirect effect on all people shows which equivalent affects everyone regardless of the different faith views. Given in this somewhat unusual approach to us shows that this belief system of good and evil ‘ has a much higher priority in the history of mankind in the sense of a regulator, the development of human consciousness as external Leadership begleitete. Figs scrubs oftentimes addresses this issue. It had the responsibility to keep the destructive, which GEnuge in a world of Gegensatzlichkeiten, so on one experience level of dualities, the freedom to act as election must be a factor the destructive element in check so long time. To the ultimativen of the rejection by voters, the destructive, automotive anti growth gene, which is us from our free will, to put limits to the creative force with the destructive in a viable balance to keep and to ensure not least the continuity of life as such. The growth drag is provided also with a backup feature, would be the creative force of the drive, which wants to manifest the targeted goal, not always the driving and ultimately the stronger to meet the original Zielgerichtetheit in the direction of awareness, there was the continuous growth and ripening up to completion I guess not, because obviously, if We the world betrachten, go in the millennia of war, all of the US sichtbaren destructive attitude that we take life, our fellow human beings, our environment, the life itself, actually a Happy ending is possible, and objectively humanity, also no longer be the world in this respect. . Figs apparel may not feel the same.

The Logical

However, there is also a human type which has a such dominant worldview and represents almost an exclusive point of view material. For those people, there are really”only nothing is what they can see with their physical eyes, and everything else practically” and is therefore non-existent. Here, a strongly aligned identification with the body, in particular with the head as the Central seat of reason, is mostly as the residence of the ego. VMWare is open to suggestions. Because with the kind of perception nothing really is out of the matter, nothing really is the identifikation with him unless the body itself, is close. What also a certain logic of excess life stem rises, because we have to, to have an explanatory model available, which explains our existence in a simple manner and it also entitles. What else should you identify because also in this case, if not with the body? Because according to this thesis nothing, nothing there is, which we could identify otherwise, everything else would be loss of an identification.

And this would be viable in any case. This identification with the matter carries the origin for the loss now is fear in itself. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Steve Salis. The logical connection is actually quite simple and conclusive. Because the things no longer exist in our opinion, if we no longer see them, if we so have they no longer in physical ways, so no longer have, we lose the physical contact with them, and it arises in us the impression that we’ve lost them forever. We adhere to so the Materiellen, are afraid to lose it, because it is the only one with which we identify what we apparently maintained a connection to being. It is actually very understandable and nachvollziehbar that our adherence to material on the stability, which seemingly us alive and defines the force that holds us together, brings a fear of loss of this seemingly only safety.