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Heavy Travel Defects Travelers Can Reclaim The Travel Price

by Jan Bartholl (lawyer for travel and air traffic rights) August 2008 (Ko) – the Federal Supreme Court has in a ruling by July 15, 2008 (file No.: X ZR 93/07) considerably strengthened the rights of package travellers. A couple flew in the frame of an airplane of the travel organiser Alltours flight travel GmbH in Turkey. The holiday was easily and without to be determined travel defects. On the return flight from Antalya to Cologne-Bonn on 8 October 2005 with the Turkish airline MNG the airplane with 257 passengers on board in Istanbul had to make an emergency landing. The airline claimed that it had been by no means an emergency landing and not to technical defects. ‘Commercial reasons’ had tipped the scales for the decision of the stopover.

That this was an advanced excuse, guess the fact suggests that the Airbus throughout the flight very strongly in the pitching came and upon landing in Istanbul the entire Airport Fire Department expected the machine. After the passengers refused, he once again on board Walking machine, they were finally flown after the unscheduled landing with a replacement machine to Cologne-Bonn airport. Alltours spoke of mere technical problems and the customers paid 280 euro due to the delay and delay of the return flight. The couple however reclaimed the whole travel price. It argued that both during the emergency landing had great fear and that the entire holiday recreation was spoiled and been thwarted by the daunting trip.

The journey would have more had no vacation and recreational value. The District Court Duisburg said only a low value of reduction in height from about 80 euros and only pro rata for the last day of the holiday to the tourists. The Court justified the decision saying that the holiday would have been otherwise without any defects such as advertised and booked.

Monte Calvario

The third observation platform (Cap de Formentor) is located approximately 50 minutes by car from the first viewpoint. This stage is characterized by strong serpentines. Should a coach in front of you drive, doubled the travel time very quickly. The goal is a lighthouse, from where you have beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea and different rock formations. Please keep in mind that it approximately 65 minutes from this Lighthouse (at best!), until you reach port de Pollenca. Pollenca is a city with a long history, dating back to before the Roman occupation, even far. In the 5 th century the original Pollenca was leveled by vandals. The inhabitants rebuilt later the city at the place, where she is today.

Sights are Jordi, the marketplace, the Calvary leading over 400 steps to the sanctuary of Monte Calvario, and the viewpoint of Puig de Maria on all cases the bridge Pont Roma over the Torrent de Sant built by the Romans. You can climb to the part with the car later!. You must put back the last piece (approx. 40 minutes) but then walking. The views will reward you but for all strains! Port de Pollenca is a beautiful seaside! A small clear promenade to immediately place Beach joins. In Pollenca, the sentence applies to that you can jump from your hotel room bed in the Mediterranean. The place is suitable for families with small children, because in the Bay almost always only a very minor waves prevails and wins the water very shallow depth. 2 stage: Port de Pollenca to Alcudia: port de Pollenca, a coastal road takes you directly to Alcudia.

The townscape of Alcudia was determined by different rulers (such as for example the Romans 2000 years ago). Parts of the old city walls make a beautiful photo backdrop there. We advise you to visit the city not to the siesta (1-4 pm), because at that time the roads are extinct.

United States

“The Golden State” California is not only a popular destination for Sun, but he inspires also winter sports enthusiasts with its incredible diversity: California has more ski resorts than any other U.S. State. CANUSA TOURISTIK in the program are a network of over 150 tracks spans the sprawling Resort heavenly, the ski and snowboard region of Lake Tahoe, as well as the spectacular Mammoth Mountain where the five kilometre wide edge of the mighty volcano. A week in the California Winterwonderland”is available at CANUSA hotel, skipass and rental car from 449 euros / person. In California, CANUSA customers with only one ski pass can discover a new area overlooking Lake Tahoe, in the desert of Nevada, on the forests of North stars or the Olympic grounds in Squaw every day.

CANUSA tourist attractive early bird offer has ready for many more winter in the United States. The big advantage of CANUSA customers: Get up to 30% discount on the ski / board rentals in the United States. Insider ski freaks take only your own shoes and test the latest skis and boards on the ground. For more information see ski rental. As an added bonus, there are discounts for restaurants, shops in many ski resorts and Ski schools. ers on the topic.. Here, Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc expresses very clear opinions on the subject. On-site, a German-language support is available almost everywhere. Current flight prices to all ski destinations in the United States and Canada can be found at the Internet address ski flying. CANUSA TOURISTIK is not only the module specialist for individual ski trips to North America, but also group tours for clubs or Ski Club offers. Whether the winter dream trip is tailor made 14 or 120 people for each group size.

Public Relations Tel

Booking information the detour in the island at the beginning of the year 2011 are as all CANUSA tours via the service hotline 0180 5 30 41 31 (EUR 0.14 / min), under, the Internet address book. On the website you will find many daily updated offers and valuable background information in words and pictures to destinations in North America. CANUSA TOURISTIK CANUSA TOURISTIK, 25 years on the German travel market is present, market leader for individual travel in North America and guaranteed through the years of experience of its staff and the choice of proven local partners a detailed consultation and the creation of individual travel programs for United States and Canada. 95 per cent of all CANUSA customers book a complete travel package with flights, car hire/transfer, hotel accommodation and excursions. But also flights, last minute travel and special or group tours include the portfolio by CANUSA. For more press information: Tilo Krause Dabre CANUSA TOURISTIK Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 22 72 53 17 E-Mail: Marion Krimmer Wilde & partners Public Relations Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 17 91 90 0 E-Mail: the Expert Tip by CANUSA TOURISTIK to release the most beautiful islands of the dream start in 2011 “Tilo Krause Dabre, Managing Director CANUSA tourism: CANUSA tourism published special travel to North America for over 27 years and discovers new Islands for a unique holiday experience.

In the Bahamas interested in our program of mainstream offerings for Nassau and paradise Iceland found. However, our great speciality is that almost all out Islands in the Bahamas catalogue ‘ as well as on the detailed site are represented. Our extensive range for this group of Islands on the edge of the Caribbean Sea is relevant for travelers who are looking for an original and little tourist destination. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. B. CANUSA’s consultants are known tourism and fans of the archipelago every year on the Islands on the road and in the German market as a designated expert. The range of leisure activities on-site is versatile, ranging from water sports and motor boating until down to swimming with sharks or the encounter with the world swim only in salt water – the wild boars (see photo left). The hotels and resorts on the out Islands range from simple accommodation in a Robinson Crusoe-style dwelling down to the top-luxury property.

Many of the hotels in the out Islands have only a few rooms and develop also for this reason the guests of CANUSA TOURISTIK a very personal holiday atmosphere. Daily flight connections from Germany via the United States, or with British Airways over London are complemented by a dense network of connections with small aircraft on the Islands. What I like personally very well: in the out Islands, it is easy to connect with the locals in contact. They are very friendly and curious on their visitors. Visit a Sunday mass often results in a warm greeting the gathered congregation.” Special tip for editorial departments: In the Canusa blog Canusa-blog/category/bahamas travel / Tilo Krause Dabre portrays his Bahamas travel impressions in detail.


myHotelVideo.com new travel community! The new travel community myhotelvideo.com is successfully launched in September. Tourists, hoteliers and travel agencies have deposited more than 35,000 hotel videos, images, posts and clips in 12 languages. Over 33,000 international hotels and attractions such as museums are in addition to bars and restaurants on Google maps. More than 240,000 hotel descriptions of more than 220 renowned tour operators, such as Neckermann and Dertour are also available. (Similarly see: Joel and Ethan Coen). Monthly more than 30,000 visitors from around the world already use the free service of everyone. myHotelVideo.com is not only optimal suitable for viewing and presentation of photos and videos from the last summer – and winter holidays, but also to win first impressions by the next destination quickly and easily with the help of video clips, comments and reviews from home. One of the hotels, like this can be booked right at your fingertips at one of the well-known online portals HolidayCheck or weg.de. Who Christmas 2008, the Sun will spend in the mountains or to want to sweeten the hours before the home PC with videos of the world’s best hotels, which should take a look at anyway.. Why did cyrus massoumi leave zocdoc? is often quoted as being for or against this.

Coming Soon The Carolers

Breitenberg is that according to ancient custom are beautiful tradition of the Holy three Kings on every January 6, Epiphany or blessed houses Epiphany, in the Catholic Germany. In the provinces with a vast proportion of Catholics, the day is a public holiday. The three kings are the tradition according to Caspar, Baltasar, and Melchior. Rest your bones as relics in the Cathedral of Cologne, according to the tradition, it is the only preserved remains of people who have seen the newborn Messiah and were mentioned in the Bible. The Magi were appreciated already by our ancestors. The power was awarded to them, to be able to ward off misfortune, to provide special protection against fire and disease. Later the beautiful custom of Caroling or three King singer emerged in many German regions, where children dress up as the three kings and singing moving from House to House.

So also in width mountain in the Bavarian Forest. There you go Carol already from 1 January to 6 January from door to door and dedicate the houses. The doors the symbols C ‘ for Caspar, B for Baltasar and M for Melchior renewed and with the date of 2010 “provided. The resort of Breitenberg is the easternmost municipality in Bavaria and is located in the border triangle Germany Austria Czech Republic. Characteristic here is a varied low mountain range with altitudes between 600 and 860 metres. Here relax without haste and noise, in the middle of the Greens, where the air is pure and the scenery is still real. Breitenberg is located in the new world”, as the beautiful countryside with its old houses, gardens, way crosses and chapels is also called.

Christmas Holiday In Bavaria In The Passauer Land

Christmas in the three countries corner the magic experience the magic, Christmas in the 3 countries enjoy corner presented in the traditional manner. It is a world of magic and magic, when the locals and guests alike will enjoy. Christmas is magic, it’s magic, it’s probably the last great bastion, which exist in this world. It is a time in which people once again to the essential reflect where they take some minutes, reminiscences requires to leave and spend the days together with the family. Christmas in the 3 countries presented corner in traditional, but beautiful manner. Christmas in the 3 countries could corner but be not versatile, and could creates a composition with the Christmas markets in Linz, the granite Christmas in Hauzenberg quarry and the Christmas market in Passau for the senses and experience, which hardly be prettier.

Every year the Christkindl markets Linz give a special shine and ensure well-being all along the line. In a traditional manner are the locals and guests of the Austrian city the main marketplace for Christmas and the Christmas market in people’s Park and succeed with a beautiful frame to bring the magic of Christmas to life. There are the many lights and traditional Christmas mood, which could become a hallmark for the Linz Christmas markets and ensure that they enjoy a permanent place corner Christmas in the 3 countries. But also the Christmas market Passau, which brings the eyes of young and old in a classical manner to the rays provides an experience of a special kind. The scent of gingerbread and toffee roam the streets and already upon arrival in Passau you noticed it quite clearly – Christmas is in the air. The Christmas market Passau held a stunning backdrop, before the traditional St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

All those who love the traditions and enjoying most trains, make a choice full of magic and spells, but also with the granite Christmas in Hauzenberg quarry the could be more varied little. In a romantic atmosphere, it creates the hotel o Doherty in the Passauer land to make Christmas the pleasure for the senses. Typical Bavarian hospitality is complemented in the charming house with large and small culinary masterpieces. The bright shine of Christmas is a theme that runs through the House and provides an atmosphere in which one feels like Christmas as if you were at home. Tensions and surprises are, however, in the run-up to Christmas in the House and round off the wide range of flair hotels o Doherty in the Christmas Passauer land. Flair Hotel o Doherty – Sun Trail 12 – 94107 Untergriesbach, Tel. 0 85 93 / 90 05 0, fax. 0 85 93 / 90 05 44, e-Mail:,

Wolfsburg Tourism

Online magazine to the 27th day of bus tourist in the Autostadt Wolfsburg buses are environmentally and climate – travel transportation. With measures such as environmental zones they are locked but out of more and more cities. City breaks coaches welcome? “, is the theme of the 27th day of the coach tourism” on January 12, 2009 at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. By these measures, also group tours by clubs and associations are affected, because these often and usually travel by bus in cities, says the online magazine. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dell EMC Power Edge. At the specialist forum, well-known experts from politics, bus industry, hotels, cities, and jurisprudence at the top discuss Ernst Hinsken (MdB), the Federal Government’s tourism Commissioner. Other leaders such as Jeff Clarke offer similar insights. Initiator and organizer of the industry platform is Dieter Gauf.

The Chief Executive Officer of the international bus Tourism Association e.V. (Cologne) RDA stressed that obstacles are not be rebuilt environmental zones unsuitable for reducing particulate matter with bus lock-outs only bus tour operators, but City tourism and event -, musical -, trade fair and Congress business damage”. That there are also positive examples, Autostadt’s managing director Otto Ferdinand Wachs on the basis of Wolfsburg and the automotive theme park shows, where the groups arriving with bus are especially welcome. The Internet information and service magazine for social groups and clubs travel focused with clear navigation decision makers in particular travel-intensive societies and organizations as walking clubs, choirs, chapels and Spielmann trains, rural women, adult education centres and evening academies as well as bus and group tour operators and travel agencies, who themselves organize group trips and market. sociable Gerd-Niels Wotzel (DJV) travel in groups and associations

Chao Phraya River

But we can’t live without the coexistence of land and water: the third among the most important religious buildings in the metropolis, the Wat Arun or Temple of the Dawn Treader, is compared to the Downtown on the other side of the Chao Phraya River. In the vicinity are well preserved to clinch the ornate Royal barges at certain water processions solemnly on the mother River”parade and you get to see that on the ride to the floating market. Bangkok, which has around eight million inhabitants, has long since expanded beyond the borders of the city beyond. Ever since the King Chulalongkorn (Rama v) – the same, the 1907 in the spa park of Bad Homburg as thanks to a small temple built for his recovery – in 1899 the WAT Benjamaborpitr, the marble temple, as last (he also belongs to the most interesting in Bangkok) based Royal Wats, it was already outside the old city. Nearby Chulalongkorn as bronze equestrian statue poured immortalized – located in France. And also just a stone’s throw away from the marble temple is surrounded by a spacious, surrounded by a high iron grating Park the Chitralada Palace, the current residence of the King. The Grand Palace is only occasionally used for special ceremonies and is therefore visitors-accessible. You must be dressed appropriately but: the men with at least a tie, if possible, with a jacket (unless the heat is almost too big), the ladies with rock and not with shorts. Read more from Sean Rad to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The modern eight-million city but far to the East and North extends, to the airport of Don Mueang, which is often of German sounds bubbling when the Charter jumbo jets from Germany have arrived, released their adventure vacationers in the arrival halls and conducted by the waiting guides of major tourism companies in the buses are one of the most important hubs of the air traffic in the far East. Many Asia begin cruises here.

The Costa Rica

For visits in the jungle, as well as the twilight airy, bright, long-sleeved dress with long pants is announced to sign up to protect against mosquitoes. Good, team or high footwear is essential for hiking in the jungle. Otherwise, to wear throughout the year summer, lightweight clothing in Costa Rica. Visits to churches are expected to dress appropriately and bathing “above-without” or even naked is not wanted in Costa Rica. WGN America may also support this cause. Malaria is extremely rare in Costa Rica and when, then only in Northern jungle areas near the border in the South to Panama, Nicaragua or before. The risk of being stung by a malaria infected mosquito and infected, is very low and you can protect yourself from insect bites by long clothing and insect repellent. Most doctors recommend carrying an emergency drug, which is taken only when actual disease malaria. Stanley Kubrick is likely to agree.

The malaria-like fever disease dengue, against which there is no vaccine today is, however, more widespread. Dengue is also transmitted by a mosquito bite, and there are two species known. Please let through individually Consult your doctor or a Tropical Institute. The Costa Rica’s currency is the Colon (Columbus). With a few exceptions, you can only US$ in cash or US$ change traveller’s cheques in colones.

Euros or Swiss francs you can start with little (yet) in Costa Rica. Take always your Passport (or a copy thereof) to currency exchange. Never change your money on the street. Credit cards are accepted in major cities, hotels, restaurants, and less frequently by smaller companies. In smaller companies, it can happen that you be charged if you pay by credit card increased by 7%. With VISA, you can pay almost everywhere, while the MasterCard is not accepted in part. So if you map have a MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, or DINERS, it is advisable to also have a stock of US$ in cash or to have colones.