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The Effects

In the literature there are sporadic reports on the impact of sGAG on repair of bone tissue 15 however, their role in her recovery so far been studied extremely inadequately. It is also known that bone strength due to the presence in it of hydroxyapatite (HA). However, in the manufacture of many plastic materials HA bone is usually removed. This is to ensure that, after implantation of the organic matrix of bone was the most accessible to the processes of remodeling and bone formation of the recipient. On the other hand, if prepare materials of natural HA, they are usually quite brittle and their strength properties significantly lower than the native bone. Consequently, the strength of bone depends primarily on the structural interaction between collagen and HA 16. The article 'Osteomatriks' almost completely preserved collagen and hydroxyapatite structure of the native bone, but the materials are completely devoid of antigenicity. Read additional details here: Rupert Murdoch. Great advantage of the materials 'Allomatriks-implant' and 'Osteomatriks' is the fact that they contain bone sGAG, affine-connected and with collagen and HA, which distinguishes them from those in the world of unique and greatly enhances their osteogenic potential.

It is these properties of these materials can effectively use them in cases of osteogenesis imperfecta (false joints of different etiologies, congenital bone, etc.) and other bone pathologies (dental, hand surgery, etc.) 17-20. Thus, summing up the above, we can say with confidence that the tissue bank issued CITO bioplastic materials second and third technological level, have a marked effect on the regeneration of bone tissue, have no side effects and have osteoconductive and osteoinductive properties. That is why when their clinical application received more than 93% of the positive results of treatment in patients with various pathologies of the locomotor apparatus. References: 1. Salai M., Brosh T., Keller N. et al. The effects of prolonged cryopreservation on the biomechanical properties of bone allografts: A microbiological, histological and mechanical study.

The Skin

What is the mechanism of action of Botox? Fine-needle injection Botox is injected under the skin, into muscle fibers. The nerve endings are blocked, the brain impulses do not reach the muscles, which are no longer reduced. Not the muscles – is not going to fold in the skin. More information is housed here: Robert Thomson. Therefore, the old shallow and deep wrinkles, the skin becomes smooth and the new ones – do not occur. In this mimicry is entirely natural, a muscle atrophy does not occur, because their blood supply is preserved and gradually innervation is restored. Is it dangerous? Doses of Botox, used in medicine, several thousand times smaller than the first toxic dose (the amount of toxin at which the first signs of poisoning). Does it hurt? Needles for This procedure is slightly thicker and of a human hair "stings" do not hurt a mosquito.

As acknowledged by patients, it is a relatively small sacrifice in the name of beauty. Where can I inject botulinum toxin? Currently, there are Several schemes of administration for the correction to the classical areas of Botox – glabella, horizontal forehead wrinkles and lateral corners of the eye sockets. In addition to these areas, Botox can be effective for the correction of wrinkles neck. A separate group of patients favorably related to Botox, that patients with hyperhidrosis. Application of 100 IU of Botox can stop sweating in the underarm areas for up to 6 months.

The literature also describes the use of Botox for excessive sweating of palms, although in these cases, the mechanism of drug action are not fully understood. When you can not inject Botox? In myasthenia gravis, With heightened sensitivity to the components preparation, During reception of the aminoglycoside antibiotics, tetracycline, In haemophilia, If pregnant, nursing. Are there age restrictions? Injections of Botox can be used as early as 25 years, so it is with this age begins the process of biological aging.


One can cite a striking example: the peak therapeutic concentration for paracetamol on an empty stomach is reached after 40 minutes, and after the meal – after 2.5 hours. Some drugs can break down into its constituent parts: for example, acetylsalicylic acid – salicylic and on acetic acid. The acidic environment of the stomach can neutralize antibiotics such as erythromycin and ampicillin, cardiac glycosides. A number of medicines react with food components and soluble non-absorbable complexes. From this perspective, it makes no sense to take immediately after eating dairy tetracycline.

Calcium, which is assigned to many, including pregnant women, it is best to take before meals. Adopted after a meal, it can almost completely be associated acid plant foods or fatty foods. Remember, not only of the hours of medication, but also on their compatibility. It is estimated, for example, that the admission of three drugs threatens the development of adverse reactions in 15-25% of cases. If you take 5 – 6 drugs at once, without having consulted about the possibility of their combination, side effects may occur in approximately 80% of cases. – The content of some liners is difficult to understand, too difficult, they are composed. – Yes, from this, too, an error occurs, up to severe cases.

In addition, the doctor writes a few recommendations for action, and to do it necessarily. True, the specialist from whom you have visited, time of drug administration points in the recipe, but not as detailed as "15 minutes before a meal." Moreover, after buying drugs, you can stay without a prescription, a pharmacist is not up to consultation. So, gathering, and the clinic and the pharmacy, take a pen and notebook. – Are there any situations when you have to significantly deviate from the accepted standards of treatment? – Yes, often. One example – the disease of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, gall bladder and liver. In such cases, doctor prescribes a benign form of medication, such as after a meal. But most drugs administered intramuscularly or intravenously, are used in candles, under the tongue.


Many of us have encountered people who have sweaty hands, or regardless of the weather severe sweating armpits, or strong 'stinky' smell of feet. All this reflects on the man with the phenomena of a certain mark. Can to say that this person feels very uncomfortable when he was unexpectedly invited to visit, but he has a strong foot odor, or smell of sweat. And what a view you will be companion, when you give him a wet hand when meeting or goodbye? Sweating gradually transforms life into hell, and destroying the career aspirations and personal life. Follow others, such as castle harlan, and add to your knowledge base. And it may even develop an inferiority syndrome …. This 'phenomenon', or we can even say 'disease' in medicine is the term hyperhidrosis. The disease in addition to the discomfort of the inner man still serve as an excellent soil mozhit for a number of other more serious illnesses – colds and various empyesis (Sweating, and proskvozilo), and wet feet, wet hands – excellent 'ground' for fungal infection. Standard methods of treatment of hyperhidrosis – through the introduction of Botox or Dysport.

The procedure takes a little time. The effect is gradually on the procedure, a couple of days. Duration of the effect of the procedure is in some people, an average of 5-8 months, and some have lasted a half to two and a half years. Then the procedure if they wish repeat. From a medical point of view Boteks or Dysport – Botulinum toxin – a protein that has the ability to bind to presynaptic receptors at cholinergic nerve endings and irreversibly block the secretion of acetylcholine in them, providing a selective chemical denervation of sweat glands in this area and producing a local anhidrosis. Neuromuscular blockade is restored by axonal and sprutinga formation of new acetylcholine receptors.

The regeneration of nerve cells in the sweat gland is about 6-9 months depending on the dose of botulinum toxin. Procedure for introducing Boteksa or Dysport on an outpatient basis without general anesthesia, the risk of postoperative complications, scarring and long recovery period. Areas of excessive sweating are prepared – are processed 0.5% alcohol solution chlorhexidine, shall be marked points of administration. The whole procedure of treating sweating of feet, palms and underarms is painless. Modern anesthetic creams are doing Botox treatment of hyperhidrosis is absolutely comfortable. In the planned point in the area of sweat glands, the finest needles injected drug Boteksa or Dysport. Doses of medication to treat excessive sweating armpits, hands or eliminate sweating hyperhidrosis stop treatment always individual, determined by a physician – cosmetologist. COSMETT – Cosmetic services, implementation of professional cosmetics