A miracle happened! The family of a loved one has appeared offspring. You were glad for the newborn and his parents, congratulated them on the phone, and then a lull. No call, no invitation to visit. Simply, the unwritten folk tradition, the first month of the little man trying not to show anyone. Afraid of the evil eye, microbes, viruses, and even the whole heap. Of course, parents can understand, but now is not about that.

So, over the past month baby stronger. Ceased to resemble a small on its handle folds emerged funny, the look has become more meaningful. And if the baby is very mobile, he even tries to keep his head. In a word, my son has become a "Little man" and it is time to show it in the light, "present" to friends and relatives. This is where it gets tot and numerous hats and costumes, which, if it will be useful, then certainly not in the next six months. Learn more about this with Paper Excellence. A toys on wheels, a button, publishing unintelligible sounds – they are at least scare the kid.

No, no, it's all presented with sincerity and with love, just it is not always appropriate. Dear Grandma and Grandpa, aunts and uncles, friends, writing to you as a young mother and how lucky winner's wardrobe year-old child (though my baby 6 months). Before you give your child his first gift, think, and if he needed it. After all, gifts from the discharge "on memory "baby does not appreciate, and things may come to him just right, when it's not their season.