Each ball is a donation that comes in and helps. The German life bridge switches a virtual Christmas tree from 28 November 2008 on lebensbruecke.de. First, he is green and almost bald. But he can be decorated with festive: with donations. The proceeds will exclusively the project KidAiD against child poverty in Germany”to good. There are various Christmas decorations to choose from, depending on the donations: for example a red ball for five euros, a candle for 50 euro or also a glitter star for 500 euro. Clicking on the red ball, then the online donation of five euros to the German life bridge goes automatically, at the same time to hang the ball around the tree. The donor can then choose whether or not his name on the ball appears.

The virtual Christmas ornaments is also a beautiful gift, then the name of the recipient on balls, stars, or candles. With the project “KidAiD – against child poverty in Germany”, the non-profit organisation wants German life bridge the living conditions of children from social improve disadvantaged families. It is financed with the help of donations from lunch and homework supervision in social institutions. The children help Cook as well as for rinsing and sitting at dinner together at the table. Unfortunately, this is anything but of course for many children. Some see a carrot here for the first time. Through this lunch offer financed by donations, the kids are not only tired, but they experience respect, care and important social manners. Currently, the German life bridge supports youth centres in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. Projects in Leipzig, Essen and Stuttgart are also planned. Please report this action or link to the image on.