For the long-awaited spring. Things got to wake up, leaving behind the cold and snow. Nature comes alive with spirits, thawing from the cold. Becomes warmer in the street and in the soul. Along with spring comes to us most wonderful, feminine celebration – March 8, which for so long waiting for many of us. At CBS you will find additional information. March 8 – the first and one of the most important holiday of spring. For many men this is the culminating day of the year.

If the rest of holidays, they are prepared in advance, how to congratulate their favorite half of March 8, beginning to think not long before the holiday, not imagining that give her or what her surprise, being in complete disarray. On this day, special attention is paid girls and women. Men are willing to do all the housework: and make breakfast and go to the grocery store, and his beloved wife's mother congratulations! Of course, do not forget about his mom. Only question is why so only comes once a year? The next day they seemed to have changed. Add to your understanding with Eva Andersson-Dubin. There is a feeling that they fulfilled their mission for this year and now we can gain strength for next year.

But women need attention constantly, and not a couple once a year during the holidays. Simple courtesies such as a bouquet of her favorite flowers, kind words, sharing leisure activities, support in difficult times, very necessary for every woman, because she does not seem strong delivers great pleasure. Every woman in the first place, wants to feel the support, care and love for his beloved and feel for him, like a stone wall. Men who cherish and appreciate women, forgive them their weakness. For every woman beautiful greeting cards from March 8, a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates would be a great favorite way to express attention, his warmth and caring. Indeed, for a woman who loves you, do not need diamonds and fabulous riches! She needs a loving and caring for her beloved man. On March 8th you, dear women!