The festival, 600 years old, is held each October in the city of Qianxi. Local legend held a slaughter of dogs by the troops of Zhu Yuanzhang, founder of the Ming (1368-1644) in the capture of the city. Due to numerous poisonings, sellers began to sacrifice dogs in public to prove that their meat was fresh. China decided to ban a 600 year-old festival in which ingested meat dog due to protests from Internet users, reported this week the authorities in the Eastern Province of Zhejiang. The festival, which is held every October in the city of Qianxi, sparked resentment of Internet users, since dogs are slaughtered and skinned in the streets to celebrate, so the Government has had to cancel it, said the official Zhang Jianhong to the Xinhua News Agency. The discontent of the Internet users moved to the residents of the city registered in the jurisdiction of Jinhua, after the cruelty of the killings of dogs was made public on the Internet. According to a local legend, Qianxi dogs were slaughtered by troops of Zhu Yuanzhang, founder of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) until they take the city to prevent their bark to keep their assault plans. After the conquest, the winners held a banquet which was served dog meat, so the neighbors began to adopt this custom to celebrate a festivity in honor to the Emperor and his wife.

This festival, which consisted of a fair installed in temples, was replaced in the 1980s by a modern display of goods that kept the tradition of serving dog meat. Over time and due to numerous food poisoning suffered by China, sellers decided to sacrifice dogs in public to alleviate the fears of the buyers that the meat wasn’t fresh or is contaminated. This initiative provoked criticism from thousands of Internet users, to the extent that, called Weibo, microblog service carried out a vote in which 91% of the 12,000 users who took part opposed the celebration of the feast. Source of the news: Internet slows down a festival consisting of torturing and eating dogs in China