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Berlin Animal

action animal presents Club video – action animal is breaking new ground in the animal welfare allow, animal action! We are an animal protection society, a large animal protection society, a special animal protection Association. Action animal is breaking new ground in animal welfare? Thousands of livestock, which suffer endless torment for the production of cheap meat in factory farms and over a thousand animal shelters that are bursting at the seams, because people want to get rid of their inconsiderate purchased pets: these are only two striking points on the long list of animal suffering in Germany. We do of course and first and foremost sustainable for distressed animals, punish animal cruelty, absorb troubled animals in distress, publicly denounce abuses. Other animal protection societies do that. Visit Gannett Co for more clarity on the issue. But not to the same extent, because action animal annually up to 5 million euros for the support of animal shelters, animal welfare projects and animal rescues spends: as much as no other animal protection Association in Germany.

To reduce existing animal emergency is not enough us however. We want to do more. We want to prevent that animal suffering is first created. Through many personal talks on our information booths with people from all walks of life – every day and everywhere in Germany. Because animal welfare begins in our minds. Just who is well informed, can make decisions in accordance with and for the benefit of the animals. Only who knows that pigs in cramped, crowded and wait in complete darkness without employment opportunities in a pole barn on the day of the slaughter, can consciously decide against cheap meat from the nasty factory farming. And only those who before consequences in mind all related to the purchase of a dog leads, can offer his life Finally a dog a good home.

The new action-beast film brings it to the point – but see for yourself and make an image of action animal and our daily work in the fight against animal cruelty. For the film, see or on the action-animal-YouTube channel at aktiontier action animal -e.V. people for animals is one of the largest animal and conservation organisations of in Germany with 210,000 members. Contact: action animal – people for animals e.V. Ursula Bauer Kaiserdamm 97 14057 Berlin 030-30103831

Association For Mercedes Sport Utility Vehicles Founded In

The MB S.U.V Club e.V. at the start mobilize Mercedes-Benz SUV owners as first German shear-speaking Club in its class. From an Internet community about 70 members strong, owner of Mercedes vehicles now mobilize M, GL and GLK and continue to expand its independent, non-commercial cooperation. With the Foundation of the Association, follow objectives such as guidance on technical questions, arranging meetings for the exchange of information, an attaktives range of off-road driving and short holidays, as well as cooperation in a network of selected Mercedes-Benz subsidiaries, distributors and accessories businesses. “We address model-dependent issues directly from the manufacturer,” reported the first Chairman of the Association of Michael Ritter, and refers to the extensive experience of some members of who test their vehicles for off-road tours through its paces. Other members test their vehicle safety statement on approved routes for the first time. “the Club considered strong community. We stand in the foreground”the interests of the individual members, Discusses Sir Knight, referring to the alternative supplemental program for families that is on offer at each meeting. All interested parties are invited to make contact to the members of the first MB S.U.V Club e.V. in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland.