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Strengthening Relationships

Ability to work with people and strengthen relationships with them is absolutely necessary effective leader. People really want to go together with those whom they hold a high opinion and with whom they like to deal with. For In order to establish contacts with people to: 1. Understand people. The main quality of leadership in its relations with other people – the ability to understand what they feel and think the surrounding. In fact the case, all the people are very similar: – They felt The Narva themselves as unique, so absolutely everyone loves to receive compliments – people always want to have hope for the future. – All people are susceptible to the emotional downs, so you must constantly inspire them.

– All people want to be helped. The ability to see every single person, understand him and to enter into contact with it is an important factor for success in relationships. You must have flexibility in the relationship, that is to treat everyone as a unique personality, which can give you very much useful in this life. 2. Need to love people. If you do not like people who just want to use them in some order, then you probably will not work 3. Need to help people respect the followers of a leader who is constantly mindful of their interests. If you concentrate on what you can give people, not on what you can get from them, then people will love and respect you, and this creates a solid foundation to build lasting relationships.

How do you assess their ability to interact with people? Is able Are you without too much difficulty finding common ground with people? Can you maintain a relationship for a long time? If you're not possess the ability to get along with people, your leadership will always suffer because of it. To develop in yourself is the ability, proceed as follows: 1. Read books, listen to audio tapes, attend training sessions on effective communication with people. Be sure to practice what you learn. 2. Try restore the former relationship. Do everything in your power to restore them. Find out the reasons why you stopped talking and find a way to eliminate them.

Burke Hedges

Step compare the suitability of my features found under the proposal. If a few sentences, identify the most suitable in my case.

Now we will comment on each step individually. Comments on Step 1. No need to analyze their strengths in an area in which you have been educated or are working now. If you were there all the material suit, – you would not be reading this entry. Unfortunately, I’m looking for is not where it is necessary, as long as casually read a book “Safety or the success of” Burke Hedges, and discovered that in addition to their specialty – I am a specialist, an expert with 42 years experience in marketing and advertising! Moreover, due to such abilities I possess wit capital of more than $ 100 000 (“Domestic gold” Steve W. Price) Yes! – Since birth, I am an expert in purchases of goods and services, as well as their targeted advertising. I am sure you will – too. Since most of his life buying goods and services that advance research the market on price, quality, and then, depending on the degree of satisfaction with your purchase, directly advertising among his peers.

Note that this is a great area – no need to be trained and retrained, it is already able to do: consume products (marketing), and transmit information (advertising). Comments to step 2. With these qualities in the field of marketing and advertising need to find someone who will appreciate your experience and ready to pay for it.

Secret People

After several months the sponsor, says: “Gee! It’s just a bunch of losers! Nobody in my group are not doing anything. Just look at all these lazy people. ” You feel a strong desire ask a sponsor: “Lazy people? Okay, but do not you invite them on your ad? Would not you compose an announcement to draw people who do not want to go to meetings, do not want to buy a product, do not want work? ‘You see, the sponsor got what he sought. Lazy, unmotivated people (and this type of candidates is very easy to find – in bulk). If you are going to choose when you decide to get married and if you are going to choose when you decide to sponsor distributors make sure that you are looking for what you want before you go looking.

Yes, this is the secret. Decide who you want to have a distributor, before you go out on reconnaissance. Here are some questions you should ask before you choose your strategy for exploration. If I’m looking for distributors in this area or a group, these candidates will want what I offer? My suggestion would be networking important part of their lives or just something parallel to what fills their time? How can I find this group of candidates? Where the group is looking for information, and where better to place my offer? I’m not going to ever get stuck on these three issues. Some readers will read them, smile, and continue to read further.