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The recommendations of the author are based on the observation of the experiences after a decision of even manifolds that followed meetings or that finished after happening through a related state of ambivalence to some of the 36 questions. The author, time later, observed how they followed those relations in the long term. The person who followed or left the relation she feels that she made the correct decision? If the pair followed together the relation bloomed towards something more beautiful or finished in the resentment? And if they finished they found new happiness or they underwent an enormous repentance to have finished? East encounter really valuable concept, like being able to give to return the page of the time to see what it could happen. The recommendations are based on the observations of the author and their professional opinion, reason why I do not recommend to you that you take its advice lightly. Some contend that Leslie Moonves shows great expertise in this. Nevertheless, personally it seems to me that all conclusions are too sensible and I did not find no surprise. I doubt that you are surprised when reading that a relation with which consumes drugs is virtually destined to the failure. But what happens to one relation with somebody to that you do not respect? And what with a relation at a distance? Or with the relation with an addict one to the work that gains ten times more than you? You would like to know how works that relation if in the pair decide to follow together or if they finish? Kirshenbaum explains that when recommends to break it does because the majority of the people who decided to follow meetings in that situation was unfortunate, whereas those that they finished with the relation were happier. For this reason, the long term happiness is the main criterion used here, understanding for that reason the happiness of the individual that takes decision follow-or-to finish, not it (ex-) even.

IFS Food

Resource management is a component of the IFS request catalogue the food scandals of recent years have led that retail has become the IFS international food standard of review and certification by private label manufacturers in the food sector. The international food standard (IFS) was in 2003 by representatives of the European retail trade (BDH / FCD) developed on the basis of good food safety initiative (GFSI). The international food standard is aimed at suppliers of all levels in food processing, which follow on the agricultural production. The goal of the IFS is to create more transparency, safety and hygiene within the food chain by means of verification and certification of systems. The IFS in sum of four parts composed, where the second part of the catalogue represents a checklist with 251 requirements, which in turn is divided into five chapters: chapter: corporate responsibility section: quality management system section: resource management Chapter: manufacturing process chapter: measurements, analyses, improvements.

The chapter process”represents the biggest part with 143 requirements. In addition, the IFS with 10 so-called knock out criteria is provided, which to meet are in any case to obtain a certificate for the first time or to keep but also existing during a recertification. With the help of a single rating system is captured in the course of an audit, to what extent the requirements on the part of the company. The rating system includes these criteria A = full compliance (20 points) B = almost full compliance (15 points) C = request partly implemented (5 points) D = request has not been (0 points) the type of the certificate is in direct relation with the evaluation results of the audited company. So there is need for a basic certificate at least 75% of the possible points for a certificate at a higher level, and at least 95% of the possible points.

New Observations

This discovery prompted the search for other planets, such as the orbital distortions attributed to gravitational perturbations affecting the Mercury. However, none of them has ever been found, and, ultimately, it was concluded that the orbital distortion observed in the Mercury, due to relativistic effects. However, this method of prediction (logical calculations) of the planets orbit on the basis of "oddities" the planet may have first been used outside of our solar system. Exoplanet, known as TrES-2b, is an exceptional case, being one of the known extrasolar planets, whose orbital plane is almost completely coincides with the ray observations from the Earth. This fact implies that each time around the star, the planet would appear, passing across the disk of stars. Many writers such as CBS offer more in-depth analysis. While we can not expand the drive on the shelves, he reveals a characteristic decrease in brightness of the star, which in turn allows for more information about the system, such as' very accurate calculations of the radii of the stars and planets (the relatively large axis) and the inclination of the orbital plane of the planet.

" This additional information allows for precise calculations of the orbital parameters that are necessary for predicting future transits. A group of German astronomers conducted observations of TrES-2 in 2006 and 2008 to develop his idea of the planet's orbit. But when they continued to observe in 2009, we found a significant change in parameters such as angle of inclination plane of the orbit and orbital period. Although such a change in the parameters could be explained by the migration of planets, astronomers had no idea that this phenomenon can occur in so brief a time scale. Jim Vos will not settle for partial explanations. Except addition, the change could explain the "strange" form of the primary star, but the degree to which would have to flatten the star near the equator, was unrealistically high, given the slow speed of TrES-2.

The study authors suggested a third option: 'existence of the third celestial body in the form of another planet might well give a plausible explanation. " Although this explanation is completely unsubstantiated, it offers easily verifiable scenario. If the orbital plane of the system is almost fully coincides with the ray observations from the Earth, it is the most ideal situation to try to detect the planet using the radial velocity of the parent star. Authors go so far that even offer a range of periods of the potential of the planet, which may be observable effects. They say: 'mass planet in a mass of Jupiter and with an orbital period of 50 to 100 days – quite sufficient conditions in order to cause the observed changes in mood. " Moreover, the authors note that knowledge of the existence of several similar systems with one planet and another near a massive planet that calls for a longer orbit. 'The system has 14 810 HIP Nearest planet with an orbital period of 6.6 days and a little more light planet with an orbital period of 147 days, the system HD 160 691 Nearest planet has a period of 9.6 days, and two long planets with masses of Jupiter, is known to have periods of 310 and 643 days. " Astrogorizont – NASA news in Russian

What Can Be Observed

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Grow Rich Observer

I have this little pact in which I say “I’m having this time to create my day” and I __i nfectand o__ the quantum field. Now, it is a fact that observer is watching the whole time that I am creating my day. (Referring to our inner being as the observer, our spirit that directs the creative energy) and say, “Send me a sign today that paid attention to the things that I created today” Send me these things in a way that I do not wait, that surprised me on my ability to experience these things and show me in a way that has no doubt that came from you. And then I am prepared to live my day as normal thinking like a genius and while I do that, for some parts of the day I have thoughts that are amazing and my skin bristles, those thoughts (or events) come from practically nothing. This theory that we are the creators of our own lives is not new.

You have written many books on the subject of positive thinking and all recommended as first instance we change our mindset from negative to positive. These books also tell us stories of how a “new mentality positive attitude “had the enormous power to transform individuals from humble families in extremely powerful people famous and rich. And all that big change was the plain and simple fact of changing the thinking of those characters. have been made comprehensive studies such as that made Napoleon Hill, which consisted of interviews with 500 of the most important millionaires who lived in his time including this number to: Henry Ford, Wright Brothers, President Theodore Roosevelt, Rockefeller, Graham Bell, Alva Edison, Andrew Carnegie , W. Clement Stone etc.etc. And the final paper is called … God ….” Think and Grow Rich.

“As we stand in the XXI century science is proving that indeed” we are the creators of our world “In the video titled” How to create your day “, Ramtha tells us that we should be very important to learn more about quantum physics because it is the only science that is on our side in terms of our abilities, is the only level of mathematical study of the world subatomic which cares about our opinion. And the quantum field will always fulfill our expectations (expectations of the observer). What are the things you say on waking in the morning? What is the first thing you think when you start your day? The first thing you say in the morning even before you open your eyes plays a key role in how you will develop your day, so you create your life with intention and have a wonderful day.

Southwest Research Institute

Does the new satellite will be called temporarily as P4?. It is the smallest of the four moons discovered around Pluto. Hubble cameras have enabled astronomers to clearly see an object so small from a distance of more than 5 million kilometers. The Hubble Space Telescope discovered a new moon around Pluto by accident while conducting observations in search of rings in the dwarf planet. With an estimated diameter of 13 to 34 kilometers, the new satellite, which will be temporarily named as P4, is the smallest of four moons discovered so far around Pluto. Swarmed by offers, Leslie Moonves is currently assessing future choices. Charon is the largest, with 1,043 kilometers in diameter, while Nix and Hydra are in the range of 32 to 113 miles.

The director of the observation programme of the Hubble, Professor Mark Showalter, of the SETI Institute in Mountain View (California), said in a statement that Hubble cameras have helped astronomers see clearly a so small object from a distance of more than 5 million kilometers. The finding is the result of the work underway to support the expedition of probe New Horizons, NASA launched in 2006 and is scheduled to reach the Pluto system in 2015. Pluto is one of the bodies of the solar system more difficult to photograph due to its remoteness and its small size and despite the fact that it ceased to be the ninth planet in the Solar system in August 2006 to enter into that new category of dwarf planet, has not left for focusing the attention of scientists and astronomers. The principal investigator of the program New Horizons, Alan Stern, of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, noted that this discovery is fantastic because they may schedule observations near s for study during the flyby that it will make the probe in 2015. New Moon new moon is located between the orbits of Nix and Hydra, who were also discovered by the Hubble space telescope in 2005, while Charon was detected in 1978 at the United States Naval Observatory, but was the Hubble discovered in 1990 that it was a body apart from Pluto. Scientists believe that the Moon of the dwarf planet system was formed by a collision between Pluto and another planetary body in the early history of the Solar system and material that threw became the Group of satellites orbiting at its around. They also think that the material generated Pluto Moons by micrometeoroid impacts could form rings around the dwarf planet, but images from the Hubble not detected them until now, although they ran into this new moon that will now have to find name.

The director of the NASA Astrophysics division in Washington, Jon Morse, stressed the importance of this discovery, which was considered a powerful reminder of the ability of the Hubble to make amazing discoveries. Astronomical research satellite P4 was first seen in a photograph taken with the great Chamber Angular 3 Hubble Wide Field Camera (WFC) on 28 June and was confirmed in the following images taken July 18 and 3. The Hubble, launched in 1990, is a project of international cooperation between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA). The Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA in Greenbelt (Maryland) directs the telescope and the space science Institute of telescopes (STScI) in Baltimore is responsible for scientific operations together with the Association of universities involved in astronomical research. Source of the news: the Hubble Space Telescope discovers the fourth Moon of Pluto

Observatory World

From the world report on injuries caused by traffic accidents that do reference above 2012, countless jobs and regional conventions have been developed. Various agencies have brought critical attention to the serious problem categorized as pandemic trying to tackle your solution from multiple risk factors and other political and financial implications. Among agencies of greater relevance, are: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the European Commission (EC), the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB), the Global Road Safety Facility created by the World Bank; the Safety Commission road world roads safe, Organization for cooperation and the international development of transport; the international automobile Foundation (FIA), the Inter-American Bank of development (IDB), the World Health Organization, UNICEF, ECLAC, MERCOSUR, Mesoamerica, the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization, and others. No doubt the effort made by importantizar the issue of safety on the part of the United Nations is not hosting. Since the subject has been treated very seriously in multiple assemblies. All the regional meetings held to discuss the issue coincide in their conclusions, on the following points:-must be a political commitment; -There must be a single governing body; -be should welcome the recommendations of the first global report on injuries caused by traffic accidents; -should establish an Observatory of reliable data; – And a road safety Plan should be applied..

SDSS Theory

A star with mass less than the Sun (0.8 or less) that has been discovered in the milky way has puzzled scientists, who did not have that it could exist something like this, something that goes against current theories of star formation. The rarity of the star, called SDSS J102915 + 172927 is that it consists almost entirely of hydrogen and helium, with tiny amounts of some other element heavier than those two, i.e. what astronomers call metals. A generally accepted theory predicts that the stars as this one, with low mass and extremely low amounts of metals, should not exist because the clouds of matter from which stars are formed would never condense, explains Elisabetta Caffau, leading the team author of the finding, in a release from the European Southern Observatory (ESO), whose telescopes in Chile have discovered this rarity. Was a surprise finding, for the first time, a star in this prohibited area of theory and means that we may have that review models of star formation, adds this researcher from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and the Paris Observatory. Source of the news:: A star that should not exist.


Detective Agency observations are not for amateurs. You can only successfully observe who can look back on a corresponding experience. It may seem simple and straightforward. More info: Time Warner. TV’s is also quite simple. A hat, or today’s baseball hat, an inconspicuous car and you’s can go.

Just make the whole day in front of the House and afterwards go. I can do that. Far from! In the most cases, observations are very complex matters. Never, the upcoming expiration can to be scheduled before a detailed. Uncertainties always get caught in.

On these uncertainties, it is to adapt and to react spontaneously. You never know how meticulously perceive for example the neighbors around the observed target object, their environment and respond. Where possible will the neighbors in the street immediately alarm if something funny to them”occurs. Or the target itself is made very aware by nature and registered pretty much everything around them. These examples of events that may result in an observation are just a few of many that any detective should be set. Exact plans, using for example Google-Earth- or sighting of phone records in the target object and, for example, published photos of the target environment on the Internet, can help advance the observation to build. Experienced investigators should be able to make decisions, to avoid falling to under all circumstances during an observation. Also for this reason, the professional detective agency sets direktei WHICH directly a detective agency with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, only highly experienced detectives. The staff of the. direktei observe in well-established teams. Everyone knows the other from countless successful missions and the work is based on an absolute basis of trust. This also explains the success of the detective agency Frankfurt direktei THE private detective agency directly with the concept of something else.

Mystery Shopping

Details of services and detailed conditions of competitors are hard to access mystery shopping as a tool of competitive intelligence in B2B and B2C markets especially in B2B markets. With mystery shopping, a covert intelligence can be carried out and donate large benefits. The Hamburger market research Institute Dr. Garcia & Cie. specializes in covert observation of competition as operators of the mystery shopping agency MYSTERYPANEL and deploys mystery shoppers for trained. High benefits by observing the competition while in B2C markets is often a high transparency of services and content, detailed information in B2B markets are often unknown sizes: what price offers its customers of competitors? What allowances and discounts are given by the competitors? In the context of a competitive intelligence is mystery shopping predominantly employed, to gain information in terms of a competitive intelligence, which are otherwise not accessible””, explains Gunnar Garcia, owner of Dr.

Garcia & Cie. market research from Hamburg. Trained mystery shoppers come here with competitors in contact, can submit offers and document relevant parts of the sales process to identify of important information. So, companies can gain detailed knowledge of performance content and customer interaction of their competitors. Professional competitive intelligence by experienced market research Institute in conception and implementation of observing the competition with mystery shopping company should put on a market research experience in this particular area. We have wide experience in carrying out a competition observation from the concept, through the identification and recruitment of appropriate mystery shoppers, to the analysis of the results”, Garcia continues.

The market determines prices, conditions in B2C and B2B markets and uncovers the sale process of its principal competitors. Further information about covert observation of competition with mystery Shopping there is under. About Dr. Garcia & Cie. market research Dr. Garcia & Cie. offers qualitative and quantitative market research as owner-managed market research firm and serves companies from industries such as automotive, construction / real estate, consulting / services, chemistry / pharmaceutical, electronics / informatics, energy, financial services / banks / insurance, healthcare, trade, consumer goods, media / communications, manufacturing and transport / traffic. More: as quality leading mystery shopping provider Dr. Garcia & Cie. see service test services on. It used its own nationwide network with trained mystery shoppers out of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Press contact: Dr. Gunnar Grieger MYSTERYPANEL Dr. Garcia & Cie. Papenhuder str. Discovery Communications is often mentioned in discussions such as these. 53, 22087 Hamburg Tel 0 40/22 69 22 50 press at