Month: September 2017

IFS Food

Resource management is a component of the IFS request catalogue the food scandals of recent years have led that retail has become the IFS international food standard of review and certification by private label manufacturers in the food sector. The international food standard (IFS) was in 2003 by representatives of the European retail trade (BDH / FCD) developed on the basis of good food safety initiative (GFSI). The international food standard is aimed at suppliers of all levels in food processing, which follow on the agricultural production. The goal of the IFS is to create more transparency, safety and hygiene within the food chain by means of verification and certification of systems. The IFS in sum of four parts composed, where the second part of the catalogue represents a checklist with 251 requirements, which in turn is divided into five chapters: chapter: corporate responsibility section: quality management system section: resource management Chapter: manufacturing process chapter: measurements, analyses, improvements.

The chapter process”represents the biggest part with 143 requirements. In addition, the IFS with 10 so-called knock out criteria is provided, which to meet are in any case to obtain a certificate for the first time or to keep but also existing during a recertification. With the help of a single rating system is captured in the course of an audit, to what extent the requirements on the part of the company. The rating system includes these criteria A = full compliance (20 points) B = almost full compliance (15 points) C = request partly implemented (5 points) D = request has not been (0 points) the type of the certificate is in direct relation with the evaluation results of the audited company. So there is need for a basic certificate at least 75% of the possible points for a certificate at a higher level, and at least 95% of the possible points.

Grow Rich Observer

I have this little pact in which I say “I’m having this time to create my day” and I __i nfectand o__ the quantum field. Now, it is a fact that observer is watching the whole time that I am creating my day. (Referring to our inner being as the observer, our spirit that directs the creative energy) and say, “Send me a sign today that paid attention to the things that I created today” Send me these things in a way that I do not wait, that surprised me on my ability to experience these things and show me in a way that has no doubt that came from you. And then I am prepared to live my day as normal thinking like a genius and while I do that, for some parts of the day I have thoughts that are amazing and my skin bristles, those thoughts (or events) come from practically nothing. This theory that we are the creators of our own lives is not new.

You have written many books on the subject of positive thinking and all recommended as first instance we change our mindset from negative to positive. These books also tell us stories of how a “new mentality positive attitude “had the enormous power to transform individuals from humble families in extremely powerful people famous and rich. And all that big change was the plain and simple fact of changing the thinking of those characters. have been made comprehensive studies such as that made Napoleon Hill, which consisted of interviews with 500 of the most important millionaires who lived in his time including this number to: Henry Ford, Wright Brothers, President Theodore Roosevelt, Rockefeller, Graham Bell, Alva Edison, Andrew Carnegie , W. Clement Stone etc.etc. And the final paper is called … God ….” Think and Grow Rich.

“As we stand in the XXI century science is proving that indeed” we are the creators of our world “In the video titled” How to create your day “, Ramtha tells us that we should be very important to learn more about quantum physics because it is the only science that is on our side in terms of our abilities, is the only level of mathematical study of the world subatomic which cares about our opinion. And the quantum field will always fulfill our expectations (expectations of the observer). What are the things you say on waking in the morning? What is the first thing you think when you start your day? The first thing you say in the morning even before you open your eyes plays a key role in how you will develop your day, so you create your life with intention and have a wonderful day.

Observatory World

From the world report on injuries caused by traffic accidents that do reference above 2012, countless jobs and regional conventions have been developed. Various agencies have brought critical attention to the serious problem categorized as pandemic trying to tackle your solution from multiple risk factors and other political and financial implications. Among agencies of greater relevance, are: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the European Commission (EC), the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB), the Global Road Safety Facility created by the World Bank; the Safety Commission road world roads safe, Organization for cooperation and the international development of transport; the international automobile Foundation (FIA), the Inter-American Bank of development (IDB), the World Health Organization, UNICEF, ECLAC, MERCOSUR, Mesoamerica, the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization, and others. No doubt the effort made by importantizar the issue of safety on the part of the United Nations is not hosting. Since the subject has been treated very seriously in multiple assemblies. All the regional meetings held to discuss the issue coincide in their conclusions, on the following points:-must be a political commitment; -There must be a single governing body; -be should welcome the recommendations of the first global report on injuries caused by traffic accidents; -should establish an Observatory of reliable data; – And a road safety Plan should be applied..

SDSS Theory

A star with mass less than the Sun (0.8 or less) that has been discovered in the milky way has puzzled scientists, who did not have that it could exist something like this, something that goes against current theories of star formation. The rarity of the star, called SDSS J102915 + 172927 is that it consists almost entirely of hydrogen and helium, with tiny amounts of some other element heavier than those two, i.e. what astronomers call metals. A generally accepted theory predicts that the stars as this one, with low mass and extremely low amounts of metals, should not exist because the clouds of matter from which stars are formed would never condense, explains Elisabetta Caffau, leading the team author of the finding, in a release from the European Southern Observatory (ESO), whose telescopes in Chile have discovered this rarity. Was a surprise finding, for the first time, a star in this prohibited area of theory and means that we may have that review models of star formation, adds this researcher from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and the Paris Observatory. Source of the news:: A star that should not exist.

More Expensive Product Recalls

Most modern X-ray technology detects metal, glass, ceramic and stone themselves in aluminum packaging Balingen/Paris, September 30, 2010 – glass splinters in the carrot salad or metal particles in the strawberry yogurt: technical errors in the production process are often the trigger for a callback. Companies face in these cases not only with image damage, but in the case of personal injury with high claims. While much of this expensive and risky actions could be avoided by a better detection. On the SIAL 2010, international trade fair for food in Paris, presenting the system provider Bizerba from October 17-21 the new product-inspection system XRE with advanced X-ray technology (Salon IPA, Hall 7, stand F085) the principle of the system is simple: an X-ray tube with integrated high-voltage power supply is mounted under a conveyor belt. The rays take on the product and be absorbed by its individual components vary. Above the conveyor belt is a high resolution detection unit which converts the transmitted radiation into an electrical signal, which ultimately a digital X-ray image is created. This image is evaluated with the help of a product-specific visualization software.

The XRE can attain a throughput of up to 400 packages per minute. The XRE detected metal, glass, ceramic or stone – even in closed aluminium packaging so far it was hardly possible to detect metallic contaminants in cans or in closed aluminium packaging. With the Bizerba XRE product inspection system all foreign objects can be detected, which better or worse absorb the X-rays due to its density, chemical composition, or their mechanical dimensions than the surrounding product”, explains Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions market at Bizerba. This applies equally to impurities from metal, glass, ceramic and stone. Some plastics”, says Conzelmann, PVC or rubber, as well as various product defects, such as The system can detect cracks and air pockets”.

Salon Nautico 2009 In Barcelona

This fair is a magnet for boat lovers and businessmen from around the world the 48th Salon Nautico will take place again fair this year in Barcelona. You have the opportunity to experience this exceptional boat exhibition in the Fira Barcelona, in Plaza Espanya, from the 7th to the 15th November. You can find a hotel in Barcelona to the Plaza Espanya around easily so that it is easy to reach this event from your Barcelona accommodation on foot. This exhibition presents all new trends and products from the world’s largest manufacturers of ship and nautical companies offer. The Salon Nautico fair became in recent years one of the most important and largest boat shows throughout Europe. This fair is a magnet for boat lovers and businessmen from around the world, as well as the international press.

It is one of the most important business fairs in one of the most growing region in Europe. The visitors include the Salon Nautico exporters, importers and manufacturers of sailing, canoeing and boating equipment. 5 includes the Salon Nautico Pavilions in the Gran via Exhibition Centre and 3 docks at the Port Vell. At Port Vell you will also have the opportunity to see the water show. Overall, more than 270 boats take part at this year’s Salon Nautico in the. There will be many unique yachts, you have never before seen. As in the last year, 2009 many international exhibitors will participate in the fair. Exhibitors from all major European maritime Nations will be there to your latest achievements to prasetieren.

Represented Italy, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and most are Britain. This boat exhibition is the largest of its kind in Europe. More than 150,000 visitors come every year to watch this spectacle. The visitors were impressed by the wealth of many interesting trends that are here to discover it. Are the main points of which fair: Accessories, canoes and kayaks, sailboats, decoration, electronics, motor boats, fishing boats, sailing schools, speedboats, books, motors, jet skis, paints/lacquers, special media, yachts, Insurance, diving, water tourism, nautical clothing and windsurfing. The Salon Nautico will take place from the 7th to the 15th November. It is open from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 17:00 and Friday to Sunday from 10:00 until 20:00 for visitors. From Monday to Friday a ticket 10 costs and on Saturdays and Sundays, you must pay 12 for the entry. How to get there: the fair held at the Fira Barcelona Exhibition Centre in Plaza Espanya. You reach this with the metro lines 1,3 and 8, where you simply get off at the “Espanya” Mtrostation. There are also numerous bus stops in Plaza Espanya, where a variety of buses. If you apartment are at this time in a Barcelona, located near the Plaza Espanya, then you can run out comfortably to this event.

Staff From Bulgaria

Well trained professionals are looking for prospects in Germany also Bulgaria has affected the global economic crisis. The country could always achieve one of the best Wirtschaftwachtstumsraten in Europe in recent years, however, this development seems to have stopped for the time being. The inflation rate is zero, and the development of the gross national product has turned negative. Through the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union, new perspectives have arisen for workers from South-Eastern European country. More and more young Bulgarians and Bulgarians to pursue a career in Germany – in the hope that an alien could provide total better chances on the labour market. The foreign language skills of Bulgarian workers and workers are usually very good. In addition to the English language, German is standard in business life.

Also have studied many Bulgarians in the two countries, Germany and Austria are among the largest investors in Bulgaria. There is in Germany at the moment a slight revival of the economic situation looms, in Bulgaria but still no end to the crisis is, it draws in particular the best forces westward. These have first experience in Western company and made career in the dynamic environment that distinguishes Bulgaria and in particular the capital city of Sofia, quickly. So, a broad base of qualified personnel is available from the professionals in the development centre of SAP on new products has worked up to the Manager, who has led the Eastern European business, an American trading company and was able to perceive already extensive personal responsibility at a young age. To sum up so determine that German companies in the current situation in the advantageous situation are to be able to attract qualified personnel from Eastern Europe and Bulgaria. So can prevent the shortage. Who uses this chance now, is well prepared for the economic upturn. Dirk Steffes

Foundation Companies

At the subsequent delicious refreshments and socializing were new contacts and old relations deepened. Overall, it was a successful event in a worthy setting. The competition Grand Prix of medium-sized enterprises”of the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung is one of the largest competitions of its kind. This year about 1,400 nominating 3.366 outstanding medium-sized companies for competition Grand Prix of medium-sized companies have over 3,000,000 businesses that exist in Germany,”suggested. Nevertheless, 1,028 companies have reached the stage of jury and receive certificates for this purpose. Come from a total of 71 companies from Franconia following 13 companies from lower Franconia: a + f GmbH Beck houses staff & solutions BFP Business law firm Fraas & partners Edeka Nordbayern Sachsen Thuringen GmbH yew production + distribution GmbH & co.

KG Erik Walther GmbH & co. KG, oil trading company Georg Ackermann GmbH Saint field GmbH Heinrich & Schleyer GmbH natural integrated feeding system GmbH memo AG business Nano system and technologies GmbH SSI Schafer Noell GmbH which are criteria of competition holistically designed, so that the companies are judged by the following 5 points. The creation and protection of employment and training innovations, modernisations and process optimisations social commitment to customer orientation, service economic development as a result of our entrepreneurial actions an essential peculiarity of the competition is the free participation. This is possible because that over 200 people engage voluntarily and enthusiastically for the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung and the German medium-sized businesses. Many sponsors, above all Deutsche Post AG as well as since last Year also the Raiffeisen Landesbank Oberosterreich (winner of the special award: Bank of the year 2008), and many other companies allow this nationwide, privately financed competition through their financial and personal commitment as well as extensive donations in kind. Annually changing patrons such as Wolfgang Bohmer, Roland Koch, Helmut Schmidt, Prof. Dr.

Roman Herzog, Dr. Guido Westerwelle, Wolfgang Clement, and many more show the importance of the competition. Currently, the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation, the problem-solving skills in SMEs through a centre of excellence plant middle class”network. It aims to create a platform that can be safer, key decisions made and improvements faster. The IMBEMA consult GmbH consulting, as a consultancy for SMEs, will this spot in Franconia and Bavaria support. Thus a practical contribution to the support and strengthening of the German middle class should be made, because after all is the motto of the Oskar-Patzelt Foundation healthy middle class, strong economy, more jobs”. Burgkunstadt, the 12.10.2009 responsible for content: IMBEMA-consult GmbH Robert Knitt press and public relations work Jacob-may-str. 5 96224 Burgkunstadt Tel.: 09572 6099477

Web Minutes

After passing hours looking for in Internet a form to call free to Argentina, finally I found something that is REAL and not a trap. It is a report free that unloading and is in 15 minutes step by step the process to you and is written by the company that gives the service. The company flame Is marked Direct and they proven a service of international calls that is based on Internet. Basically what beams are to create an account free online, convertis a fixed or cellular telephone of Argentina in a local number of the United States and you pay the lowest tariff to call to Argentina. But the best thing of Marks Direct are not the characteristics. They are the HUNDREDS OF MINUTES FREE that you prune to win simply following ITS instructions.

It seemed to me that it sounded very good to be real I watched and it. I followed its guide (pods to lower of) and in days I spent $0,00 and I gained almost 100 minutes free to call to Argentina. After to think I realized because It marks Direct can do this. It seems ridiculous situation that teaches to you like gaining minutes free stops to call to Argentina, but is not it. They free give the minutes you to recommend the service to your friendly and contacts which it is a form to promote his services. In exchange for recommending the incredible service that they have, they give minutes to you! The best thing of all this is than not tenes that to buy nothing or registrarte by other services. It only uses the page Web and your email and with its tools is all ready one. Empez to call free to Argentina now Low its report free that is not going to you to regret!

East Asia

It very worrying, as says. Eight hundred and fifty-four million people in the world are undernourished, i.e. have less than 1,900 calories a day. Of this number, 820 million are in developing countries development, compared to 823 million in 1990. This annual report published yesterday by FAO, United Nations food and Agriculture Organization, does not show any improvement in these ten years. At the World Summit on food in November 1996, the heads of State and Government of 180 countries set as target halving the number of hungry people by 2015. Anyway, it is true that as a result of population growth, the proportion of people malnourished in poor countries increased from 20 per cent in 1990-1992 to 17% in 2001-2003. This change is still weak.

In reality, there was no progress admitted Jacques Diouf, Director-general of FAO, for whom this decline of 3 million in the number of people malnourished in poor countries could be even statistical error. According to the Organization, the most recent trends are truly worrying. They show an increase of 26 million people undernourished between 1995-1997 and 2001-2003, after a low of 100 million in the 1980s. The mediocrity of these results conceals significant regional disparities. FAO stressed that the number of undernourished people increased in Near East, in North Africa and in the African region to the South of Sahara. This made the number of malnourished in 10 years 169 to 206 million, when the goals set in 1996 spoke of the need to bring that figure to 85 million by 2015. The countries with the greatest danger are also those who went through wars, such as Burundi, Eritrea, Liberia, Sierra Leone or the Republic of the Congo. If the results of recent years, are taken into account only the East Asia achieved decrease in more of the its number of malnourished, while Southeast Asia reduced half only by one third, as Latin America.