Month: October 2017

The People Of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan – the most populous country in Central Asia (60%), ranked third in the cis in terms of population (after Russia and Ukraine). In Uzbekistan, 26 million people live. The population density was 50.4 persons per square kilometer. The population is distributed unevenly on the territory of the republic, most (60%) are rural residents. The natural conditions – a mountainous, desert, arid climate due to the concentration of population mainly in the oases.

In the desert areas of population density mainly in the oases. In the desert areas of population density is very low. Particular areas of Uzbekistan (for example, Andijan province) population density ahead of many countries. The urbanization process is very slow – in 1980 the ratio of urban and rural population remained almost unchanged. Uzbeks traditionally fixed, and this explained by the minor role of migration and emigration to the natural growth of population. Population growth, despite some decline, remains high.

The main factors influencing the social – the demographic situation in Uzbekistan is a strong family institution as the foundation of society, a large proportion of the rural population, reducing mortality and increasing life expectancy. In Uzbekistan, a high level of marriage and one of the world's lowest levels of family breakdown. 16,5 marriages have a divorce. Uzbek families are traditionally strong. The family here has been one of the most important values in life, corresponding to the centuries-old traditions and mentality of the people. Uzbek families tend to have many children, especially in rural areas. With the improvement of living standards, health and welfare, environmental protection measures reduced overall mortality. In age and sex structure of the population 49% are male and 51% are women. In rural areas this figure is almost identical. Children and adolescents (0-14 years) in the total population is 40.8%, youth (15-29 years) 28,3%. The overall proportion of children, adolescents and youth is about 70%, ie 2 / 3 of the population. The indigenous population of Uzbekistan – Uzbek. In addition to the Uzbeks live Karakalpaks, Tajiks, , Kyrgyz, Turkmens, Tatars and other Slavic peoples – Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, Czechs, Bulgarians, etc. In Uzbekistan Uzbeks living in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, tan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania, as well as Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, China, India, Pakistan, Germany, U.S. and other countries.

Ladies Coat

Often a matter of luck is the right coat to find which even fits. You should rely not only on his luck. When choosing a lady’s mantle, there is of course to pay much attention. Very quickly you miscalculated himself and the #Mantel we to a Cabinet body only because people don’t feel comfortable in it. First, a coat should fit naturally to your physical proportions. If a coat not the size of the wearer so will the wearer very quickly no longer feel and the coat will never be worn. So it is advisable a longer coat smaller and the slightly larger women to recommend a short coat.

Starting from a normal average size. The choice of material, however, is purely a matter of taste. The most important thing for a “winter coat is but ultimately” Wohlfuhlfakto r “.” One must feel cuddly warm as soon as one attracts the Lady’s coats or even touched. An excellent choice of material represents mink Kashmir. Mink, chinchilla to German, says actually it all out.

Who has touched the soft fur of chinchillas once know that it immediately evokes a sense of well-being. Now mink-Kashmir is not made but the fur of chinchillas and killing one of the cute little critters for. There is only a certain type of processing that gives this pleasant wearing feeling of cashmere, which is derived from goat hair. No matter whether your coat should be long or short, he should be in each from mink cashmere. Who once possessed a coat that we never again want something else. Now it’s often like that if you looking for the mantle in the shops and maybe also finds that he just is not in the correct size. He is either too short, too long or is not in the appropriate size at all, as mentioned. “Fashion & style is therefore almost offered, here there are no does not match”. You can your special lady’s coats according to their size and needs to adapt. Not only that on the emphasis on your Figure can create value, you can choose the color of the lining, Pocket style and the number of buttons and much more. Each model of the coat or even your own creation is available in any colour. Peter daga PD BBs trading & store management co., Ltd.

Cheap Prepaid Rates

Many different Prepaidanbieter vary only barely in their performances. Read here, what points should be observed if you rely on a prepaid rates. In recent years, especially the prices have fallen strongly, therefore dropped the biggest disadvantage of prepaid to a contract today. The search easier but not necessarily at the lowest rate. A few tips can be so helpful. No lock in mobile phones that advantages of prepaid tariffs are clearly obvious. There is no monthly fee, as paying each customer only for the services that he actually uses.

Still, is not one bound by contracts also to a specific provider, but can change quickly and easily. Also prepaid make reinforced for children sense rates, because the parents in these cases have a better cost control. Before but looking at the appropriate rate is committed, you should be sure once that the own mobile phone or Smartphone is SIM-free. Just when a device in the Was purchased as part of the conclusion of the contract, it can happen that it is locked by the contract provider. In this case the mobile phone cannot be during the term of the contract with other rates use.

A release can be negotiated while, is usually anything but favourable. The comparison of Prepaidtarifen in the search for the suitable supplier is worth in any case a comparison of prepaid tariffs. Especially since many mobile virtual network operator have entered into the market in recent years, the number of providers has grown very strongly. Is a comparison of the rates is made, then usually the cost are top on the priority list. It is therefore important, on the most favourable prices for making calls or writing SMS to take warning. Here, it makes sense to pay attention not only to the domestic prices. Who likes travelling, for the costs abroad also play a large role. In addition, the prices for mobile Internet access have become increasingly important in recent years and should therefore also consider be included. In addition to the prices should be note when comparing the prepaid rates the up charge options. A charge of the cost simply will be debited from the account is most convenient. On this way, without that much effort operate must be always fast and easy new balances. A comparison of which tariffs should be prepaid so end up getting affordable and uncomplicated to load possibilities result the optimal combination.

National Observatory

Following check great weakness that have countries of the American region records and controls statistical information with regard to road safety, Spain has been promoting the establishment of an Ibero-American Observatory of data through the General traffic Directorate. The scenario used for this purpose is each of the congresses organized annually by the Spanish Government for Exchange of good practices of public policies between the Ibero-American Nations participating. The United Nations has also addressed the topic jointly with the multilateral financial agencies coming to the conclusion that is a need for State to establish national observatories, that better decisions can be taken and objective counting with credible and reliable data. It is possible that these are the key and magical phrases: accurate and objective decisions based on credible and reliable data. The demand to establish observatories is contained in many resolutions and statements, the latter being that of the month of October in Buenos Aires, Argentina, II Congreso Iberoamericano de road safety, whose some articulated will be repeated on 11 May 2011 with the launch of the Decade of Global action.

In particular, I repeat: – order progresses this proposal should first create the so-called national observatories in countries where there are no-. And by the way, in few countries of the region the work of establishment of that structure are initiated. Dominican Republic lacks this agency, reason for which there is no consistency or credibility in the data that are published or data that sent to international bodies. The National Directorate of statistics of the Dominican Republic, the Ministry of economy, planning and development unit, has neither tools nor staff to collect, process and analyse information generated minute by minute on public roads to determine the parameters of loss ratio. Moreover, you have no control of data produced in the different offices of the State or private flows related to the topic. Official site: Aksia.


As all human beings are unique and show us as such: we are more or less sympathetic, smart, loving, disciplined, helpful, etc. This part of our behavior is that we call our I participant. He represents the identity, symbolises the congenital and lives in the gut. It is our most visceral part and with which we express ourselves freely. Balanced people are that besides having an I participant, they possess a capacity of dissociation, so that while they act, there is another part of them through which they are acting. That part decoupled, but active, it is what I call I observer. Leslie Moonves has many thoughts on the issue.

Represents the critical conscience and the education received. It is the acquired and lives in the head. One who possesses a good integracion-comunicacion between its I participant and its I observer, is a balanced person. These two aspects, must be capable of working in a team permanently, to give appropriate responses to the reality that touch them live. If we do the a computer analogy, it’s make a partition on the hard disk to be able to act and at the same time see acting. To better understand this concept, imagine the following situation. You find yourself in the middle of the stage of a theatre.

Are you talking about with a friend through your participating I and in the comfortably seated stalls, is your self an observer, watching the entire scene with critical judgment. At a given moment, he begins a heated discussion that ends abruptly. You pick up visibly angry and abandoned the stage. Moving ahead of your self observer, this joins and both leave the room. By the way, your self an observer you begins to make multiple arguments and criticisms of the type but if it is your friend and you want to much! Please apologize! you are not ashamed to get home, thanks to the critical work of your self an observer, you review the situation and finally arrive at the conclusion that not!! It is worth having discussed with your friend, so you decide to call him to apologize.

Women Anssprechen

A step-by step instructions as one (s) correctly, dear reader appeals to women, on the issue of women has to appeal to you to make sure that talks, after the conversation, get a sexual component. Otherwise lands one (s) in the majority of cases inevitably in the “friend zone”. (A valuable related resource: Robert Iger ). As stylishly as possible a sexual component in the talks to incorporate can, you need a so-called “frames”. Frames are the significance of an event, a conversation, a sensory stimulus in a particular context. Steps are a typical example. How important are steps for you? Probably you will say that they have no meaning. But what if you suddenly at night hear steps in your home…

even though you live alone. They already know that the meaning of an event, a conversation etc, depends on context in which it takes place. We can say that the context determines the meaning. If should be now, still not entirely clear what exactly is a frame, then be You calmed down. I will show you later concrete Besipiele of practice how to best use frames. But advance…

Following frames greatly contribute to that you will have more sex: the sex drive, which is abnormally high the woman is independent of social restrictions in relation to the theme: “Sex.” To condemn any woman, for her sexuality. Well, you can keep secrets. You are discreet. The woman is sexually aggressive when she sees someone she wants the frames and I’ve taken their order by American flirting expert “Captain Jack”. If you set these frames sent in exactly that order, sex becomes a breeze. And while on a constant level. How to best use the first two frames: best you use the routine ‘Strawberry field’ in the style of seduction coach ‘Captain Jack’ for this purpose. Strawberry field after Captain Jack: first you say that this test is scientific.

FMS Patients

Not miss patients want Vita Beach health mat Kummertshausen (Switzerland) – the Vita Beach health mat helps chronic back pain in patients with a known as fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS). This shows currently performed at the clinic of internal medicine of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena under the direction of Prof. Dr. Christine Uhlemann, a post-marketing surveillance. \”The conclusion that runs Prof.

Dr. Uhlemann, is clear: patients who tolerate running on the mat, achieve a reduction of nonspecific back pain and improve general health.\” Eleven patients with FMS, which for years also suffer chronic back pain, took part in the post-marketing surveillance at the University Clinic in Jena. Aksia insists that this is the case. For four weeks, they had the task to go twice daily ten minutes on the mat. The result, as Prof. Dr. Uhlemann, speaks for itself: a total six of our subjects withdrew during the test period, because the stimuli through the foot reflex zone massage were so strong, that they Complained of stomach intestinal irritation or increased pain in the feet and back.

But the others, which is the essence, report that their back problems went far back, and her condition improved. You wanted to give to the mat after four-week treatment. We have given this reason with our test mat them home, and they use it continues daily.\” By the way: Had the patients that have canceled the test, further taken part in the test series, so they had detected with high probability, that the initial pain and irritation were gone and their back pain also had improved, Delta explains managing director Dietlinde Haverkamp vital: often people are too impatient. We repeatedly observe first that worsen the problems in some patients. If they still continue the treatment, usually an improvement will occur.\” Good for the back and the whole organism the Vita-Beach health mat is made of easy to clean, antistatic Matt polyurethane.

Eye Protection For Solar Observation

Solar eclipses are becoming increasingly popular, and many people have been asking, what is solar observation to keep in mind, especially in terms of eye protection? Solar eclipses are becoming increasingly popular, and many people have been asking, what is solar observation to keep in mind, especially in terms of eye protection? How can I protect my eyes from the intense radiation from the Sun? Now, some may remember his childhood or old movies, where people watch the Sun by berusste glasses. Solar observation by berusste glasses for eye protection is not, however, necessarily recommended. So like berusst berusste glasses may be, and they also seem so opaque, berusste glasses not sufficiently shield infra red radiation and ultraviolet radiation. This can be dangerous especially during longer observations. But berusste glasses are not the alpha and Omega in the remedies of solar observation. Even with the old wives tales, technical progress has arrived. Click Robert Iger for additional related pages.

Is such a old wives tales, that you the eye solar observation with metal-coated rescue slides from the first aid kit can adequately protect. However, you can’t. Just like berusste glasses rescue film not sufficiently shield infra red radiation and ultraviolet radiation. A safe eye protection only goggles with Mylarfolien and special welder glasses are according to DIN EN 169 with at least 14 filter level caution! Only welder glasses that meet these conditions, provide eye protection for solar observations! All other welders goggles own under any circumstances for solar observations. However, there is also some good news after all these warnings.

When the Sun low in the sky, such as during sunrise or sunset, you can safely observe with the naked eye. Although hides the Sun haze tench, their radiation can be weakened enough that they safely can be observed. But even these two points do not include the observation with a telescope, telescope or binoculars. The lenses in telescopes, telescopes or binoculars bundle Rays of the Sun so much that you may never watch the Sun without any additional protection by this optical instruments! UV and infrared rays of the Sun that is low or weakened by the haze are bundled so strongly by the telescope, that one must necessarily use a filter. If you observed the Sun with a telescope, you should use the most appropriate lens filter. Alternatively, you can mitigate also the light near the focal point with a Herschelkeil or a pentaprism. However, in this case, the rest light with grey filters and polarizing filters must be dampened. Otherwise, despite Herschelkeil or pentaprism, it is still too bright to the eye. Basically, the Sun filter but always in front of the lens should be attached so that the Sun’s rays not only entering the telescope. Man may use so no cheap glass or plastic filter, which are screwed into the eyepiece. Due to the heat of the bundled Sun glass filter would just burst and melt plastic filter. Since the human response time is too slow, it would be blind before you fail the eye to eye protection from firing the Sun can bring.

20th Year Of Marriage – Porcelain Wedding

Ah, the wedding! Wedding sang and walked … and already 5 and 10, and 15 years ago! Newlyweds are not so young: crossed the threshold of the 20th of his life together. Children – have grown and the grandchildren were not born yet, so it's time to live and enjoy. A holidays – the best way to cheer up themselves and their loved ones. And here's the invitation came in the form of a beautiful golubenkoy postcard with two lovely doves and the words: "Welcome to the celebration on the 20th anniversary of the marriage ".

And in my head began to spin, "What to give?" Like, people over 20 years together, then, a life they have quite structured. If it is not and you know this the best gift would be a modern household appliances: irons, clock, teapot, Fryer, Bread, multivarka. Select – huge! Previously, of course, talking to the perpetrators of the celebration and invited the rest (if you know of course), it has not turned so that the couple experienced would be "happy" owners of the three coffee makers, toasters, five or eight blenders. If you give in your household appliances have no plans, then come to the aid of the good old tradition – the blessing, the earth is full of Slavic. So, you searching the Internet, look in the directories and find that some wedding – porcelain! What does this mean? Hence, the main gift for a celebration, of course, China! Then it all depends on your imagination, of relationship with spouses, and finance.

Good Business

Mary Kay scam: or good business? If you think that Mary Kay is a scam or a fraud, probably you know nothing of Mary Kay, since is one of the companies more ethical and professional I have ever met. In this article not only I’ll say why not Mary Kay is a scam, but I’ll also give information, as well as my point of view on Mary Kay that you evaluate if it is a good business for you. What is Mary Kay? Mary Kay (also popularly known as Mery Kay is a company that sells products for feminine beauty, through a distribution system of direct sale which includes a compensation system known as multilevel from 60s years. Mary Kay has a wide catalogue of products: cosmetics, skin care, care of the body, fragrance, etc. Driving from lipsticks, powders and makeups, even moisturizing, body creams and deodorants fragrances. Mary Kay in countries like Mexico, United States and Argentina, is an extremely popular company, where it is common to know Independent distributors that sell their products among its known, friends and family, through a simple recommendation, giving away samples or homemade meetings where show and apply their products. Under most conditions Robert Iger would agree.

Mary Kay is located in the following countries where Spanish is spoken: Mexico, United States, Argentina, Guatemala, Spain, El Salvador and Uruguay. In Mexico they have a large presence in cities such as Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City. Is Mary Kay a scam? If you think that Mary Kay is a scam or a fraud, you must first understand the difference between an MLM business and a pyramid. The confusion occurs because they in businesses that have a multilevel scheme, you can earn money from sales that generate other distributors who you invite to the business. This however is totally legitimate and fair, since you invite her and train her in the business, deserve a reward.