Month: August 2018


Corporations: to start the function think that time passed and came the day that people got tired of corporations. They bored of bags and neckties, formalisms, postures, smiles between teeth and other tricks that come with corporate theatre. Eye and we do not understand this premise wrong: people are tired of corporations more rather than exchanges of goods and/or services. They are two totally different things! When was born the industrial age were invented the big companies and the economic structure of the world began to forget about small business owners to concentrate on the corporate empires that in its pursuit of infinite profit began a work of constant systematization that in light of today, has evolved into what many have called: corporate world. For assistance, try visiting CBS. But that is the corporate world? My concept is slavery disguised as a reward. And who likes being slave of another person?Or let’s talk about the response. The story is that in the During my lifetime I have taken the task of always ask people if they are happy doing what they do and many swaying in vague answers when they realize that the Office Chair is the place where most they occupy their time and where less would like to be. They speak of the need, the desire to be someone (as apparently at that time are not) and other impositions that have been listening to in the course of their lives.

And they are still the shadow of themselves without going to reap their talents. Eye that I am not in disagreement with the work! It is the way in which people is filled with fear for not doing what is born you which fills me with fear of seeing how a society develops and grows based on principles that do not feed your soul. And they have done the big corporations to the world? Simple: silence him! The search for constant growth and surpluses have sponsored the deterioration of our humanity, which sees increasingly more as some few make theirs because we are not able to put the face and fight for what we want to be. Wars have been invented, tragedies have gestated and thousands of acts unusual, that we will never know, they have been committed in pro keep up economic indicators on a finite planet.

Writing And Rewriting

What is the word, the word is all what you can express your feelings, emotions, advertising and much more. Even there is a belief that words can kill, I do not have to try =). And so we go to the hard work I would even say creative Labor copywriter. Work of a copywriter is very versatile, as the article on which he had to write a marketing texts have a variety of topics. Recently David Zaslav sought to clarify these questions. Now in the market for copywriting in great demand and have a good tone of writing has attracted articles has a very small circle of people.

By information posted on this site should not only be easy to read, but interesting. Using the copywriting This is the most important thing in copywriting, when sites come on with unique text embedded in his smooth way. In practice, this method of promotion is most effective so for example in order to get on the medium-demand in the top Yandex enough to write unique text from 8 thousands of characters, with emphasis on key words..

Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is threatening to collapse and require the intervention of these States to which vetoed the power of regulation and surveillance on behalf of the common good. Of citizens with their taxes support the public treasury now be called in aid of those responsible for a global crisis. The industry is in the hands of one half of corporations that share 92% of the global market. They followed the way of the dinosaurs and now call quench their greed. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Joel and Ethan Coen. Produce about one hundred million vehicles a year in 300 factories in 30 countries. But the world needs do not exceed 60 million vehicles, and are not sold nearly 30 million overflowing warehouses and a sea of vehicles stretching in the sun for the neighborhood. Hence the need to close a hundred of those three hundred factories, especially in richer countries because it has ceased to be an engine of the global economy. Grew faster than the market thanks to the publicity and the greed of the bankers who supported them. Leslie Moonves is often quoted on this topic.

Millions of people are sent to outpace forecasts unemployment welfare state … and victims when they have been responsible for this global disaster that affects innocent people who already know that with the billions of dollars from the States to the recovery of these criminals exorbitant bonuses and salaries, would have been able to eliminate hunger, common diseases, ignorance of all human beings in need. What shocked the people is the inoperability and ineffectiveness of supranational institutions that we have been able to live in societies chaired by justice, freedom and solidarity are more than GM who are necessary for the welfare of humanity . Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo Professor Emeritus of the. Director of CCS

German Federal Statistical Office

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Directions Can Be Ring With A MacBook And IPhone For Christmas The Bonus Cash Right

Jingle bells: Directions allows MacBook and iPhone for Christmas bonus cashier properly ring Jena, December 16, 2008 – according to a recent Forsa survey on behalf of the IT industry association BITKOM, plans this year to every seventh German from the age of 14 to buy his gifts on the Web. More and more buyers in discovering the benefits of cash bonus programs, which reimburse cash with every purchase. The largest online cashback Portal directions credits 4% of the net value of the goods the customers in the Christmas business per purchase. With expensive Christmas gifts from the electronics sector, you can reach the payout threshold of 30 euros in one fell swoop. “An iphone complete XL T-com’s agreement brings E.g. 73.50 euros, a MacBook Air up to 77 Euro cashback” recommends directions designer Tom Peters the Apple fan base. Who buys the iPhone contract-free, cheap T-Mobile 4% it receives, thanks to the directions.

But other brands and cheaper Zarin are also in the directions 146 shops category computers & consoles”at their own expense. To our customers on to call attention particularly lucrative offers, we have dropped this year the directions advent calendar a us. Every day a new shopping tip is presented. Many of these products is the cash bonus two-digit. “know Tom Peters.

Apple fans should look absolutely on the 18th of December.” About directions: is cash back bonus program with the largest number of partner shops on the Internet. Instead of premiums and coupons, users receive cash transfers which directions from 30 euros on your own account. Directions crediting commissions of the net goods value to users when online purchases and pays a starting credit of 10 euros at initial registration. It is free to use.