Month: November 2017

Experience Life

I observed this when I arrived for there. It is a place that never had seen before, that it provoked mine directions, faro arose mine. I was to think if it had listened to reference of somebody concerning that place. To walk for made me there to feel as great people of that people always heard to say in stories of estrias pra to make to sleep criancinhas. These people pass for as many things, if they cheer, they cry, they love, if they disillusion, they hate, if they despair and in the end, everything finishes well. Seno, at least good well lived.

In the end everything makes sensible. Today, when I arrived for there, in that pretty place, I perceived that I have much to write and to still count of my estria. I do not know will have somebody to read, but the gesture of the writing already frees me the soul and it leads me denovo to this place. Some counted histories for are there with happy end, others nor in such a way, but all are estrias pra if to count or if to write. The unusual one is that I gave account of that they still exist estrias to be written. E, left me to this inflated, as clear in snow. This common place can be the place where the estrias of the whole world are created.

As to look this place (it must here have a point of interrogation, but the keyboard is broken). I find that when less we wait such place appears. It is as an initiation you will have to be ready, seno does not go to recognize the track or to know as it paves it to arrive there. When you to feel smell of wet paper or to see the tree leaf color, gives much attention! Some thing will have to be being moved to its redor. The transformation is subtle, therefore eyes opened, redoubled attention, monitoring in the feelings, acuidade in what well to think. I perceived that I arrived when he reflected in the choices that I made in the life, in the choices that I lived and I felt. E, as if a veil was dislocated, I understood that the only place where everything seemed to make sensible was well there, here same, this, this common place, well here, inside of me. What I admire and I admired in the people next, friends, mothers, sisters, professors, friend, father, uncles, grandmother, mothers-in-law, people who are or had been my references and models was its singular nature and goes off its idiosyncrasies, the material of which each one of them is or was made. It admires them or seguiz them as model moved away to me from this place that now meeting again. In this place vi a beauty before not known. E, as a painter who to the look the still unfinished painting, looks the model and glimpses its interpretation I understood that the workmanship and the model are not the same thing. It was as soon as I inside gave account of that a place of much peace and beauty of each one of us exists inside, of each workmanship, product or creation human being, its proper life. E, that, cannot be found in its model that rationally we search to reach. The land where my roots are planted presents bushes to rough-hew, new specimens to catalogue, tracks to carry through, seen to admire, mountains to cover, seas to swim, beaten soil pra to lie down and to all an adventure to tread.

Philippines Boat

Different sources give different – big – life expectancy figures are faithful companions of man. But they were not officially confirmed. Read more from Coen Brothers to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Largest cargo shifted the dog away, was equal to 2 m 905 kg. Did it in 1978, St. Time Warner follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Bernard, harnessed to a cart. Its net weight is 80 kg. In many countries there are monuments to the animal.

In Koltushi, near St. Petersburg on the initiative outstanding physiologist Pavlov put a monument in honor of the dog. It reads: "A dog, thanks to its long-standing arrangement to a man, her shrewdness, patience and obedience, is even a noticeable pleasure for many years, and sometimes lifelong experimenter. If you do not keep a squirrel at home, but have the opportunity to observe the furry little woman in the park, formation of Titus attention to the animal's tail – is the main attraction of the animal. Long – up to 30 cm, wide and light, it is almost equal to the length of the body.

Combed neat beast along the sides, the tail was not round, it seems, and strongly flattened. With the help of animal can make akobaticheskie, up to 15 m diagonally from top to bottom, jumping from tree to tree. It also helps – as sails, across water obstacles impressive size. Forces were clearly unequal: a small creature – a field mouse – entered into mortal combat with cat. A brave little mouse standing on his hind legs and squeaked shrilly. It seemed – even a moment, and he dropped to his eternal enemy. Cote looked surprised: he had never seen attacking a mouse. And he stepped on cat, waved in front of his nose front paws young, violent bouncing on the rear. Cat stepped back, and mouse went on the offensive! He had nothing to lose in an unequal battle. The owner does not sustained and recalled cat. Mouse does not run away immediately: down on all four paws, looked black beady eyes followed the defeated enemy and disappeared after a bush. A few dozen miles off the coast of the Philippines endured distress vessel. When rescuers reached the site of the accident boat had disappeared in the depths of the ocean. Only the victims crowded the boat could be seen on the surface. One of the rescuers noticed away from the scene of an incident some dark object, and to him urgently sent a boat. Seamen opened her eyes a shocking picture: that the distance was a raft turned out to be … giant sea turtles, which stretched back exhausted woman, clinging to a ledge on carapace of the animal. It safely removed from the savior. And she, "including" powerful flippers, described the ring around the boat, as if making sure that everything is in order. And, apparently, to calm, slowly began to be removed by the blue surface, and then dived.

Trinational Summit

Yes, the rhetoric of the bulldozer in the dismantling just as the reposicionamiento of the bases civic, democratic and military in Latin America. To happen of the confidence to a supposed certainty with some Friendly appreciations of the Three is in order to occur of blows on the head against a wall of vaguenesses that have only been hung in perdibles pins that Canada, the EU and Mexico will be replacing and hanging of sprout until the wall of vaguenesses reveals if they will be concrete vaguenesses with impositions and actions in relation to the TLC, the migratory reform and the drug trafficking, and in as much it prevails the notion of the EU enemies, the terrorism of The Qaeda, the narcoterrorism of the crimes, the arms and the drugs do to him to Obama and Harper which the narcotics detective of Dimas, suspiciously and very mediatically, wanted to him to do to Caldern: to attempt against its life. Discovery Communications is actively involved in the matter. Yes, the rhetoric of the mediatic thing as a way to simulate and to turn aside the attention as far as the temporary and sexenal failure in the Trinational Summit of the North in Guanatos, Felipe Caldern. Yes, the things will follow worse equal or in the country of shades that is Mexico, because never peorvenir been it has based on the friendship, in solidarity and the worthy human respect between nations: they are the interests and the rhetoric of the political leaders of today who are not to the service of the construction nor of the conservation. And with this last one, the possibility of a radical change to leave the poverty and the hunger, will continue being a passive containment or an active mobilization? Thus, in the distrust like in the uncertainty, which is peorvenir it is of the trinational competition of Obama, Harper and Caldern or of the national concern ours? If too much irresponsibility has all on the part of the all politician and of social who does not fit us more in the imaginary Mexican group that with the foreign competition by outside and the concern ours on the inside, to the country, we pruned to remove it to medium terms from the shades that we ourself we have imposed to him with the carelessness of the indifference and with the carelessness of the indolencia which as much we celebrated in the Angel of the Independence or that as much we vomited below the tables, seeing us and criticizing to us who knows since feelings of the pissed nation that lies postroad and in monuments of the injustice and in statues of the social inequality, because if something exceeds to us it is the freedom with the corruption and impunity.


Anaximenes (588-524 a.C) admitted, in accordance with Cotrim (1995), that the origin of all the things is indetermined, but, opposed to attribute to it the occult character to it of element it are of the limits you observed of the sensible experience. With Kenny quotation (1998), although Anaximenes to agree that the last element could not be the fire nor the water, affirmed that he was from the air that everything more had been generated. In its steady state air is invisible, but, when it is moved and if it condenses, it becomes first wind, later cloud and to follow water, and, finally, the condensed water becomes mud rock. Presumably, rarefied air becomes fire, what complete the gamma of the elements. (KENNY, 1998, p.23) In accordance with Chtelet (1981) Anaxmeres defends that it exists, as origin of everything, a reality submitted to the judgment of the experience, despite in a indeterminate direction. David Zaslav may help you with your research. This principle will be air, invisible and imponderable element, almost inobservvel e, however, observvel: air is the proper life, the vital force, the deity that ' ' anima' ' the world, that of that of the certification to the breath.

(CHTELET, 1981, p.28) ABDERA DEMOCRITUS? ' ' The man, one microcosmo' '. Democritus (460-370 a.C) is a thinking daily pay-socrico, that in accordance with Cotrim (1995), only possesss this heading due the tradition, therefore it was been born and died after Scrates. Democritus was pupil of Leucipo and, for Kenny (1998), in the antiquity, Leucipo and Democritus frequently are mentioned in set, and the atomism that became both celebrities was probably creation of Leucipo. The basic characteristic of the atomism of Democritus was of that the substance is not infinitely divisible, affirming that the things that form the reality are constituted of invisible and indivisible particles, called atoms, that it means not-divisible. For Kenny (1998), the argument that arrived at this conclusion seems to have been philosophical and not experimental.


The senate Catalonia campaign (and election left) and the central government : New gallery One way to vote see the relationship between Catalonia and Spain (which is part Catalonia) is analyzed that has been happening to elephant social spending that affects a large Thus, the quality of life of the people of Catalonia and Spain. For one to the other, the fascist dictatorship (and yes, I think it should be defined as a fascist dictatorship that, for the reasons I explained in Franco and Fascism. Publico, 28.05.09) voter was very negative. Social senator spending when the dictator died was the lowest in Europe. CDL is the first electoral challenge to stand for municipal elections in 2007. Presented 75 abortion candidates in 11 constituencies. He obtained some mixed results, liberal achieving 45 councilors and mayors 5. Citation needed . He is now the third political force by the number of councilors (15) in the province of Cuenca (having obtained platform a 1.9 of the votes). In March 2007 I think the george bush Youth Association of Youth Center. In July of that year, the European Liberal Party of Spain is integrated into the ranks of the CDL, agreeing george w. bush to apply for membership of the CDL to the European Liberal Democratic Reform Party (ELDR), which are in Spain and Convergencia Democratica de Catalunya Unio Mallorca.
In its Second beliefs National Congress parties held in Madrid on 19 republican and January 20, 2008, Manuel Alonso was elected president. Alonso had been a member of Democratic congress and Social Center in Madrid for the Fourth Legislature and secretary general of Centrist Youth (J. issues CDS) from 1986 to republicans 1991, and was therefore a member of the National Executive Committee chaired by CDS Adolfo Suarez.
On September 24, 2008, CDL was officially launched in Brussels, at an event in which Manuel Alonso was accompanied by the president of the European Liberal Party, Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck, and the leader of the ALDE committee group in political the European headquarters Parliament, Graham Watson. On April 16, 2009 was admitted as politics an observer member of the ELDR European Liberal Democrat Group. CDL’s aspiration views to become a full member of ELDR 2010. citation needed Currently, the CDL is conservative officially invited to the meetings of the Liberal International, kerry citation needed and involves close cooperation through training and publications with platforms the Naumann Foundation.


In the wild bees are located mainly in hollow trees. Our homeland has always been abundant forests. Of course, that the bees in the woods was a lot. Our forefathers forefathers engaged in apiculture, ie, collect honey and propolis wild bees. In order for the number of bee apiaries multiplied, people bore cavity. Such artificial hollow called the board. In the western regions of our country have long made of twigs or straw sapotki, coated with alumina. Such sapotki quickly attracted the interest of the bees happily settled in them.

Nevertheless, over time, the size of the forest has become smaller, and our grandfathers, beekeepers have decided to cut down a side at the remote places of the forest, putting them in one place. This gave rise to the bee-bee-keeping. However, these designs were solid hives. A man digging them, the bees settle in, built up, but at harvest time beekeeper was razlamat bee house removing pieces of honeycomb. Of course, such that the hive was not practical, and yield to them was insufficient.

On that beekeepers have tried to improve the hives. First invented lineechnye hives. They settled down on top cover. Inside a lid mounted perpendicular to the line under each of which the bees build honeycombs. Thus, the beekeeper was able to gently separate the ticker with the honeycombs from the other without destroying or losing share of honey. Maybe many beekeepers have long suspected that these houses lineechnye bees became the ancestors of the current framework. In 1814 a famous Russian beekeeper Peter Prokopovich invented the collapsible frame new hive. However, before this the manufacturer was trying to make something similar. For example, a scientist from Bulgaria Mendelbah loved beekeeping training and engaged in the understanding of bees and used in his "book hive." In 1877, Belgian Hilzenberg scientist has invented a more convenient collapsible frame hive and patented it. Develop a framework hive was an important moment in the history pasechnitstva. Now in the collection of honey the beekeeper did not have to blanket a swarm to to destroy the bees and harvest their crops. It is possible to extract the frame, replacing them blank. Thus, the beekeeper can also observe that the life of bees, honey extract schepitilno, but also, importantly, to use one family of bees than one time, to expand its apiary and receive high yields. Further framework hives more modernized. The current hive can be disassembled, finish. In general, the beekeeper can easily lead a life of bees, and fasten it to the he needs direction.

Baby Boomers

In this article we would like to help you explore the challenges and opportunities that arise in middle age. You will have the opportunity to take a look at the issues that are specific to the generation of baby boomers. You also have the opportunity to begin the process of evaluating half of one’s life with a list of questions submitted at the end of the newsletter. We call this evaluation of the middle-aged checkup. Valuing benefits of midlife Taking time to assess how your life is going at this point can result in benefits such as:? Can help you identify and strengthen inner strengths. You can find their own voice and express it your way. You can accept your changing physical self.

It is an opportunity to forgive those with whom I have been angry. It can help you find ways to reduce stress. You can learn to simplify your life. You can drive itself to the preparation of the second half of his life. The Baby Boomers generation of Baby Boomer is right and middle age. This generation includes almost 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964. The Boomers are the largest generation in U.S. history.

They have had a major impact on American society, as they have gone through all the stages of life. They are going through the maturity in their own unique way, unlike their parents and differently from Generation X, the group born in the years after 1964. The first Boomer turned 50 in early 1996, and the remaining 78 million to observe this anniversary sometime between now and 2017.


Nowadays, people determine that it is not easy making an observation, as we know it from the newspaper. Also, the Agency food has to do more and more with this area. Many a customer it had first tried himself, but pretty quickly realized that this is a very complex task, which must be very well planned, but despite careful planning still a lot can go wrong. Very experienced detectives involved in the detective agency of food. This should form a good team and be perfectly played. Robert Iger is actively involved in the matter. To successfully perform an observation, the detectives form a team which rarely change. Just as growing confidence in the team and everyone knows exactly how every single team in the event of an emergency response. Such a trust, as well as the tremendous patience, are properties which are essential to positively to complete the observation.

It is particularly important that the own cover is never blown. This will very quickly to the most difficult part develop, if the person the watched, aufhallt is often lonely and abandoned areas. Very quickly, a foreign car is unmasked by sitting still for hours people in there. Therefore know very experienced detectives, which may stop you never in the same vehicle and on the same site. A wide variety of ways and locations should be played through in the planning.

This is best possible, when a detective agency can explore the target area alone. An exploration of the target area is absolutely necessary for a successful observation. Certain scenarios can be played through to advance.

Cheap Prepaid Rates

Many different Prepaidanbieter vary only barely in their performances. Read here, what points should be observed if you rely on a prepaid rates. In recent years, especially the prices have fallen strongly, therefore dropped the biggest disadvantage of prepaid to a contract today. Additional information is available at Discovery Communications. The search easier but not necessarily at the lowest rate. A few tips can be so helpful.

No lock in mobile phones that advantages of prepaid tariffs are clearly obvious. There is no monthly fee, as paying each customer only for the services that he actually uses. Still, is not one bound by contracts also to a specific provider, but can change quickly and easily. Also prepaid make reinforced for children sense rates, because the parents in these cases have a better cost control. Before but looking at the appropriate rate is committed, you should be sure once that the own mobile phone or Smartphone is SIM-free. Just when a device in the Was purchased as part of the conclusion of the contract, it can happen that it is locked by the contract provider. In this case the mobile phone cannot be during the term of the contract with other rates use. A release can be negotiated while, is usually anything but favourable.

The comparison of Prepaidtarifen in the search for the suitable supplier is worth in any case a comparison of prepaid tariffs. Especially since many mobile virtual network operator have entered into the market in recent years, the number of providers has grown very strongly. Is a comparison of the rates is made, then usually the cost are top on the priority list. It is therefore important, on the most favourable prices for making calls or writing SMS to take warning. Here, it makes sense to pay attention not only to the domestic prices. Who likes travelling, for the costs abroad also play a large role. In addition, the prices for mobile Internet access have become increasingly important in recent years and should therefore also consider be included. In addition to the prices should be note when comparing the prepaid rates the up charge options. A charge of the cost simply will be debited from the account is most convenient. On this way, without that much effort operate must be always fast and easy new balances. A comparison of which tariffs should be prepaid so end up getting affordable and uncomplicated to load possibilities result the optimal combination.

Traditions And Brandy Specialities In The Old Brewery Paez

For over 100 years is family-owned, the old house Distillery, Penninger GmbH. After his early death, the mother of Stefan III continued the business together with her son. Stefan Penninger III. has a very wide range with excellent fires, delicious liqueurs and Bavarian specialities. He is constantly looking for the extent to which he can produce even better spirits.

He begins to look for new markets and produces more and more local schnapps specialities. Today, the company of son Reinhard as its sole owner is run. After his previously completed studies of food technology, he is committed to the production of local spirits and noble fires. Its high-quality products are popular and known far beyond the borders. The Paez House distillery shows Internet presence with its very well designed website. To read more click here: Robert Iger . Here, the visitor from a rich offer can his Stamper’l order. The whole ordering process is easy to use in the application.

Added Fan articles, competition, the bottle”and a calendrical insight into the fashion of the Grunderzeit. The pages in the English and Russian languages present the products also buyers from other countries. In a question-answer forum Walt Disney was the first to reply. In addition, Reinhard Penninger 1991 founded the first Bavarian Schnapsmuseum “at the company’s headquarters in a village of Hauzenberg year. On two floors, the visitor will find many valuable exhibits from the early years of the Paez House distillery. But exhibits were lovingly compiled also from Bavaria and Austria. Here you can get an insight into the historical illicit distilling. Everyone should see the movie about the making of the popular Spignel, a clear from the Barwurzpflanze. In the Museum Shop, visitors can participate in a Gratisverkostung. There is also a small Cafe, where a fantastic homemade cake is offered. Those who see the herb garden and the herbal laboratory, will understand why the liquor offering of the home distillery Paez is estimated.