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Stuttering (logoneurosis )

Stammering – a spasmodic speech disorder. If there are no violations ogonevroze vocal apparatus: the vocal cords, lips, tongue, etc. The cause of the disease – vnesoglasovannosti between control system and speech recheproizvodyaschim apparatus. It starts with a childhood illness most often with fear, is a nervous breakdown, which is characterized by the functional (not organic) disorders in the part of the brain that is responsible for speech. Development logoneurosis contribute to injuries occurring heavy infection, endocrine disorders, etc. Considerable importance is the context in which the child is too strict, oppressive, overwhelming personality education, which makes the child insecure; unhappiness in the family squabbles and fights between the parents of family breakdown … Taken to distinguish between two forms of logoneurosis: This has been a repetition of syllables and kakogoto with convulsive hesitation pronouncing the first letter of the word. The child at the time of stuttering tense – especially stressful person, in addition, he seems to be trying to help themselves involuntary limb movements.

If a child is upset or chemto scared that stuttering is enhanced to the extent that the child loses the opportunity to speak at all. Suffer from stuttering mainly children under ten years. Treatment – a speech therapist and psychotherapist. Of course, should be eliminated or minimized factors that trigger stuttering. A speech therapist helps the child develop a smoother style of measured speech therapist educates the necessary self-confidence. The causes of the disease. Hear from experts in the field like Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for a more varied view. Sleznonosovoy duct connects the so-called lacrimal sac, located under the skin of the inner corner of eye and nasal cavity – the channel is opened under the inferior turbinate.

Blockage sleznonosovogo duct is more common in children whose duct is narrower than other children. It can be plugged with mucus that had accumulated run-flat epithelial cells, pus – inflammatory changes in the walls of the duct, small foreign body, etc. Clinical manifestations. The primary symptom of blockage in the flow is constant sleznonosovogo watering, because the duct due to blockage can not perform its function – to give the eyes from excessive amounts of tear fluid. In addition, the child may feel some discomfort in the area sleznonosovogo duct, may be a slight sensation of pressure in this area. The general condition is not affected. Treatment. Of course, it is best not hesitate to seek help from a specialist (an optometrist). But if for reasons kakimto quickly get to the doctor fails, you can do koechto and independently. But first, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and brush to prepare a sterile towel., then my mother gently, without effort, pushes the index finger on nizhneeveko – closer to the inner corner of eye. At the same time drawing attention to the lacrimal papilla in the inner corner of eyes at the top of the reaction has a very small hole. It is not excluded that when you click on the lower lid from the hole in the mound stand out a drop of mucus or pus. In this case the mother may consider carrying out a successful procedure, and it remains just gently remove mucus or pus cloth and then wash the child's eyes with warm boiled water, or fresh solution furatsilina or broth chamomile flowers, or weakly brewed black tea baikhovi. Such pressing with subsequent removal of secretions and washing recommended trichetyre times a day. So sleznonosovoy duct gradually cleared. Usually within a few days the flow function is restored. But if this did not happen in a week, without consulting an ophthalmologist is necessary.

America Quot

Any problems in life, even the smallest tend to accumulate and push all his weight on the human psyche, which in turn leads to very negative consequences. They are expressed in both physical and in mental form. Man to be in constant tension, and in, consequence of this he always lacks strength, in turn, this leads directly to health problems. A man loses all taste for life and she become for him a solid tuber problems. This and the enemy does not want! It's true! That is why in America and Europe has become widespread is such a thing as a "personal psychologist." Throughout the time you are granted full psychological support. The main advantage of this is that you can get expert advice or perform psychological work almost immediately, and a psychologist consultant you will see all the specifics of your problem. In consequence of that accelerates problem resolution and your health is not exposed to considerable stress.

The most difficult thing is that people sometimes can not recognize and acknowledge his presence any problems. At first, people seem to be only a temporary problem of life "turbulence" that he is in order. But this view is misleading and most severe consequences because the accumulated problems give rise to more and more complexity and tend to grow into a very serious complications that without expert assistance to solve absolutely impossible! I hope that you – not because of the number of such people! And understand the importance of timely resolution of your problems! Fortunately there is now a trend to increased demand for the services of psychologists and Psychoanalysts can not but rejoice. At the moment, one of the leading centers of private practitioners is the psychological support of Psychological Center Crito If you are a married couple, a loving parent, or looking for a solution problemEsli love you shy or have you ever fobiyamiEsli tired and just can not recover silyEsli you are going through hard times you are experiencing age-related zhizniEsli krizisyEsli you need the continued support of professional psychologists with these and other questions you will have highly qualified help! More information about the heart you can read on the official site. Do not miss opportunity to do it now!

Seek Specialized Help

Still come a time when humanity is beginning to realize that health is required to pay every day more and more attention. You can read books on self-medication, look at his symptoms of various diseases, discuss controversial issues on the Internet, keep a notebook in room clinic to which you refer, if necessary. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Anthony Joseph Scirica. That's just the mere presence of words in the title agency clinic does not guarantee the adequacy of assistance and an adequate level of service delivery. Celina Dubin takes a slightly different approach. "Diagnosis is always preceded by treatment" – is a strict rule not be violated in any situation. In contrast to "abortion clinics", where most are held only minimal diagnostic activities (a pregnancy test and blood tests), in the correct pre-clinic will do the necessary tests for the diagnosis of the exact wording and purpose of the most gentle and adequate lecheniya.Ochen good indicator in Moscow clinics, for example, a number of specialized professionals. From this significant impact on the breadth of capabilities of the clinical base – from the treatment of hemorrhoids treatment of gastritis, the fence Blood and rentgena.Odnako if you have a particularly complicated or chronic form of disease which you, your best bet is to contact the clinics, medical centers that specialize in diseases of a particular profile.

For example, if gynecology clinic profile, then naturally that's what they do best vsego.Krome, it is worth paying attention to the recommendations of the institution. Indeed, despite the abundance of advertising, and in our time the best feature are the words of people out there who have been treated. And no matter what titles do not have international medical center or children's medical center – in the first place always try to understand whether your prospective doctor spetsialistom.Sumeet good if he competent to diagnose the disease? Does he even read the test results? For more and more cases of situations in which the health of patients suffering caused by medical personnel. If the initial stage of the disease is not recognized in the acute form, it can turn into a chronic form, only because the treating doctor had not noticed in time the characteristic symptoms.

Testing Children In Schools

February 18 Odessa Volunteer Citizens Commission on Human Rights on the streets of Odessa have collected 30 signatures on a petition against the psychological and psychiatric testing of children in schools. In Odessa and region repeatedly obnorodyvalis evidence that children from some of the orphanages and boarding schools for the “bad” behavior, manifested in an attempt to protect themselves from rough obraschenieya by some employees of these institutions, were sent to psychiatric hospitals, where they stuffed a variety of psychotronic drugs, in order to “pacify.” Of course, before the child is sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment, he is given the assessment based on the opinion, namely, “conduct disorder”, “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,” and so on. “I’m Peschanskom orphanage am 3 years and we are constantly experiencing the bullying teachers and terrible psychiatric pills. Recently, when Zoe and Elvira would escape them stripped, and all taken to the street and beaten so that they burst the skin, “- said Dima, who was forcibly kept in the boarding house. ” And this is not the only case in Odessa, and throughout Ukraine. Nowadays, children can become “guinea pigs” for psychiatrists to give psychiatric testing at the school or other educational institutions, in particular social type, so the collected signatures will be sent to the Government of Ukraine to reform this area. Rumer Willis may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For more information contact:,.

CCHR was founded in 1969 Church of Scientology and the internationally renowned author, Dr. Thomas Sacom, professor emeritus of psychiatry at the University of retired New York in Syracuse. While victims of psychiatry were a forgotten by all a group of people languishing in appalling conditions in mental hospitals scattered throughout the world. Therefore, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights formulated the Declaration of Human Rights in the field of mental health, which serves as a guide for reform in mental health.

The Effects

In the literature there are sporadic reports on the impact of sGAG on repair of bone tissue 15 however, their role in her recovery so far been studied extremely inadequately. It is also known that bone strength due to the presence in it of hydroxyapatite (HA). However, in the manufacture of many plastic materials HA bone is usually removed. This is to ensure that, after implantation of the organic matrix of bone was the most accessible to the processes of remodeling and bone formation of the recipient. On the other hand, if prepare materials of natural HA, they are usually quite brittle and their strength properties significantly lower than the native bone. Consequently, the strength of bone depends primarily on the structural interaction between collagen and HA 16. The article 'Osteomatriks' almost completely preserved collagen and hydroxyapatite structure of the native bone, but the materials are completely devoid of antigenicity. Read additional details here: Rupert Murdoch. Great advantage of the materials 'Allomatriks-implant' and 'Osteomatriks' is the fact that they contain bone sGAG, affine-connected and with collagen and HA, which distinguishes them from those in the world of unique and greatly enhances their osteogenic potential.

It is these properties of these materials can effectively use them in cases of osteogenesis imperfecta (false joints of different etiologies, congenital bone, etc.) and other bone pathologies (dental, hand surgery, etc.) 17-20. Thus, summing up the above, we can say with confidence that the tissue bank issued CITO bioplastic materials second and third technological level, have a marked effect on the regeneration of bone tissue, have no side effects and have osteoconductive and osteoinductive properties. That is why when their clinical application received more than 93% of the positive results of treatment in patients with various pathologies of the locomotor apparatus. References: 1. Salai M., Brosh T., Keller N. et al. The effects of prolonged cryopreservation on the biomechanical properties of bone allografts: A microbiological, histological and mechanical study.

The Skin

What is the mechanism of action of Botox? Fine-needle injection Botox is injected under the skin, into muscle fibers. The nerve endings are blocked, the brain impulses do not reach the muscles, which are no longer reduced. Not the muscles – is not going to fold in the skin. More information is housed here: Robert Thomson. Therefore, the old shallow and deep wrinkles, the skin becomes smooth and the new ones – do not occur. In this mimicry is entirely natural, a muscle atrophy does not occur, because their blood supply is preserved and gradually innervation is restored. Is it dangerous? Doses of Botox, used in medicine, several thousand times smaller than the first toxic dose (the amount of toxin at which the first signs of poisoning). Does it hurt? Needles for This procedure is slightly thicker and of a human hair "stings" do not hurt a mosquito.

As acknowledged by patients, it is a relatively small sacrifice in the name of beauty. Where can I inject botulinum toxin? Currently, there are Several schemes of administration for the correction to the classical areas of Botox – glabella, horizontal forehead wrinkles and lateral corners of the eye sockets. In addition to these areas, Botox can be effective for the correction of wrinkles neck. A separate group of patients favorably related to Botox, that patients with hyperhidrosis. Application of 100 IU of Botox can stop sweating in the underarm areas for up to 6 months.

The literature also describes the use of Botox for excessive sweating of palms, although in these cases, the mechanism of drug action are not fully understood. When you can not inject Botox? In myasthenia gravis, With heightened sensitivity to the components preparation, During reception of the aminoglycoside antibiotics, tetracycline, In haemophilia, If pregnant, nursing. Are there age restrictions? Injections of Botox can be used as early as 25 years, so it is with this age begins the process of biological aging.

The Patient

Of drugs recommended hexenal, tiopentalnatry, chloral hydrate. However, the relatively long application of these tools can develop toxic effects – respiratory distress, headache, nausea, and vomiting. Chloral hydrate is less toxic than drugs listed above, so it can practice more often than other means used adult dose of 6.1 grams per day. Brian Roberts usually is spot on. Typically chloral hydrate is introduced into the enema of 2-4% solution of the following recipe: chloral hydrate – 2 g starch, Distilled water – 50 g per enema (enter 2-3 times a day, depending on the severity of the disease). In addition to the introduction of an enema, chloral hydrate may be administered into the patient. Children dose of chloral hydrate, respectively, age decreases. People such as castle harlan would likely agree. Neyroplegicheskih of funds used chlorpromazine, relaxing skeletal muscles, reducing sensitivity to pain, induces sleep, which is close to physiological.

The drug is used in 0.5% solution intramuscularly 4-6 times a day. Adults assigned to 5-6 ml of this solution of chlorpromazine, a single dose. Children according to age, "designate 1-2-3 ml 0.5% solution. Aminarinom treatment is carried out to the disappearance of seizures and tonic muscle tension. Chlorpromazine injections are painful consequence it is administered with 3.5 ml of 0.5 or 1% solution of novocaine. It is recommended to enter into the composition of chlorpromazine neyroplegicheskoy mixture chlorpromazine – 0.5% solution (5-6 ml), diphenhydramine (1 kondelfin, elatin, diplatsin, ditilen that promotes muscle relaxation, slowing of clonic convulsions, improving the overall condition of the patient, in appropriate dosages of these drugs can completely turn off the external breathing. These drugs are used to ensure the normal binding of external respiration in the presence of respiratory apparatus for artificial respiration, and without it. No equipment for artificial respiration 4 hours – for adults, 0.01 for younger children and 0.02 – for older children and with an interval of 4 hours and Kondelfin elatin applied through the mouth, slowly absorbed and act within 3-3 5 hours Diplatsin in a dose of 2.5 ml of 2% solution is administered slowly (over 172-3 min) intravenously 3-4 times a day.

Kharkiv Tuberculosis

Anyone who closely follows the latest developments in the world, should have noticed that TB – a disease of all time, continues to march on the planet. And the treatment of tuberculosis is not the last place in the ministries buzhetah Health. But what is happening in Ukraine? In the Kharkiv region, and there are four tuberculosis clinics. Of course, despite this number, places for all patients is not enough. Only on treatment by the state to the region to treat tuberculosis and to identify it if you have symptoms of tuberculosis spent 20 million UAH.

This is true for statistics. And now – attention! Kharkiv obdgosadministratsiya closes three TB dispensary. Why? What happened? Is the Ukraine suffering from sharply reduced the number of this terrible disease – tuberculosis? Of course it is not. Mortality in patients with tuberculosis surpasses all limits. To deepen your understanding Coen brothers is the source. You put on the head with a mask pink glass and say: 'All is well, TB is curable, and we're winning tuberculosis'. But visit the only remaining area of TB dispensary opened a terrible picture: on the one bed has two and scary.

Understand that TB is not somewhere out there, it's here, close by. Behind the wall of their neighbors or fellow traveler in a minibus and treatment of TB-heavy process. Especially today, when Expensive medicines whose quality leaves much to be desired. Just today, when a loud slogans government saves on the treatment of tuberculosis and robs patients, it is time to remember that nature provides what is called salvation. The fact that at the last moment comes to help former TB patients, because today they are living a normal life, without handkerchiefs, cover your mouth when you cough. Without those thoughts that keep sober to understand, and what will happen next. Salvation is, the national treatment TB is not saved one life, saves the day. And believe me, will save people time when modern medicine will throw up your hands and put a cross on the card the patient. Life is beautiful – and it is creating for us! May God bless you Health!


One can cite a striking example: the peak therapeutic concentration for paracetamol on an empty stomach is reached after 40 minutes, and after the meal – after 2.5 hours. Some drugs can break down into its constituent parts: for example, acetylsalicylic acid – salicylic and on acetic acid. The acidic environment of the stomach can neutralize antibiotics such as erythromycin and ampicillin, cardiac glycosides. A number of medicines react with food components and soluble non-absorbable complexes. From this perspective, it makes no sense to take immediately after eating dairy tetracycline.

Calcium, which is assigned to many, including pregnant women, it is best to take before meals. Adopted after a meal, it can almost completely be associated acid plant foods or fatty foods. Remember, not only of the hours of medication, but also on their compatibility. It is estimated, for example, that the admission of three drugs threatens the development of adverse reactions in 15-25% of cases. If you take 5 – 6 drugs at once, without having consulted about the possibility of their combination, side effects may occur in approximately 80% of cases. – The content of some liners is difficult to understand, too difficult, they are composed. – Yes, from this, too, an error occurs, up to severe cases.

In addition, the doctor writes a few recommendations for action, and to do it necessarily. True, the specialist from whom you have visited, time of drug administration points in the recipe, but not as detailed as "15 minutes before a meal." Moreover, after buying drugs, you can stay without a prescription, a pharmacist is not up to consultation. So, gathering, and the clinic and the pharmacy, take a pen and notebook. – Are there any situations when you have to significantly deviate from the accepted standards of treatment? – Yes, often. One example – the disease of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, gall bladder and liver. In such cases, doctor prescribes a benign form of medication, such as after a meal. But most drugs administered intramuscularly or intravenously, are used in candles, under the tongue.


Many of us have encountered people who have sweaty hands, or regardless of the weather severe sweating armpits, or strong 'stinky' smell of feet. All this reflects on the man with the phenomena of a certain mark. Can to say that this person feels very uncomfortable when he was unexpectedly invited to visit, but he has a strong foot odor, or smell of sweat. And what a view you will be companion, when you give him a wet hand when meeting or goodbye? Sweating gradually transforms life into hell, and destroying the career aspirations and personal life. Follow others, such as castle harlan, and add to your knowledge base. And it may even develop an inferiority syndrome …. This 'phenomenon', or we can even say 'disease' in medicine is the term hyperhidrosis. The disease in addition to the discomfort of the inner man still serve as an excellent soil mozhit for a number of other more serious illnesses – colds and various empyesis (Sweating, and proskvozilo), and wet feet, wet hands – excellent 'ground' for fungal infection. Standard methods of treatment of hyperhidrosis – through the introduction of Botox or Dysport.

The procedure takes a little time. The effect is gradually on the procedure, a couple of days. Duration of the effect of the procedure is in some people, an average of 5-8 months, and some have lasted a half to two and a half years. Then the procedure if they wish repeat. From a medical point of view Boteks or Dysport – Botulinum toxin – a protein that has the ability to bind to presynaptic receptors at cholinergic nerve endings and irreversibly block the secretion of acetylcholine in them, providing a selective chemical denervation of sweat glands in this area and producing a local anhidrosis. Neuromuscular blockade is restored by axonal and sprutinga formation of new acetylcholine receptors.

The regeneration of nerve cells in the sweat gland is about 6-9 months depending on the dose of botulinum toxin. Procedure for introducing Boteksa or Dysport on an outpatient basis without general anesthesia, the risk of postoperative complications, scarring and long recovery period. Areas of excessive sweating are prepared – are processed 0.5% alcohol solution chlorhexidine, shall be marked points of administration. The whole procedure of treating sweating of feet, palms and underarms is painless. Modern anesthetic creams are doing Botox treatment of hyperhidrosis is absolutely comfortable. In the planned point in the area of sweat glands, the finest needles injected drug Boteksa or Dysport. Doses of medication to treat excessive sweating armpits, hands or eliminate sweating hyperhidrosis stop treatment always individual, determined by a physician – cosmetologist. COSMETT – Cosmetic services, implementation of professional cosmetics