Month: March 2019

Economic Migration

Recidivism among citizens belonging to third world countries, to cross the United States border illegally; It is cause of journalistic notes very frequently, and topic of discussion in the Chambers of U.S. representatives, where leverage to disparage the Hispanic culture and argue the negative consequences that entails its introduction to American territory. In search of better living conditions, employment opportunities and income for the livelihood of their families, the inhabitants of Latin American countries, where figure Mexico mainly, cross the dividing line, risking their lives to an uncertain future in relation to its objectives. As a result of this migratory movement started in the Decade of the 70s, now living in the United States around 41.3 million of Latinos who in addition to inhabit the North American cities are part of the economically active society despite having an income 62% less than an American citizen, spending it on public transport, gas and electricity, and overcoming them in food, appliances, furniture, clothing, telephone and restaurants. In addition their tax contribution is of 90 billion dollars to change to receive only $ 5 billion in social services. On the other hand, in the United States agricultural sector is currently 4th World in production power, because 91% of the workforce who cultivated their fields are migrants and 80% of them are working illegally. While Americans are dedicated to blame migrants from degrading their culture and seek alternatives to eradicate them and stop this migratory phenomenon; the reality is that U.S.

could not live without the Hispanic community or dispose of it without disregarding an economic collapse that would drastically affect the country. Americans measures should be aimed at the regulation of the legal status of migrants and their rights as inhabitants of the nation, to the creation of reforms that will enable work in that country without having to establish themselves and reside in the, as well as offer services or equitable benefits to Latin American society that plays an essential role in the U.S. economymainly. The racial and discriminatory mentality of the US Government not allows you appreciate the advantages that migratory movement has brought with the passing of the years and only has focused on its negative consequences, trying to implement new laws that end do not benefit neither side.

Europes Problems

Europe’s problems are opportunities for Latin America far from alleviated, the problems on the European economy seems to be expanding. The crisis in Greece is now also a social crisis, while fears of contagion (economic and social) over other European countries in trouble (especially, the rest of the PIIGs), are causing that Jean Claude Trichet scan seriously monetizing the debt of this group of countries which would imply a negative impact for the euro. This situation, beyond the logical fears which can result in Latin American economies by the negative effects that could receive through the financial channel and the real, can be exploited to attract investment. The region has an interesting growth potential supported, among other factors, on the transformations of the world economy that have driven demand for commodities that the region exports. Is that the crisis in Europe shows that these economies will no longer be the solid thing that used to be and its attractive for investors has waned as arose in the world other regions with attractive as it is the Asian continent (with China at the head), and a Latin America this time Yes, promises to take his opportunity. Perhaps the impact of the situation in Europe is a stimulus to go outside.

Recently Portucel expressed its intention to keep interest in the investment project in Uruguay that would be the largest in our history, recognized the Vice President of Uruguay, Danilo Astori. The Portuguese Portucel evaluates the possibility of building a cellulose factory and a port in the East of Uruguay. With this investment, the Portuguese company would install a trash can that would be greater than the conflictive Botnia, which has brought him more than one headache to Uruguay by the reaction of Argentine citizens to its fitting to the Uruguay River. Although, as it realizes ECLAC, 2009 has been a bad year for the foreign direct investment (FDI) in Latin America (in reality has been a bad year of FDI in the world), when it recorded a fall of 42 per cent reached USD 76.681, this international body already anticipated that you expected an increase of foreign investments in the region of between 40% and 50%.

NeueNachricht Data

This would be no great hurdle for the Facebook generation. Personal data on a voluntary basis be revealed to get better information. The digital natives are open in dealing with customer cards and the data stored: when a customer card for the purchase also includes relevant data, this generation is also ready to take advantage of the added value associated. Why I should hook up every time at the seller, whether a cheese for my allergies for me is suitable for use when I can ensure customer card right, that only the right products are offered to me or the self-service scales tell me which products are suitable for”believes the Bizerba CIO. With the Swiss IBM Research Center in Ruschlikon his company has with other partners of also the question for how the retail sector must prepare for the pyramid.

You must otherwise take on older people than younger on. Everything that comes in the pilot projects with IBM, to be in stores in two to four years. So this is not science fiction, but it’s really about short-term achievable goals”, so the views of Rebetzky. A strong growth Bizerba according to own statements about when the K-class model series open technology systems. Equipped with touch screen and display—, K-class become supported by intelligent software the multi-platform content, sales training and sales planning. In the shop as well as at large chain stores.

The ergonomic and flexible user interface allows override of base price, tare, expiration date using the finger tip and the orientation of the screen design to your corporate design. A message from NeueNachricht.